Marianne O'Hagan

The Sun signs


You are warm and passionate by nature with a strong sex drive that needs positive expression (unless Saturn conjuncts the Sun). You are straightforward in your communications and undeterred by any setbacks that block your ability to be in the front line. You like to be independent, to do as you want without the demands of others. You are easily bored and impatient for results. This can make you impulsive and not always thoughtful. You have to develop patience to make the most of your competitive nature and succeed. You are quick to act and you stand your ground in conflict; anger is short lived and soon forgotten and you do not hold grudges. You are independent and energetic in action and you instinctively act when enthusiasm strikes. You can lack persistence and stamina and you may not always follow your ideas through. You have strong leadership qualities and you prefer to work in sole charge or leadership positions. You can be wilful, opinionated and arrogant if your needs or ideas are not considered but you will not make false compromises to get your own way; you do not deceive others, you say what you mean. Your desire to take the lead can override a certain lack of independence when others are in control. You do not take orders easily and you can become frustrated and competitive if other people get in your way; this can isolate you which can lead to feelings of loneliness. You are impatient and prone to headaches through too much haste.
Your drive for personal independence is dominant.
You have a strong drive to gain a sense of security, and in order to do this you need a regular income and stable relationships. You are earthy and you naturally enjoy the sensual pleasures of the earth. Others like you because you are uncomplicated, easy-going, logical and practical and you have common-sense. You are a productive plodder who prefers a steady routine which can be somewhat rut-like. You are determined to gain materially and enjoy the basic requirements of life. You will try to create a life style where you can achieve security through developing your skills and capabilities. You are mainly generous because you enjoy providing the treat, but you can give too much away, and at your own expense. You prefer to pay your own way to feel safe and secure, but when you feel your security is slipping away you can become possessive of others in order to gain security.
You are a creature of habit, you like sitting in your favourite chair by the warmth of the fire doing the same thing as you did yesterday. You have to motivate yourself to do anything outside your set routine. You identify with what you give in relationships, but you will stand firm against anyone who shows disregard for your generosity because you resent feeling used. You are slow to anger, but if you feel taken for granted or unappreciated for the support you give, then you seethe. You can become very angry and frustrated with those who do not put their shoulder to the plough.
Your drive to achieve security is dominant.
You have breadth of vision with heightened intelligence which can be mentally developed when you believe in your abilities and skills. Through communicating with others of similar interest, your knowledge can spiral and grow to new levels of understanding. You are sensitive to impressions and expressions and your thoughts can alternate between positive and negative in a second depending on the responses and changes going on around you. You work through your problems by comparing past events with new events, observing their similarities, differences and the consequences; then you take the wisest possible course of action. You like to be involved with what is going on around you but you can spread your energy too thin which can lead to mental exhaustion. You should develop your organisational skills because your daily arrangements are full of activity and commotion and you are often in a hurry to get onto the next thing in your mind. Your duality leads to scattered energy which can result in delays, broken appointments and frayed nerves. You have many friends and acquaintances in different places and from all walks of life. You are mentally active and you need mental stimulation, variety and change in order to feel good about yourself.
Your drive to gain knowledge, and give and receive information is dominant.
Because your emotional energy is sensitive it should be channelled outwardly rather than inwardly. Instinct and intuition are second nature to you. If you “feel” or instinctively “know” something is going to happen, the chances of it happening are high. You should always follow your instinct. You are caring, nurturing and very protective towards your family and loved ones. Your need to shield them from harm is paramount. You are home loving but you are sensitive to emotional undercurrents, therefore you need a quiet place to retreat when emotional tensions rise because emotional energies dominate, not words. Family traditions and ethics will play a strong role in your habits and attitudes to family care and parenting, and you will be extremely tenacious and hard-working to provide security. You are deeply concerned about what your family, friends and associates think and you will show the caring, nurturing and protective side of your personality when they call on you for assistance. You feel secure when you are needed. You are very sensitive to slights and hurts which can be measured in strength and held in. When this happens you will retreat behind a protective glass wall – your own quiet refuge, your sanctuary where you can resolve your emotions – but if you are pushed too far your emotions will be expressed.
