Marianne O'Hagan

My experience

Click on the play button to hear "Shards of Golden Light" which I wrote directly after my recovery.
In October 1995 I suffered a subarachnoid haemorrhage which took me to Accident and Emergency, Wellington Hospital. During that time I experienced a dimension of existence which changed my life forever. I entered another world where I was surrounded by green fields and opulent trees: everything shimmered in golden-white light and I experienced the oneness of creation: the harmony, the peace and the love. I became aware of a group of people standing to my left, and as I turned, men and women dressed in white robes were engaged in conversation. One man stepped aside from the group and our eyes met. I did not know him, but I recognised him; I recognised his eyes. They were the eyes of pure love. I thought, “Who are you?” and as I did so I was made to understand that I was privileged to be on the Earth. We are all privileged to be on the Earth, but I was told that I must return and give love to the Earth. I stretched my hand out to touch him but as I did so I felt a splitting headache; I was back in my body. Four registrars were peering down at me and I heard one of them say, “You are lucky to be alive”, but my world had changed. I was now aware of the spirituality of life.

During my recovery I thought a great deal about my experience. How could I give my love to the world?
I have always loved astrology, poetry and music, so I decided to write the lyrics and music for the twelve signs of the zodiac.

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