Marianne O'Hagan

Life, Death and Beyond

Astrology is the oldest science on earth. The earliest astrological records are around 5,000 years old and a vast amount of knowledge has been accumulated. The earliest known horoscope is a Babylonian one dating from 409BC. The observation of the sun, moon, fixed stars and planets visible to the naked eye (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) is as old as civilisation itself, and no matter how scorned and abused astrology has been, it has survived through the ages. Practically all of our sciences have stemmed from astrology and most of them are specialities within it, including astronomy.
Astrology is the accumulated knowledge of the effect on humankind of the electromagnetic force fields reaching the earth from space. The earth acts and reacts to the moon, across apparently empty space, certainly across space empty of matter. The sun similarly controls all the planets. Its force field reaches the planets and produces an effect. The earth, sun, moon and planets have fields of gravitational force and we on Earth are electromagnetic fields responding to the electromagnetic fields that surround us in more ways than is consciously identifiable.
The physical body is the vehicle of life and the physical body is endowed and animated by life. The property of animation is a mystery because we do not know what life is, we only see what it can do. We perceive that life can enter into matter, that it has a character and identity of its own, and that it shapes matter to represent its identity.
Let us consider that life (the source of animation) and mind (the non-physical part of a person, the functions of which are thoughts, feelings and sensations) have entered matter. What they are we do not know, we can only study their behaviour. It seems they use matter for a time and then they disappear. We cannot say they go out of existence, but we can say they go beyond matter. If life and mind are real, which we know to be true, it is quite unlikely that they go out of existence. It seems their existence can temporarily animate and control matter. But the question is, do they animate matter on their own?
Although we apprehend matter and we can see matter, we cannot see beyond matter. We cannot see the etherial-body (the electromagnetic radiation or vibration that surrounds the matter-body) but it does exist. The etherial-body coexists with the matter-body. The etherial-body does not age, decay or die. It is a transparent electromagnetic vibration that is intangible and inaudible, and it is permanent. It coexists with the matter-body. It conducts and connects energy, and it is the connecting link between the matter-body and the mind. The functions of the mind do not belong to the material or physical universe at all. They seem to belong to another order of existence which we do not understand. They belong to the subconscious mind, the electromagnetic vibration beyond matter.
Do these subconscious functions of the mind require a vehicle in the material universe?
Apparently they do. We know them when they are embodied in matter because they act on matter; they move it and rearrange it. They make use of the matter-body according to their characteristics. It is only when they operate on matter that we are aware of their existence, because in body our senses are material senses. The matter of our bodies has been put together individually, in ways we do not understand. We could not build this body up consciously, but it has been built up and it is in our control. By aid of the body we can operate on external matter. We can consciously move our bodies, build things, shift things and fix things. We can also imagine and design structures, paint pictures, produce music, write poetry, speak and broadcast. In other words, we can use matter to display our thoughts and feelings. Moreover, other human beings can receive those thoughts and feelings.
I would like to put forward the hypothesis that it is the etherial-body which is really animated, and that this animated etherial-body coexists and interacts with the matter-body. I think the true vehicle of life and mind is the etherial-body and not the matter-body at all. For example, if life and mind acted only on the etherial-body, our action would be limited to the ether-body and we would not be able to make any impression on matter. Hence, indirectly and through the etherial-body, we act on the matter-body. Somehow we have constructed bodies that represent our personalities, and with them we can move about, alter the configuration of our surrounding environment, and communicate ideas, conceptions, feelings, wishes and desires.
We can say we share the disabilities of matter in that we wear out and decay, or we can say that in the etherial-body we have a more permanent and perfect existence which is not liable to death and decay.
Astrology is the accumulated knowledge of the effect on humankind of the electromagnetic force fields of the sun, moon and planets on matter, yet the essence of life is beyond matter; the essence of life is eternal.
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