Marianne O'Hagan

Leo in Love

You revel in love affairs and all things romantic. You are warm, generous, proud and loyal, rather fixed in your opinions and in need of compliments and approval. Love is the fulfilment of your desire; you can be in love with love, and in love with “self”. You love to be “the one”, and you will inject life into living. You love to wine and dine with music and candlelight which sets the mood; appreciation brings out the best in you. You respond negatively to criticism which brings out the worst in you especially when your pride is hurt. You look for a mate who will respect you for who you are, but you like to be the “boss” and this applies to work, home and the bedroom. You are sexually warm and playful and you want to be recognised for your sexuality. At heart you are childlike and self-centred; you like to talk about your achievements and you love to be admired, pampered and humoured. Happiness knows no bounds when you fall in love; your heart and emotions really come to the fore and your true personality shines through. You are passionate and demonstrative and you like nothing better than spoiling your mate. Your warm feelings and dramatic emotions have to find an outlet and you will express your innermost feelings to your mate but you expect an equally heartfelt sharing in return. You value love above all else and you are naturally faithful and loyal but you can sometimes overwhelm your mate with generosity and adoration. You give your heart in love, but if love goes wrong, you come down to earth with a broken heart and it takes a long time to heal. Problems can arise between you and your mate when you begin to act in the role of “boss” which may not be appreciated. You need to feel proud of your mate especially in public; appearance is very important to you. You know how to make your mate feel special because love is what makes the world go round and you need a permanent mate – someone to love you and appreciate you. Outwardly, you seem to be bursting with self assurance and self-confidence but underneath you are sensitive, even though you seldom admit it. You have a love of children; your children are extensions of “self” and you will want to be proud of them. You will talk endlessly about their accomplishments. You are the centre of your life and you like to mix in the right circles; you have a strong exhibitionist streak, sometimes verbal, sometimes physical but discussions of your previous affairs are out of bounds. You can marry in haste and you may attract someone who is needy of you. If this should happen you will be loyal and you will stand by your mate. You have a soothing, gentle tenderness and the protective charisma of great strength. You give affection generously because it gives you such pleasure to be loved. You can become arrogant when you are emotionally provoked and you can suffer from false pride; you should try to control these characteristics if you want love to run smoothly. Should you ever have to humble yourself, you will shrink away because you cannot sacrifice “self”.
Your most compatible love signs are Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini and Libra. Your own sign Leo and your opposite sign Aquarius can teach you a great deal about yourself but they are likely to be love/hate relationships.
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