Marianne O'Hagan

The Moon signs

You have an emotionally impulsive nature and a quick temper (unless you have the moon in the twelfth house). You believe in family independence. You inject enthusiasm into any new and exciting venture, but once boredom sets in you tend to jump into the next new and exciting thing. You must try to discipline yourself to complete what you start or you will put too many irons in the fire. Your emotions dominate your thoughts, actions and direction in life. Therefore it may be difficult for you to see past your own point of view. You are self-motivated and competitive and you enjoy competition and challenge. Because you are impatient you are prone to angry outbursts, but they are short lived and you quickly get past anger and onto the next thing. You can have trouble dealing with routines and fixed plans since your emotional response to life is spontaneous, enthusiastic and changeable and you like to take independent action. You need to do things in your own way. At times you may feel as if you are either not included, or the last one to know in family circles.
Your emotional response to competition, leadership, independence and action is strong.
Your emotions are stable and placid. You have a strong attachment to family life and you will try to place yourself in a financially secure position because a stable domestic situation is important to your emotional wellbeing. You are patient, resourceful and determined, but you can get into a rut unless you are stimulated into action by others; then you will see a project through from beginning to end. You are able to consolidate ideas and ideals through applying common sense to situations and problems; you can cope with most emergencies without falling apart. Generally you are even-tempered, generous and good-natured; this makes you a pleasant companion and a loyal friend. You are down-to-earth and practical but you may face emotional issues over possessions, finance and security at some stage in your life. You are affectionate towards those you love especially if they give you a feeling of inner security. However, you need to give to those you love in order to gain a sense of worth and inner fulfilment.
Your emotional response to family values, security, personal possessions and self-worth is strong.
You are adaptable and mentally dexterous and you instinctively express your thoughts with a “play on words” for good measure. In your restlessness you can spread yourself too thin which can involve frequent residence changes, or changes in employment. You are usually good-natured and outgoing with many contacts, but you will release any strangleholds or routines if they become stagnant. In your childhood, learning difficulties could have hindered your studies for a variety of reasons, such as dyslexia, speech or hearing difficulties, changes of residence, concentration/comprehension problems, boredom etc. You may see little point in further education unless it is a prerequisite to a certain job. You could have felt different; or separate in some way from your sibling(s) and you may have unresolved issues involving your family which need to be resolved. You can lack discretion because you tend to speak before thinking; therefore your mental spontaneity can interfere with your sense of reason and you can release unintentional information that can trip you up. You like to know what is going on in your environment and you can steer conversations to extract information. You do not like feeling restricted in your thoughts or movements because freedom of thought and movement is important. You find it stimulating to have two interests operating at the same time, but you can take on too many projects and place yourself under pressure to follow through.
Your emotional response to the local environment, general gossip and twisted truths or set-ups is strong.
You may have a strong emotional tie to your mother. Domestic security is essential to your emotional well-being. You can be very sensitive to the moods of others and to the domestic atmosphere in general. If this is negative it can lead to feelings of emotional vulnerability and insecurity. You have a heightened sensitivity to emotional changes and you can be affected very deeply by innocent slights which can lead to withdrawal, moodiness and self-protectionism. You do not release your emotions easily, instead you tend to hold them in; this can cause inner tension. From day to day your emotions change according to the changing phases of the moon. Your family is the centre of your world and your home is your security and your sanctuary. Your emotional need for security tends to make you cling to those family members who make you feel secure and you will be caring, nurturing and protective towards them. You have a strong emotional need to build a stable home environment for yourself and your family.
Your emotional response to family connections and home security is strong.
You are artistically creative and a natural entertainer. The way you present yourself to others is important because you like to be recognised. You do not like being ridiculed or criticised because your emotions are tied up with your sense of pride and dignity. You act in ways that place you in the spotlight; this may not be intentional but it happens. You can create the most amazing emotional drama when you feel your sense of “self” is at stake. You do not always act according to the expectations of others but you do expect others to act in accordance with your expectations. You are naturally sociable and fond of different forms of entertainment. You are warm and affectionate towards children and you try to bring out the best in them. You have a tendency to organise their lives around your own fun, entertainment and enjoyment. You are affectionate, loyal and fun loving and you expect to be centre stage. You are always looking for ways in which you can improve on your performance because you subconsciously desire recognition. You bring warmth and happiness into the lives of others. This will win you many friends but you should avoid becoming self-centred.
Your emotional response to honour, pride, dignity, command, honesty and trust is strong.
You are an analyst who can pay too much attention to small details and possibilities that will probably never happen. You are practical and hard-working and you are a perfectionist who can becomeirritated by small details and imperfections. You can be particular about health, food and diet and you have a tendency to take care of your health through diet or exercise. At social gatherings you analyse information and you can be sceptical or critical of surface opinions until proven. Your emotions are tied up with perfection, health, work and service. You will consider it your duty to support and provide for your family and you will work hard to meet your obligations. You place high standards on yourself. Every problem connected to work will be analysed, possibly at the cost of sleepless nights through anxiety until the problem is solved. You keep a tight reign on your emotions in times of crisis because you respond practically and you get on with the task at hand. This does not mean that you do not care. Finding solutions to immediate problems is a priority. You can become bogged down in writing, analysis and research when you are trying to solve work or health problems. In your quiet times, getting in touch with nature, animals, reading and writing are excellent therapies for reducing anxiety and stress.
Your emotional response to high standards in duty, work, service and health is strong.
