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My Book - Lunar Astrology from the Horse’s Mouth.

This is the first time such a deep and profound book on Lunar Astrology has been written.
With well over 2000 interviews, I have taken Lunar Astrology into new frontiers.
My book outlines the influences of the eight lunar phases of the moon, the north and south nodes of the moon and the Arabian Parts: Fortune, Spirit, Soul and Fate.
These Arabian Parts characterise the patterning of conscious/subconscious energy which has a powerful effect over the course of events on earth, "fate".
To learn more, read my book. It is a complete guide for everyone in its simple step-by-step instructions and comprehensive interpretations.
Lunar Astrology is a far reaching science that extends beyond matter. It is a science that penetrates the laws of the unseen universe. The electromagnetic fields of the Ascendant, Sun and Moon have an effect on matter, yet the essence of life is beyond matter. The essence of life is eternal.
I am sorry but at present, Lunar Astrology from the Horse's Mouth is not available.
ABOUT ME I am a professional astrologer with more than 38 years practise and experience in the field. I have lectured at seminars, conducted workshops and popularised astrology through radio talk-back during which time I was recognised as the resident astrologer extraordinaire in Wellington, New Zealand. Through my much loved students and clients, I continue to research astrology in order to fine-tune my technique.


Each booklet includes:
  • The lyrics to your sun-sign song.
  • An inspiration “just for you”
  • A general character analysis of your sun-sign.
  • An in-depth analysis of how you express love through your sun-sign and your most compatible sun-signs.
All sun-sign CDs have been produced and recorded by New Zealand artists.
If you wish to order your sun-sign CD, my email address is
Click on the CD cover to play or download the song.
Your purpose on earth is to lead others into action.
You generate a spirit of courage, energy and enthusiasm that inspires others to follow your lead.
A new sunrise brings the birth of a new day.
You are the first impression of the final expression.
You are the first thought and the first act on the stage of life.
You stand for: “A new beginning”.
You extract pleasure from simplicity.
You produce practical works of music and art which provide lasting monuments of invaluable remembrance.
You bring forth the fruits of the earth to enhance creation.
You stimulate the five senses of appreciation.
To see, to hear, to feel, to taste and to touch.
The blessing of life is in simplicity.
You stand for: “Simple abundance”.
You link people together through communication.
Your free spirit ventures into new fields of expression; exploring all the possibilities.
You are the dream catcher who channels visions and dreams through the prisms of your mind.
You reach beyond limitation into the realms of untapped thought.
You are the master of literature and words.
You stand for: “Synchronisation”.
Your purpose on earth is to protect and nurture family life.
You are the preserver of family heritage and tradition, drawing your security from the past and preserving it for the future.
You are a gift and a guardian to the world. No family is complete without the security of your care, your love and your understanding.
Your effect on earth holds families together near and far.
You stand for: “The Continuance of Life”.
The essence of love is expressed through the rays of the Sun.
You are the fearless one at the centre of creation.
The birth of a new born baby; the laughter of a child; the first flush of adolescence; the gift of life is love.
You restore the wounded heart.
You stand for: “Celebration”.
Your purpose on earth is to analyse and refine the thought patterns of everyone.
You are the producer of priceless literature in all its forms contained in the libraries of the world.
Through the written word, you will record the past and document the present for future generations.
Your effect on the world shows that through hard work and dedication, excellence can be achieved.
You stand for: “The Harvest”.
The scales reign across a peaceful world.
You have come to balance the pendulum of life.
Precious is your gift.
The glow of the Sun blends with the shades and hues of a glorious sunset. The evening star brings the beauty of a summer evening over still tranquil waters.
You stand for peace, not war; for love, not hate.
You understand.
You are the dove in the covenant.
You stand for: “Agreement”.
As deep as the ocean, as high as the sky.
You are the high flying eagle soaring beyond the realms of consciousness into a vast world of unknown proportions.
You are the depths of passion in the wonderment of life, merging with the undercurrents of instinct and emotion.
You are the tempter and the temptress, the priest and the priestess, the agony and the ecstasy.
The fallen angel is understood.
You are the wings beneath the world.
You stand for: "Resurrection".
The wisdom of life is recorded in the ancient scrolls to be treasured in awe of creation.
You are the student who seeks a higher ideal and philosophy, and the teacher who listens to the sage within and speaks from the pulpit of knowledge.
“The essence of wisdom is truth”.
The inspired soul speaks through a parable.
The enlightened soul understands.
You stand for: “A higher justice”.
You are the mountain goat on your path, buffeting the winds of adversity.
“Old father time is your taskmaster”.
In the game of chess you calculate your moves.
Only through discipline and hard work can recognition be gained.
“Time and tide waits for no man”.
The ancient ruins stand as a monument to man’s constant achievement through the ages. A by-gone era is etched in the passage of time; the legacy of Capricorn.
You stand for: “Respect”.
Your purpose on earth is to reform old systems of thought.
You are the awakener who recognises the oneness of humanity.
You base your ideals on equalitarian and humanitarian principles.
Your effect on group goals and world reforms will be strong. Through you, people will reach a higher level of understanding. “Human Rights” and “Social Justice” will unite the world in freedom.
You stand for: “Equal opportunity”.
Your purpose on earth is to show that forgiveness unchains the spirit from bondage to freedom.
You are the light of sacrifice and compassion in the mist of oppression and despair.
You offer the world three gifts; faith, hope and charity.
Your essence inspires faith, your words inspire hope and your unconditional love inspires charity.
You stand for: “The light in the cloud”.
Lyrics and music written by Marianne O’Hagan.
Copyright Marianne O'Hagan 2000 - 2030.
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