Marianne O'Hagan

Aries in Love

When young, you were quick off the mark; it’s “now or never”. You are a true optimist and you can rush in without thinking when you think you have found true love. You are impulsive, sometimes to the extent of taking risks because you are enthusiastic and you are not content with half measures.
You ardently pursue the object of your desire and when attracted you are competitive; you enjoy the excitement of the chase and you play to win. You can fall in love at first sight and you instinctively make a “beeline” for the catch. Unless you are able to talk your differences through in a simple, direct and honest manner, you can be disappointed in discovering that your mate is a human being. You may not be patient enough to consider courtship before sexual activity; you prefer to get down to the action. You are interested in the sensual pleasures of romance and love and you will use great charm to get what you want when you want it; and with expectations. Sexual initiation may come early in life – earlier than for most, because you delight in sexual activity especially when young and you develop a taste for it. A hasty marriage can occur because you have a strong sense of sexual urgency and you can be selfish and thoughtless in your desires, with little regard for the consequences of the moment. You may not take the proper precautions which can lead to unwanted early pregnancy. You love flattery and you like to be where the action is. Also, you need to be wanted by your mate through sexual activity; then you feel confident and good about yourself. Love is a necessity of life which you expect in close relationships. Devotion is instinctively expected and accepted, but you demand love and sex – without which you feel a lesser being in need of constant reassurance. Although you are very warm, affectionate and demonstrative you put yourself first (unless you have Saturn conjunct the Sun). You are great to have around, usually the life and soul of the party. You can become competitive when your will is challenged because you like to take the lead; this can lead to heated arguments and disagreements which can drive loved ones away. The idea of being faithful to one person forever appeals to your strong sense of romance, but if things begin to go wrong, you may stray elsewhere in search of excitement, attention and love. When you have been let down in love, you take it very seriously. You have a strong reaction to defeat and you will feel hurt, sensitive and vulnerable, yet you are not vindictive. Instead, you will venture out in search of new encounters and a new mate. It is difficult for you to wait for your mate to make decisions because you are impatient for action and you want instant satisfaction – instant results. You can become so wrapped up in your own feelings and your own emotions that you may not relate to the feelings and emotions of your mate. You have your own thoughts and opinions and you are not too concerned if your mate does not agree with you. You will do your own thing in your own way and you will consider your mate on your terms because you think you know what is best for both of you.
Your most compatible love signs are Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini and Aquarius. Your own sign Aries and your opposite sign Libra can teach you a great deal about yourself and they are likely to be love/hate relationships.
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