Marianne O'Hagan

Cancer Ascendant



Y/Cancer.jpgou are strongly tenacious with considerable stamina at the core of your personality and you do not give up easily when your mind is made up. You are instinctively caring and protective of those who are close to you and you will attend to their emotional needs. You do not like to be alone, therefore you will always make others feel included and accepted, and because you are emotionally sensitive you will treat other people with the kindness and consideration they deserve. However, when emotional conflicts arise you can become self-protective and defensive with a tendency to speak through your emotions or you can withdraw behind a glass wall of protection where others cannot touch you, and alone you will lick your wounds.


You are strongly attached to your family, children (if you have any) and loved ones and you appreciate the finer things in life. You try to create a loving family atmosphere to make your loved ones feel happy and you spend your money on beautiful surroundings. When you are financially on top, your creativity and energy levels run high but when your income drops your creativity and energy levels run low. You dislike being beholden to the people you love because your pride and self-esteem are linked to your ability to provide love and warmth to those who mean so much to you.


You have marked analytical skill which is emphasised in your day-to-day working environment. You will analyse and document anything you wish to learn because you need to have the written facts before you. You are precise in speech and grammar with a dislike of uncouth language. You solve problems on a day-to-day basis through logic and common sense but the same does not apply to your domestic skills. You enjoy educational books, reference libraries and the arts and you have a critical eye for detail as far as accuracy and facts are concerned. You can be critical of other people’s work ethics because you perform to very high standards.


You try to keep peace and harmony within your family because you have a strong need for love and affection. You focus on caring and sharing although the family can disappoint you. Your feelings can be intense and you can feel intense anger towards those you love when hurt, but you can quickly regain the balance while trying to conceal your emotions. You can have stormy relationships with certain family members where feelings of love and hate can run side by side and your marriage can be affected by the see-sawing emotions of family life which can lead to family rifts. However, you are sensitive to family feeling and you will not intentionally hurt their feelings, instead, you will do your best to balance family conflict.


The concept of reincarnation and life after death may appeal to you, and you can also be interested in history, architecture, old churches and cathedrals. You love research and investigation, to get to the first principle, the core of the matter, and you may seek to understand the mystery of the creation of life on a very deep level. You may have been pre-occupied with sex and/or sexually inhibited when you were young. This could have been due to your upbringing, but psychological attitudes change especially with age. You may have to work through your own psychology in the area of your own sexuality.


You can learn a great deal through your work which can involve teaching, training, justice, the law, and advertising/promotions. You communicate intelligently with the public and you are able to factually inform and promote company policy. You can explain complex systems and you can demonstrate to the public how to use these systems and work them to advantage. With your excellent communication skills, you can break information down clearly into receivable packages, either through oral or written communications. You tend to gravitate towards stimulating working environments where you can educate, teach, train and guide others to improve career potential.


You may look to security in relationships and when committed you will be very supportive and loyal to your partner, but you are likely to attract a partner who is goal/status driven Through his/her ambition to get ahead you may feel neglected or alienated but you will commit to shared business projects despite the see-sawing effect of “who is in control”. When you feel controlled by your partner or others, you will try to avoid their control by paying lip service only because you resent control and manipulation. This tactic can lead to conflict over issues of control. In close relationships you must balance your domestic security with your public position and status.


Extended family members and associates may come to you in dire need which is reflective of the wheels of change in their lives. However, their conflicting financial or sexual intrigues can impact on your life and spiral into family or extended family manipulations and/or disputes. You may feel the need to gain financial independence from certain family members, extended family members and associates. In time, you will realise that you can’t depend on other people’s resources. You should not expect other people to provide for your security and other people should not expect you to provide for theirs. It all comes down to equal sharing.


You have a heightened understanding of the spirituality of life. You believe that those who are strong have a responsibility to provide for those who have been weakened because everyone deserves a chance in life. You will willingly give to the sick, down-trodden and needy, but you cannot be a crutch to create a cripple. You believe we are all spiritual beings connected to one spiritual force. Every religion and every philosophy touches on one spiritual force and everyone is an expression of that one spiritual force. In essence, there is only one spiritual force “God” to which we are all connected.


You prefer sole charge positions where you can be your own master and take control of your career path. You use your initiative and you respect and accept the views of others providing they do not interfere with your achievement, if they do, conflict can arise because you have a strong drive to achieve and succeed. Any challenge to meet public demand gives you the extra drive and determination to succeed, and with your competitive spirit you will put more effort into any project than most other people. In your striving to succeed you may meet with frustrating restrictions and obstacles, should this occur you will take personal responsibility with a tendency to blame yourself.


You enjoy the light-hearted humorous comradeship that exists between you and your friends and you like to bring them together, or introduce them to each other on social occasions; therefore you are not possessive of your friends. The friends you have are mainly long-term and you will extend your hospitality to them without question. If any one of them is in need, you will drop everything to help them. You are a good host(ess), and you enjoy social gatherings in your home where you can eat, drink and enjoy. You will extend the warmth of your home to all those you have come to love, and you will include them in your circle as family members.


Your emotions surface when you see others suffer but you keep your feelings hidden because you have better control with detachment. You may have difficulty in expressing your own suffering because your emotions tend to swamp logic when you are trying to express your innermost feelings. You can sense the thought patterns and/or changes of mood in others which can be negatively draining. However, your inner sensitivity allows you to say the right words to assist others in their suffering. On a different level, if you have the knowledge behind the suffering of others, you will not misuse it. Either you will decide to gently give the truth as you understand it, or you will say nothing. You will not mislead anyone in order to give them false hope.


Keywords - Fear of change that may threaten family security and family life.
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