Marianne O'Hagan

Capricorn in Love

You look for warmth and understanding in a mate, someone who can be depended on in business, who won’t tire easily and who will support you in your goals and ambitions. You will always provide money to spend, but you will control the expenditure and the cheque book. You mature early in life and you pave your way to responsibility at a young age; life is a serious business. You are hesitant to surrender yourself in the early stages of a relationship for fear of rejection if you should lower your defences. You need time to get into the spirit of sex, you take your time and when the time is right you will not be cheated, sex is rewarding and you like to prolong the reward. You like a strong and definite approach to sex and you can feel disappointed if your mate does not keep in time with you. Because you have a strong need for order and structure in your life, marriage is a better option than living together and once committed, you are extremely loyal. You consider your sexual drives are a natural body function. Sex is a necessary function to release stress and when the necessity arises for you to fulfil your natural bodily function you do so as a matter of course. You may have to overcome many adversities in life but you are well equipped to do so because you are disciplined, shrewd, organised and dependable and you focus on the material world where you concentrate on solving material problems. You can be tight-fisted, letting everyone know how hard you work to provide security, however, where food and holidays are concerned you are generous. You can be cold and calculating on the one hand and warm and supportive on the other; this especially applies to your domestic/business life but there is usually an ulterior motive behind everything you do. You can be tender and tough, you can display love and control but you have a long memory for any slights or disfavour and you will avenge yourself. You bide your time and calculate your moves, when the time is right, you take action and you usually win. As you get older the seriousness of your nature dissolves and the warmth of your personality comes through. You need a mate who can contribute to your social and business interests; a mate who is patient, mature and understanding; someone who can carry the weight of responsibility and host clients, associates and business entertainments. You can put your work ahead of the emotional needs of your family so you need a mate who will tirelessly support your goals; life with you is not always a “bed of roses”. You will probably live to a ripe old age provided you don’t work yourself to death. When you have time, you are a great lover with an earthy form of lust. You think about sex a lot – the wholehearted release of inner emotion in the sexual act of love. You have a no-nonsense approach towards your children. You will bring them up in the “old fashioned” way and ensure a proper education is provided with plenty of rules, discipline, responsibility and respect. Marriage brings you security and you will fight against the forces of adversity to ensure a lasting relationship.
Your most compatible love signs are Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces. Your own sign Capricorn and your opposite sign Cancer can teach you a great deal about yourself but they are likely to be love/hate relationships.
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