Marianne O'Hagan

Pisces in Love


You see life through the eyes of an idealist and you draw others into your romantic illusion. You may have played the field in your youth and you may have got emotionally, sympathetically and empathically involved in love. You may have given sensual pleasures rather than disappointment through your unselfish and compassionate sensitivity. You can be meek, the martyr, the victim or a prisoner in your world and you may see others as being in a free world. You are intuitive and well read but you may not be practical, and you may place your mate on a pedestal above yourself. You need a mate who can organise you, who can get the mundane, everyday concerns in order and see that all the bills are paid on time (unless you have your natal moon in Capricorn then you are a practical Piscean). You tend to attract “lame dogs” but you can’t save the world. You are a romantic who appreciates candlelight, soft music and wine. When you feel the need for love you become soft and romantic with an all enveloping “come hither” look in your eyes. Perhaps the opposite sex doesn’t understand you and they may take advantage of you, or vice versa. You can become vulnerable when you feel unwanted or unloved because you identify with your mate and you want to be one with your mate, more than you were before. If you feel rejected, you will retreat and put your “poor me” mask on until you melt the heart of your mate. When your mate needs help and sympathy, you are the first to help them in their difficulties; you will offer a little wine and listen to their story. In turn you will tell your own story which can be worse and partially based on illusion, but this can succeed in making your mate feel better. Candlelight, roses and wine can lift the spirits where romantic love and understanding flow freely. Your interest in sex is spiritual and ethereal, sacrificing, sentimental and mystical and you merge with emotion and feeling. You see the inner essence beneath the exterior. You will only be promiscuous after a rebuff or an emotional defeat – the influence of alcohol or drugs can lower your defences. No matter what the circumstances, you will consider it sweet revenge on the one who caused you emotional upset. Once you make a commitment to your mate, you will be loyal. You may wonder why you have to suffer in life while lesser beings are better disposed with ideal spouses, more personal satisfaction and ready cash. You readily accept responsibility but you need a practical mate to encourage you and organise you. You have an intense, almost overwhelming inward urge to reach a state of bliss, to become absorbed into something bigger than yourself, to disappear into the cosmos, to escape the natural limitations of life. You can become absorbed in sensation, or lost in a dream world where you can experience imaginary adventure and forget yourself. Love is unselfish and you gain more pleasure from giving than receiving, you can reach the epitome of love, the merging of mind, body and spirit into physical ecstasy. This is the ultimate fulfilment in the expression of pure love
Your most compatible love signs are Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus and Capricorn. Your own sign Pisces and your opposite sign Virgo will teach you a great deal about yourself but they are likely to be love/hate relationships.
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