Marianne O'Hagan

The Moon houses

You have a sensitive personality and your moods can change according to the moods of those around you because you instinctively respond to the feelings of others. You feel impressions and reflect outwardly what you feel which can make you appear sensitive and emotional in your responses to the people around you. Most people like you because they feel you merge and identify with them on a feeling level. Your mother may have had a strong influence over you and you will strongly identify with her for good or ill. Your conscious awareness of self affects your reactions to others. This awareness is strongly influenced by emotion and feeling. You empathise with the needs of others; this gives you excellent public relations skills.
Material security through work will bring you a sense of wellbeing. You have a need to feel materially secure but you will go through periodic fluctuating financial conditions in your life. You have a deep-rooted fear of material insecurity, especially for your future. This is an inborn thing and can be reflective of childhood circumstances. When emotional or material difficulties occur, you will try hard to rectify them because you can lose security and stability. At these times you will try to budget and live within your means. You work very well with the public because you are sensitive to their needs and you respond with understanding. You may provide for your future through property investments or any other logical money-making venture, but you must be adaptable to constantly changing material conditions.
You have strong feelings towards your family, relatives or sibling(s) for good or ill. Your emotions are close to the surface and the things that people say can penetrate and activate your feelings and emotions. At times you can jump to conclusions based on instinctive reaction. You are an open book; you do not hide your innermost feelings (unless Scorpio rises). You let people know exactly what you think and feel. You like other people to discuss their opinions and ideas with you, and if you think they are knowledgeable and valid you will store the information in your memory. When doubtful information has been given to you, you can steer conversations to gain the other side of the story because you like to know the truth. You are aware of all that circulates around you and it takes a concentrated effort for you to separate yourself from highly-charged situations that involve your feelings or affect you personally.
Family traditions and heritage run deep. You are attached to your home and family and you need to feel a sense of belonging. You will always care for your mother. You may have been a shy and clinging child. You may have found it hard to venture into the world away from the security of your home. A peaceful home brings out the best in you, but emotional stability may have been difficult for you to achieve in your childhood due to the changeable influences of the Moon in your fourth house. When you feel insecure, you tend to withdraw into the sanctuary of your own world to gain security and reflect on peace. You have a strong need to establish yourself in a peaceful home where you can feel emotionally secure; then you will show sensitivity to others and help them with their problems. You may have deep-rooted issues and insecurities about your childhood. These issues may re-emerge in later life.
You have a natural flair and instinctive need to be creative, according to the Moon sign. You express yourself with confidence and you communicate your inner feelings with honesty. You are warm-hearted with a zest for living. You are attracted to love affairs and you can create relationships for sheer enjoyment, whether mentally or physically. Affairs of the heart can be emotional because you are open about your feelings and you can get carried away by your love for enjoyment, thus losing good judgement; this can lead to risk-taking and hurt feelings. You enjoy the playful activities of life, and if you have children you will give special attention to their social development. You try to attach a sense of fun and play in the daily routine of living.
You have a strong need to work and serve but emotions can run high in this area. If your work is emotionally satisfying you will become self-sufficient and work hard, otherwise you may lose interest. Therefore you can experience many job changes before you settle down. You need to feel needed through your work. You can deal with other people’s problems and their deeper needs. You may be interested in public health, or the health and welfare of those you work with. Work-related stress conditions can affect your health. Therefore it is necessary for you to learn how to handle stress. You enjoy work that keeps your personal world safe, but you need variety and stimulation in your job, and you need to be learning new things. Service is the key to success and you will aim at providing a good service in any role you perform. You can become overly sensitive about your work performance when things go wrong which can lead to anxiety and sleepless nights.
You instinctively reach out and respond to others on an emotional level. You try not to become involved in unpleasant emotional conflicts but relationships can be changeable because you do not like being tied down. You will release relationships if they are too stifling or controlling and move on. You can attract friends/partners who have relationship problems that provoke undercurrents of emotion which can interfere with the smooth running of relationships. You must adapt to the changeable conditions that surround your interpersonal relationships. You are responsive, and you enjoy the deep sharing of a close relationship. You will probably attract a partner who is subject to change, and because you relate to feelings you will need to be emotionally flexible. Trust is important, but you may not trust easily through the constant changes of feeling in your interpersonal relationships.
You naturally identify with, and respond to the needs of others, but intense emotional experiences can occur around other people’s values, whether sexual or financial. You must learn to handle money and possessions carefully because you will probably be involved with other people’s resources, money or property and you cannot afford to let your emotions dominate. Home security is important to you, but joint resources and other people’s values can fluctuate due to the ever changing needs and demands that operate around you. You must adapt to unforeseen fluctuations, therefore you would be advised not to take unnecessary risks. Your emotions are deep and you feel with great intensity, but you prefer to keep your feelings and emotions hidden. You are naturally drawn to the occult and matters of life, death and reincarnation hold an especial interest for you.
You view the world through your emotions and you hold onto what you learn. In your childhoodyou were encouraged to study. Although you enjoy learning, this could have been an area of difficulty because you need to relate emotionally to any subject you are learning in order to master it. If this does not happen, you tend to struggle. Your emotions are linked to your early life teachings, ethics, religion, beliefs and standards of justice. The teachings and principles of your childhood memories will form your philosophy and remain with you throughout your life. You identify with justice on a world scale and you can become emotionally involved if you feel human rights have been violated or a social injustice has occurred. Any social injustice affects you emotionally and you will respond in defence of justice on principle. You will have strong opinions and emotions connected to your in-laws for good or ill.
Your most dominant parent will have moulded your perception of your position and status. You are socially aware and you can ascertain the requirements of the public. Standards of conduct connected to status and position are important, but you must be flexible to the changing climate of protocol that surrounds you in the interests of your heritage and public standing. You can be involved in changes that can move you from one situation to another; therefore changes around heritage, standing and position are important. Organisational skills and disciplines are inherent in you when meeting the required demands of the family or public sector. You tend to keep a tight reign on your position, and you will take control of relevant issues that ensure respect according to your status. Any duties you undertake will be performed within the set guidelines of family rules, company rules and correct procedure.
Your family are emotionally detached, diverse and different, but you try to meet in friendship. You have an emotional need for family; it doesn’t matter when you last saw them. You will pick up where you last left off. In your childhood, friendships may have been taken away from you for a variety of reasons and you may have had to make new friends. All your life you will identify with interests involving group participation or activities in the wider community. Your friends and associations will change according to your interests and goals. The cycles of change revolve around group or community interests, friendships and associations. Your friends can be changeable; you may contact them, meet with them and then not see them again for some time. You are naturally friendly but you probably prefer to remain independent.
You have difficulty in talking about yourself or revealing your true feelings and emotions to others. You may feel emotionally alienated or separated from others. When you are emotionally seething within, instead of releasing your emotions, you concentrate on hiding them. Emotional processing goes on in your own private world where you can get in touch with your emotions and feelings through music, meditation, yoga etc. It is in solitude that you can gather your thoughts and gain perspective. You have a strong inner need to help others and you will find your own inner needs are met when you give to others and respond to their needs. You naturally escape into your own world of inner reflection.
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