Marianne O'Hagan

Sagittarius in Love

Friends, adventure and outside interests are not a problem, but when it comes to a permanent mate, problems arise because you are independent and restless for new experiences – ever looking for stimulation. Pleasurable activities such as outdoor interests i.e.: sports, travelling, tramping, exploring, hunting or business involvements can interfere with the most desirable relationships because you place a high value on your freedom. You can become irresponsible with arrangements and you do not like being held accountable. Long-distance romance and spontaneous long distance calls of affection can occur at the most unusual hours. Home is where you hang your hat, at heart you are a gypsy and you prefer a mate who will provide the meal and the wine. You are confident and impulsive; freedom is never far away from your thoughts. You are often out of town, noting “the grass is greener over the fence”. Because you are optimistic, you play your “hunches” and you can win, but more importantly, you believe in honesty. You are truthful to a fault, which can be blatant and tactless and result in insult. You can also make extravagant promises which you cannot always keep. You may see your mate as an attire, to be given up and released when new adventures strike, however, on your return you will pick up where you left off, perhaps between other interests or arrangements which can take you away again. You love spacious living with wide views, animals and nature. You equate sexual enjoyment with celebration and if there is no one to share your feelings of elation with, you will celebrate by yourself. Because you like to hold out for a better deal in love, you can marry later in life, or you can marry earlier in life and more than once. You can be hard to live with because you tell the undiluted truth and living with someone with such high nervous energy who is constantly on the move “wheeling and dealing” requires balance and patience. You are however, generous, full of affection, humour and optimism, you entertain generously and you keep a party alive with your stimulating opinions. When things go wrong in your love life, you can become negative and make a “beeline” for the big outdoors which clears the soul. You may prefer to remain single, you do not like restrictions imposed on you and love affairs can be of short duration because you try to avoid long term commitments. In close love relationships, when problems occur, you may find it difficult to seek counselling or admit you are the one with the problem; instead you can make caustic remarks which can make the problem worse. If you find the right mate you will follow them to the end. You will travel with them, entertain them, shock them with your honesty, laugh with them, cry with them and display humour, affection and generosity through it all. You may not be overly sexed, but in the spirit of the moment, you are energetic and highly active. You can be blinded by loves idealism and wounded by its reality. True love recognises freedom, it is always present and it resides in your heart.
Your most compatible love signs are Aries, Leo, Libra and Aquarius. Your own sign Sagittarius and your opposite sign Gemini can teach you a great deal about yourself but they are likely to be love/hate relationships.
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