You have a strong need to share your thoughts and feelings with close friends and/or a partner. However, you have difficulty in communicating in large groups. You like others to like you because you seek harmony in all relationships and you prefer not to get involved in unpleasant conflicts. Inharmonious relationships disturb your inner calm. You choose diplomacy when confronted, and you may back-pedal to keep the peace, using your skills as a peacemaker or mediator. You are naturally kind, charming and friendly with a high appreciation of music, dance and creative art. The arts give you a lift inside, inspiring you to attain your creative goals. With your natural artistic flair and colourful taste you will try to create a tranquil atmosphere in your home which can be a haven to return to after being out in the world. Because you can see both sides of any situation you will bounce your ideas off other people before making decisions, unless Uranus conjuncts the Moon, in which case you will be more independent and less indecisive. If you become involved in matters of equal rights and fair play in relationships, you will try to bring about balance.
Your emotional response to harmonious relationships, fair-play and equal-rights is strong.
Your emotions are intense and deep and you are passionate in all your undertakings. You experience the intensity of feeling, the highs and the lows. You have a need to understand the power behind your emotions in order to gain greater control over your intense feelings. Emotional intensity can lead to difficulties and/or feelings of intimidation in sexual expression, yet sexual intimacy is important. You totally unite when in love, but jealousy and manipulation through intense feelings should be avoided. If your trust is betrayed you will feel deeply wounded and withdraw. You have a strong emotional desire to feel included and involved and you can feel hurt if you are not, especially in important relationships. You are growing and evolving through your emotional intensity and as you get older you will rise above your feelings and deal with your emotions on a psychological level. You will talk yourself out of negative emotions and look at life from a higher perspective. You can be secretive, but you will share your deepest feelings and emotions with those you love and trust. You understand human nature on a deep level and you will help anyone who needs psychological understanding and analysis, but you must respect the privacy and rights of others without involvement.
Your emotional response to manipulation, power-games, trust and jealousy is strong.
You are a natural teacher who is intelligent, informative and humorous with a focus on truth and justice. You are freedom loving at heart and you naturally gravitate to nature. You are emotionally involved with your thoughts and you intellectualise problems. When something is troubling you, you think it over and over again, intellectualising and exaggerating through a myriad of emotions that encompass the total view of the problem. Your emotions are tied up with issues of honesty and justice. If this is not forthcoming, you will try to extract the truth to bring about justice. You will search for knowledge or a philosophy that touches on the truth of your existence. You speak through your emotions and you have little difficulty in releasing your feelings. For effective emotional release you can exaggerate facts and “off-load” internal frustrations effectively. You have an instinctive need to have your opinions and judgements heard in any debate involving truth and justice but you can become outspoken, tactless, judgemental and highly emotional if you are involved in unjust situations. You abhor dishonesty, discredit and libel.
Your emotional response to justice, honesty and truth is strong.
You are emotionally controlled, cautious and conservative in your response to others. You are loyal, dependable and responsible. You will carry the family traditions of your childhood into your adult years. One of your parents may have had a strong influence over your attitude to position, status and achievement. You will take your family/business ethics seriously and feel the need to strive for recognition and control. You are organised and disciplined and your emotions are linked to security and achievement. It may be difficult for you to express your feelings and family members may see you as too controlling. Because you take your responsibilities seriously, it is hard for you to relax when things need to be done. Your natural focus is on the here and now and the practical business issues of life. Timing is important. Over-work and lack of achievement can lead to a serious feeling of failure and defeat which may be hard for you to rise above. You have an emotional need to be acknowledged and respected. You can take on too much and shoulder heavy responsibilities to boost your self-esteem. However, your controlled emotions can lead to bouts of moodiness or depression.
Your emotional response to rules and regulations, organisation, control, respect, recognition and achievement is strong.
In your childhood you may have felt different, and you may have asked, “Where do I fit in?” Your family may not have understood your emotional need for freedom, and your emotional need to feel accepted as part of the family.
You are independent and you value your freedom but at the same time you like to socialise with your friends because your life has more meaning if you can share your ideals and goals with others. You will look for people of the same ilk as you who are free spirited and independent. You find it difficult to deal with emotion. Intense emotion can disturb your sense of equilibrium in friendship with others. You depend on your mind, not your emotions to solve your problems, but you are prone to sudden surges of emotional energy and outbursts. You show sympathy for anyone who is unfairly treated because you are a humanitarian and you accept everyone as equal. You do not like to see the less fortunate in society treated unfairly. You stand for equal rights. You are naturally friendly but you must be allowed to feel free to come and go as you please within your own domestic or family situation. Your individuality can disturb some family members who may disapprove of your lifestyle, or fail to understand your emotional needs; this can make you feel different or detached, but you are a friend to everyone.
Your emotional response to individuality, independence, social equality and freedom is strong.
You have the gift of visualisation which can be practically used in creative artistic expression. You are receptive to emotion and you can absorb the ideas and mental attitudes of those you communicate with. You are a sympathetic listener with the ability to identify and merge with the feelings of others. You instinctively respond to other people’s needs and your sensitivity to atmospheric conditions allows you to feel the subtleties of life that others are not aware of. Your compassion and understanding heals the soul; you can restore faith and make people feel better through your words. You communicate in a sensitive and gentle manner that soothes the troubled mind. You subconsciously feel and absorb energy. Every little nuance or tension can leave you emotionally tired and drained. To maintain your energy flow, you instinctively feel the need to escape from the harsh reality of life. You can escape into the sanctuary of your own mind in a world beyond sound and motion, a world of stillness and peace. You are sensitive to alcohol and drugs, therefore addictive habits should be avoided.
Your emotional response towards other people’s thoughts, feelings, suffering and pain is strong.
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