Marianne O'Hagan

Virgo Ascendant



You/Virgo.jpgr focus of attention is on work and health with a strong belief, “If you don’t work you don’t get!” You are very practical and analytical and you will strive for perfection in everything you do. You can become fault finding and critical when work fails to meet the standard requirement. When older, you should watch your health because you can become a workaholic, and work overload can put too much stress on your physical body which can lead to health conditions of stress related origin. However, you are health conscious and you may read books on modern new age health remedies to reduce stress. With your practical initiative and drive you can be relied upon to deliver a reliable and dependable service to meet public demand.


You are unselfish, generous and practical and you will support friends, family and close partnerships to help them acquire security in times of need. You will attract people who need your assistance but the scales must be balanced. You may give, but you must learn to say "No" when giving becomes too much otherwise people will expect you to give without considering your needs. Perhaps you encourage others to expect your help through your empathy and understanding but because you value friendship you need to know people generally like you and that they will support you in your time of need. However this may not always be the case. You must learn to balance give and take.


In your growing-up years your parents could have criticised the strengths and weaknesses between you and your siblings which may have lead to sibling rivalry and low self-esteem because you may not have felt as good as your siblings. This could have made you feel resentful of your siblings and other family members due to the undermining influence of your early childhood. You enjoy deep discussions with others which could include psychology, the occult, or anything that touches the deeper issues of day-to-day living. You are breaking down old thought patterns and transforming them into new and more constructive thought patterns. You must look beyond the destructive opinions of those who seek to rival you and analyse the psychological patterns behind their game play.


High family expectations may have been placed on you in your growing-up years which could have lead to bickering and arguing through the unjust comments of your childhood. The continual dialogue of false accusations and twisted truths could have resulted in humiliation and a possible guilt complex. Education may have been an issue. You will seek to explore the wider world of ideas and possibilities where you can widen your horizons and distance yourself from the effects of your early childhood. Your home should be situated in a natural setting, surrounded by bush, shrubs and trees.


Owing to business circumstances your partner may not be able to fully support you in childrearing; therefore you may choose to limit your family through the controlling conditions that surround you. You are a disciplinarian and you will discipline your children in practical ways to prepare them for future advancement. However, with little parental support you may face heavy responsibilities. You must take full responsibility for the decisions you make regarding children and love relationship/partnerships because it is in this area that you stand alone to take life's challenges.
Once you see beyond your own low self-esteem and focus on family responsibility, you will be able to turn your hobbies into business ventures and push back the controlling factors that surround you.


You may experience changes of employment. You are learning to become flexible through the uncertainty and constantly changing working environment that confronts you. You may be drawn to companies that are continually restructuring. You are an independent person who prefers to work in sole charge positions within a group to achieve company goals. Your path to progress can be uncertain through the wheels of change that surround you. To free yourself from the unpredictable working climate you face, you may consider working for yourself. This you could do with success.
You should look after your health because you have a predisposition to work/stress related illnesses. For example: back and shoulder pain, palpitations and anxiety.


Although you are a practical down-to-earth person you seem to attract close friends and partners who need support and help. You will be expected to make sacrifices and give to others in selfless love. This calls for a spiritual approach to marriage and other close relationships because it is you who will be expected to give in sacrifice. Your partner can be of a weaker character than you or suffer from health problems and/or addictive habits. Regardless, he/she will require consideration, sympathy and understanding. In marriage or close partnerships, loves ideal can fade and at times you may feel disillusioned, but you will be placed in situations where sacrifices must be made.


You will drive to gain financial security, but in joint financial business interests you can face conflict. You must balance this area because you are transforming your value system through the manipulative control of others where power games can be played. You will work hard to gain financial control because you do not wish to be controlled by others. You are learning to become financially independent. If you lean on others for financial support they will control you and you will lose your ability to take control. You are being called upon to stand alone in order to take control of joint financial business/partnership interests.


You come from an earthy perspective of common sense and your philosophy on life may be based on the natural rhythm of life, death and rebirth. You are interested in education, but only if it brings practical results and allows you to be more productive and effective in your dealings with others on a professional level. With your practical mind you can give sound logical advice to those who seek your assistance and you would make a good financial advisor through your ability to calculate financial strategies to maximum effect. You are mentally focused, determined and positive and you strongly believe in mind over matter.


You have a strong work ethic, you speak with authority and you initiate practical solutions to solve business problems, therefore you can gain recognition and respect from any company for your business efficiency. You may face periodic changes in your career owing to company take-overs etc. which can affect your position and status. It may appear that your career is continually changing; however each change will take you to new plateaus of achievement. In the continuum of change you do have one asset, you can talk your way into and out of any situation, and you can glibly talk your way into any public position of your choice.


In your early childhood, social differences between your mother and father may have limited your social development owing to the diverse personality differences between them. You may not have liked taking friends home because you didn’t know how it was going to be – one face for society and one face for the family. This could have deeply affected your social development in your growing-up years. You may rebel against the dividing wheels within wheels of social distinction and place yourself in positions where you can release yourself from the restrictions of the past in order to take your place in society and achieve your goals.



You may not feel worthy of love through loss of trust. Past put-downs or social discouragement may have lead to low self-esteem where any outward display of love or affection tended to make you feel insecure. You may think you are not perfect and that if others really knew you they would not like you. Therefore you may guard your feelings when others extend the hand of friendship or love through an inner sorrow of love denied. Perhaps you have lost faith in the expression of love for fear of losing love or being hurt. If you accept your imperfections you can light the way for others.


Keywords - Fear of letting others down in love, or not being lovable.
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