Marianne O'Hagan

Taurus in Love

You are romantic and sensitive when it comes to love – satisfaction, emotional contentment and security are priorities. You have a strong inner need to experience the full physical sensations of the earth. You are attractive to the opposite sex and many may fall for your sensual sex appeal and your placid, easy-going nature. You love your sexuality and when young you will spend money on looking your best because body contact is important to you and you want to feel attractive, but you are quiet and contemplative, and you prefer to be approached because you need to feel secure and wanted. You take your time during courtship; you like to know you are compatible before making a commitment; then complete loyalty is given and expected in return. You are sensual and you enjoy the external senses of feeling and touching and the uninhibited sensation of good solid sex. You will master an expert technique both in entertainment and sexual expression. You have strength of purpose, patience and endurance; if you intend a sexual evening, which is often, you will end up in bed. You may appear conservative on the outside, but you have few sexual inhibitions. If you are praised for your sexuality it will go a long way to a wonderful night of sexual pleasure. You love to please your mate sexually and sexual encores are likely because sex is God’s gift to everyone and you have plenty of inner resources to spare. When you fall in love, you will take your time getting to know your mate before you commit even though sexually you are likely to be ahead of your own game. Reliability is second nature to you and once committed you are extremely faithful. You have a strong need for a settled routine and marriage is a better option than living together because it helps to boost your sense of security, but you can be too possessive. You need to learn to let go a little and give your mate room to breathe otherwise you may end up on your own. You will look for a home which provides emotional and material security, sexual pleasure and a good kitchen. You enjoy cooking and good food but you can overindulge with a weight problem to follow. You show your love by providing for your mate; this makes you feel inwardly good about yourself and emotionally content. If you feel you are not providing, you may feel vulnerable and insecure. Love is a physical affection, given and received without question; you glory in the pleasure of uncomplicated sex with an earthy appreciation; experimental sex is not for you. Love implies harmony, understanding and a lasting bond. Your love for your mate will not change easily but it must be given freely to flourish naturally. You can be possessive when your mate’s attention is averted; this can make you feel unloved, insecure and in need of reassurance. You will work very hard to build on the love you have with your mate; the fruits of your hard labour will flourish and grow in the surrounding beauty of that wonderful place which you have created; the place you and your mate call home – your security.
Your most compatible love signs are Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer and Pisces. Your own sign Taurus and your opposite sign Scorpio can teach you a great deal about yourself but they are likely to be love/hate relationships.
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