Your drive to keep the family environment secure is dominant.
You enjoy being in command and you see your role as the leader. This inspires others to follow you but you should exercise patience and learn to discipline your dramatic displays of emotion when you do not have absolute authority. You have a strong desire to succeed in any enterprise or undertaking. Success makes you feel inwardly proud which strengthens your confidence and gives you an inner feeling of accomplishment. You are charming, proud and dignified and you thrive on ego boosts, praise and flattery. You are ambitious to achieve a good life style. Life is for living and to be enjoyed. You radiate warmth and affection to everyone you meet and you like to leave people feeling happier than they did before they met you. From this you gain inner fulfilment and a sense of love. If your pride is hurt through humiliation, you can show extreme sensitivity or aggression because respect and pride are important to you and you need others to reinforce your ego. You try to get as much as possible out of life and you will always entertain or celebrate in a lavish way, perhaps spending more money than you can afford. Your need for love is strong and any slights that threaten that love can be taken personally and wound your ego. Should this happen you will hide your hurt feelings and lick your wounds alone. You feel good about yourself when you can inspire others and encourage them to succeed. Children strongly identify with you because you bring out the best in them.
Your drive to give and receive love is dominant.
You are a fact-finding detailer who has a tendency to take notes. You solve your problems through reading the appropriate material and writing the details down for analysis. You are also a focused perfectionist who will not be rushed. Your work has to be of a high standard, correct and perfect. This can lead to high nervous tension resulting in hyper-tension and exhaustion. You are deeply analytical with an emphasis on practical solutions. You do not believe everything you hear because you are down to earth and sceptical in areas where you need proof. Because you are health conscious, you tend to worry about your own health and the health of those around you; you probably have an antidote for every conceivable health problem. You are a hard worker. You do not shirk your duties, but you can be fault finding towards those who do not meet your impossibly high standards. You can be critical to the point of nit-picking. You are practical and you deal with problems as they arise but you will not be taken for granted. You are a worrier and it is difficult for you to relax. If problems get out of hand you will worry about them until you have dealt with them or solved them. Occasionally you need to remove yourself from mentally demanding work and do something more physical to relax your mind. Your drive is to deal with reality on a practical level.
Your drive to achieve a high standard (perfection) in work, service, duty and health is dominant.
When young, you are a dreamer and a romantic and you can fall in love with the idea of love, but your mind will rule your heart. To feel complete you need a partner in your life. Your partner’s happiness is as important to you as your own because you desire equal sharing in your relationships. You are a considerate and patient listener but you are easily influenced by others through indecision. However you will stand your ground on matters of equal rights and fair-play. You like to see your friends’ relationships working because you are sensitive to unbalanced relationships from which you retreat. You have a tendency to give in to the demands of others to keep the balance, but you can give too much. When young, you may be concerned with your looks. Some may say you are vain. You are attracted to good-looking partners and you need to feel equally as attractive. You need to know how others feel about you and you need to feel accepted for both yourself and what you stand for. You compromise and you consider the needs of others, often ahead of your own, which makes you a good friend, mediator and diplomat.
Your drive to bring balance and fair-play into every relationship or situation is dominant.
Still waters run deep. People may not know the “inner you”. Perhaps you prefer it that way because you are secretive. You can love and hate with an intensity that lasts. You can fear that if people really knew your deepest desires they would try to block your path so you do not confide in others easily. They have to earn your trust before you reveal yourself. You have passionate desires and you are persistent and determined in any quest you set yourself. In combat you set the scene, you can be silent or sarcastic to maximum effect. You penetrate the core of any problem through psychological analysis; your depth of understanding and insight can change and transform the lives of many. This can help you on your path to self realisation and empowerment. Although you unmask surface appearances, you are outwardly secretive and considerate of the feelings of others. Jealousies and manipulations can emerge around sharing and close involvements because you need to feel included on a deep level. You suffer inwardly if you feel you have been excluded in any deep and meaningful relationship. You find it hard to forgive and forget when your trust is betrayed. Under these circumstances you can become resentful and vindictive. No one is so loyal a friend, or so dangerous a foe as Scorpio, for although you may forgive, you never forget.
