Marianne O'Hagan

Taurus Ascendant



/TAURUS.jpgYou have a practical attitude when solving your own and other people’s problems, however you can be fixed in your opinions. With patience and endurance you will plough through extremely tough times to keep your sense of inner stability because you find it necessary to maintain stability when your world is falling apart. You have a high tolerance level to pain and you will try not to let other people know when you are suffering. You may be seen by others as a steady person who tries to maintain stability in the midst of disruption both at work and at home. You will work patiently to obtain financial security which is important to you but this is not necessarily achieved easily. However, you will achieve your goals later in life with the co-operation of other people and/or family members. You need to own your own home for security and if circumstances force it, you will go outside your budget to achieve your goal.


Money comes and money goes but this is not the issue. When you want to buy something you will buy it and worry about the financial consequences later. In the early stages of your life you my have a variety of different jobs through restlessness, and you may not necessarily concentrate on any one career until you are older. When you are older, it will be important that you learn through your work because you prefer to learn through practical application, or you may consider furthering your education on order to acquire the necessary skills to pursue a more suitable career.


You will keep in touch with your family through strong family bonds and you will be interested in property development for your security. You are receptive to the needs of others and you communicate in a caring and considerate way on a day-to-day basis. You will always try to help your family and those around you, but if you feel any member of your family has been spoken of in a derogatory way you will become emotional and protective. Although you are a caring person who tries to help other people solve their problems, you will detach if you cannot resolve problems or they become too burdensome.


It is important that you own your own home, however this can be an area of frustration, but with your creative flair your home can become your creative outlet. You are a good host/hostess with the ability to create a party atmosphere and with your lovingly assertive manner you can steer your children to support your decisions. You will strive to achieve through setting goals and proving to yourself that you can achieve those goals. Through this you can win the respect of your family and siblings because you need to feel proud of your accomplishments and recognised by your family. Should this not occur, you may feel a sense of loss of self-pride and recognition within your family.


You are health conscious with a focus on physical activities and physical development. You enjoy outdoor hobbies such as gardening, or conversely reading and/or writing may appeal. In creative work you are good at anything practical where you can use your mind and hands, and you can turn a hobby into a business enterprise once you have the knowledge. However, you must learn to put a value on your service. You are not an impulsive person and you will calculate any risks involved when investing. You are romantic and in the early stages of romance you can become highly infatuated. However, once the infatuation has worn off you will see the reality of the relationship, weigh up the pros’ and cons’, look at the security in the relationship, and if you do not feel secure you will not continue the relationship.


You are diplomatic amongst co-workers and you can excel in any working/partnership arrangement. You have good reasoning powers and you have the ability to see both sides of the story in any conflict that arises around you at work. You are the peacemaker in your working environment and with your diplomacy and tact you have excellent customer service skills. You are a popular member of staff and popular with the public also. You cannot see the point of arguing at work. When arguments do occur you may listen for a while without involvement, if it continues you will walk away. You work well in any position where you are involved with the public.


You can find yourself in the middle of power struggles between your partner, your partner’s family/friends and/or your own family/friends through jealousy and manipulation. You should analyse these areas of your life to find solutions. You may have to change your psychological attitude to the forces at play between your partner’s family/friends and/or your family/friends. Although you have the ability to maintain stability in change you should assess all close relationships and avoid power games in connection to outside interference that have a direct effect on your personal relationships. All close relationship/ partnerships and/or friendships can have an element of manipulation in them, but through this you will learn to counterbalance conflict to your advantage.


You enjoy debating on philosophical/cultural differences which can open your mind up to new ways of thinking. You will use your resources to finance your partner’s future educational qualifications and/or other outside interests (which may not involve you) but for which you will assume responsibility to maintain financial security on a daily basis. Differences of opinion or arguments can occur in close partnerships where you may be expected to provide financial security for future long-term plans; this can deplete your resources. You can gain knowledge through working for other people in business on your path to recognition and achievement.


You have good business sense with a strong interest in business management. You calculate every angle of a problem before you make a move and you look to practical solutions to solve problems. To obtain practical results you use basic logical common sense. You may lack confidence in your intellectual ability possibly due to parental expectations which, if not achieved can make you feel mentally inferior. Until you recognise your own capabilities you will be held back. You must break through your own inferiority complex, take the bull by the horns and do it anyway, then you will achieve. Your mind is highly focused and you can perform well when under pressure.


You will advance in life through the ever changing wheels of technological progress in the public business sector of society. You will experience many work changes in the uncertain business climates that operate around you. These changes can stem from managerial changes, staff cutbacks, leave-takings and redundancies. You will build your career and advance through technological progress, but you must maintain stability in change and bend with progress. You will work in the public sector for the good of society and with your friendly disposition you can resolve public disputes with ease. You will make periodic changes in your career as you progress through the wheels of change.


You are sensitive to the feelings of others therefore you need to be around positive people. Negative people can drain your energy. You are impressionable and you can tune into the thoughts of others therefore others can affect you adversely. The unseen spiritual dimensions of life interest you and you may gravitate to those who tread a more enlightened path. You tend to identify with people who have suffered (possibly ill health) where you can share your feelings. You will always try to help the less fortunate in society, but you can be a martyr. The question is, “When you need help, do you ask?” Probably not!


When young, you may have been placed in situations where you could not assert yourself. Perhaps you operated from a background position and spent your time doing as you were told. You dislike anyone who uses one-upmanship tactics to get their own way. You may side step aggressive confrontations because you feel overwhelmed by anger and you believe it is futile. This does not mean you do not get angry, you do, but you prefer not to show it. You have a tendency to get your own way by acting behind the scenes where questions cannot be asked and you escape arguments. You may appear to be passive but you are strong, and your lines of attack are subtle and effective.


Keywords - Sacrificing for the needs others. Learning to be independent and standing on your own.
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