Marianne O'Hagan

Libra Ascendant



Y/LIBRA1.jpgou are a sociable person who tries to maintain harmony in close relationships. However, if you feel an injustice has occurred then you will make a stand on principle. You will state your opinions if you do not agree with the actions of others but you will not attack them on a personal level. You may find it difficult to make decisions because you weigh and balance all sides of any situation. To solve problems you tend to bounce your ideas off others, weigh up the pros’ and cons’ and then make your decision. You may attract friends and partners with organisational or leadership skills, and to this end you may give your support while other people take the credit.


You may be forced to take a very deep look at your values and assess your attitude towards other people’s value judgements. You may trust other people and share your resources with them but your trust can be tested. As a means to material growth you can use other people’s money for investment purposes, but you can lose your resources through other people’s values and financial control. This can lead to power struggles over financial agreements. Money is not the issue, but how you use it is. You will support financial growth but losses can occur unless you stay within the parameters of financial agreements.


You are interested in different philosophies, cultures and beliefs because you like to know how other people live. You need to gain knowledge on any subject of interest in order to widen your world of ideas and possibilities. You have the ability influence others by what you say and you can turn pessimism into optimism through your philosophical attitude to life. Your relationship with your family, relatives and others is likely to be casual because you have your own ideas and opinions and you do not want others to tell you how your life should be run. However, different ideas, opinions and statements between extended family members or in-laws can divide the family. It is all a matter of prioritising loyalties.


Your mother may have worked very hard to provide family security and your father may have been emotionally distant but also supportive of family security. In your growing-up years you may have felt a lesser being than your siblings, perhaps shy and unassuming where you preferred to say things to please others in order to be liked. You may have been reared in a family business environment but your needs were met. Through your childhood upbringing you will probably have a serious attitude towards your family where you will try to provide family security. However, you will have to take full responsibility for the family decisions you make because it is here you stand alone to take life’s challenges.


You may experience difficulties through the changing conditions revolving around leisure-time activities where family and children are concerned. Also, the wheels within wheels of change between extended family members, friends and work associates can create difficulties where sudden unpredictable changes can occur. Love relationships can also be unpredictable with sudden disruptive and unusual events occurring which may not have been easily foreseen but which may impact on the enjoyment of life. Diverse conditions can revolve around children, extended family members, love relationships and/or work related group goals. When this happens you will be called upon to maintain your equilibrium in order to sustain balance.


You absorb the moods and feelings of co-workers; therefore it is important that you work with positive people. It may be hard for you to concentrate on routine work, but once you become inspired you will help those who need your assistance. You are extremely helpful towards others and you will sacrifice your time in support of their needs. However, this can encourage co-workers to take advantage of you. You must learn to draw the line on exactly how much you are prepared to give otherwise you can become the martyr who puts others people’s needs ahead of your own. With maturity, you will learn to consider your own needs.


You have a tendency to give more than you receive emotionally in close relationships, but a mediatory point must be reached between give and take. Partnerships should be based on equal sharing and equal responsibility. If you can find the balance you will have rewarding relationships, if not, you or your partner can become too assertive or submissive which can result in conflict. Your partner may not always consider your feelings in decision making, but if things go too far you will make a stand on principle. Balance is the key in any relationship but you may bend more towards partner support to achieve your needs and goals.


You may support your partner but you must not lose your own sense of values. You will use practical common sense in joint financial investments. Financial commitments such as household expenses/mortgage repayments etc: can worry you unless the budget is balanced. You are security conscious and practical and you will focus on joint financial control for future security. When necessary you will discuss financial matters with your partner. However, you may find yourself providing and/or supporting your partner’s business/financial interests while your partner makes the decisions.


With practice and confidence you could make an excellent speaker and you can widen your horizons through meetings, seminars and different viewpoints. With your open mindedness and progressive thinking you can learn through the general trend of day-to-day communications. You may listen to gossip but you will not gossip out of hand. You have a philosophical mind with wide range vision, and in your quest for knowledge you may be interested in foreign countries, cultures and beliefs where you can expand your understanding, and become more intellectually informed as to why you are here and what your purpose is.


You may carry heavy responsibilities connected to your family in which you can either take control or be controlled by family and/or business responsibilities. At times you may feel you are being taken for granted by your family for the support you give, and at the same time you may feel your achievements are not recognised owing to the established structures of management and control in the public sector of society. This can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction in parental and/or personal achievement. However, you will be called upon to take domestic/financial responsibility in order to provide security for your family.


You are a sociable fun loving person who enjoys the company of people and you put others at their ease through your natural warmth and friendliness. You are popular among staff members, but colleagues or company associates can be disruptive in the achievement of associated goals. Although you work hard, it may appear that certain members within groups don’t listen to your opinions which can override your work initiatives and future goals. However, you are a person who works collectively and separately to achieve group and/or company goals where the wheels within wheels of social progress can ultimately lead to independent goal realisation.


You have a tendency to keep your inner fears well hidden because you do not want to burden others with your problems. You will be very selective as to who you confide in because you prefer to solve your problems alone. At work you tend to keep your worries to yourself and if you should make an error of judgement you will worry for fear of exposure, therefore you will analyse your moves to cover your traces. When you are under pressure you have a tendency to worry about all the things that could go wrong before completion. When work problems become all consuming you will support others where you can but others can take you for granted without recognition.


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