Your drive to change, transform and improve life through analysis, research and psychology is dominant.
You are an invincible optimist who is free spirited, humorous, forward thinking and independent. You are interested in developing the higher mind. You try to avoid responsibility in defence of your own freedom. When young you will not commit easily in relationships because you enjoy constant change; travelling, walking, the outdoors, sports, animals etc. You get bored with detail; you prefer to deal with the facts, but without detail this can lead to poor judgement. You may not marry young because you can feel chained in close committed relationships and you need to feel free to pursue your own interests. You will seek freedom from dreary routines because you thrive on exploration and you need to enjoy all aspects of life. You will associate with people who can broaden your horizons. You are honest and sometimes tactless in your speech because honesty is important to you and matters of dishonesty and injustice play on your mind. You may preach morals and principles but you can be changeable and you don’t always practise what you preach, even though your words are very wise. You are in tune with the higher self, the higher laws of justice which manifest as intuition or hunches. Once you recognise this you can use your innate wisdom to guide others in need. Your interest in metaphysics and philosophy will develop and grow with the passing years.
Your drive to gain justice, knowledge, wisdom and truth is dominant.
You have a dry sense of humour. Your comments are remarkably funny and made with tongue in cheek. In your childhood you probably appeared more mature than your years which could have carried its responsibilities. Rules were made to be observed. In your youth you probably suffered from low self-esteem with an overly cautious approach to the world. As you mature you will develop self-esteem and ambition and take positions of responsibility and control. In order to feel secure you must have control and you will provide your service to others with the motive of gaining control because you focus on position, status and achievement. You are sure-footed, ambitious and determined, and your calculated actions are strictly in accordance with regulations. You have sound logical reasoning powers, organisational skill and an exceptional sense of timing in business. Every move you make is premeditated and risks are minimised. With your strong sense of purpose you are willing to work hard for everything you get. You are goal driven and you direct your energies into gaining recognition and control. When situations in your life are out of your control you can suffer feelings of defeat, then you can become moody and withdrawn.
Your drive to gain control, recognition and respect is dominant.
You are an individualist who is independent. You try to maintain personal friendships and relationships from an objective stand point. You think ahead of the times and you love to introduce new concepts and ideas to assist others. You are detached from high drama and emotion, you consider people should cooperate and get along with one another. You concentrate on friendship and the best alternatives to bring people together for the good of the community, but you do not get emotionally involved in conflict, or involved in situations where routine structures interfere with your freedom of choice. You have strong likes and dislikes in connection to public opinion on issues of interest to you. You can be a rebel on the fringe of radical groups or involved in controversial causes and movements. Whatever, you work for the good of all those concerned. You have difficulty in relating your deeper feelings and emotions to others through your strong need for emotional detachment. In close relationships, you must be allowed your own space to follow your community or outside interests otherwise close relationships can become unstable. You associate and identify with group causes and you assist people in friendship for the good of all concerned.
Your drive to bring people together in communal friendship is dominant.
You identify with all that is going on around you and you are compassionate towards those who need your help but you can be a martyr. You are probably the kindest and most charitable person around and you will make many sacrifices to help other people which can release you from your own world of reality. Many times you will find yourself saying, “Yes” when you really wanted to say, “No”. This is the tug of war that exists inside you. You have a high sensitivity to other people’s feelings and your own feelings may be low on your list of priorities, therefore you may resort to white lies when you have to face the reality of more pressing concerns. Because you are extremely receptive to the energy fields of others, you can become drained through negative energy. You try not to hurt other people’s feelings, but many will take advantage of you until you learn to help without becoming a crutch. You have a heightened sense of spiritual awareness, with a strong connection to the God force. You may feel you have a weak ego boundary line because you empathise with the suffering you see, which lets other people’s sorrows in. If you don’t help others when they need you, you may feel guilty about their suffering.
Your drive to merge in empathy with others is dominant.
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