Marianne O'Hagan

Pisces Ascendant



Yo/PISCS.jpgu try to create your ideal in any relationship, but you can be too idealistic, which can lead to disillusionment. You are basically sensitive and self sacrificing, yet you can identify and mould yourself into many different personalities to suit the company you keep, therefore you get along with most people. You do have a tendency to identify with people who need help because you are sympathetic and understanding and you want to create an ideal world for yourself and others. You should learn to use logic and reason when helping others and you should take into account the facts about your relationships rather than your ideas, otherwise you can leave yourself open to disillusionment when you find out things are not as they appeared to be. You are romantic; spiritually inclined, with a strong love of meditation, music and dance.


You may have to sacrifice your needs for the needs of others. You are learning a new set of values; one of the key issues you face is that you personally must act on your ideas and not depend on others to support you in order to bring them to fruition. You may not be able to count on your partner, friends or associates to entertain your ideas because they can appear to be unrealistic and impractical which can make you feel unworthy and disillusioned. The challenge is for you to focus on your ideas and work to completion without changing your mind mid stream. You may consider material wealth is of little importance because you are interested in personal spiritual development and the enjoyment of creativity itself.


You are a person who is slow to learn, but once you learn something you retain it. You have a realistic and down-to-earth attitude where finance and the daily necessities of life are concerned and you can make a little go a long way when you have to. You create a steadfast living environment through your common sense approach to the daily chores which demand your attention and you may find yourself constantly running around on to meet the needs of others. You communicate to others with understanding and empathy and you are practical and supportive with your words towards your siblings and relatives when they need your support or advice. You have a good sense of colour and form which you can use in a practical and creative way to improve your home surroundings through decorating and/or painting.


You can be very restless in the home, with much rearranging of furniture and changes of residence, especially in your early childhood. A deep seated sense of restlessness may exist in you where you feel you must always be on the go, probably doing more than one thing at a time; therefore you can scatter your energies and end up suffering from nervous exhaustion. Maybe in your childhood words of comfort were seldom spoken and promises made were seldom kept. Perhaps you find it hard to depend on a promise. You like to talk your feelings through with family members, but you can retreat into your own world of your own when the going gets emotional or rough. Communication blocks could have been apparent between you and one of your parents through health and/or work conditions of one kind or another.


You have a love of children and you express your feelings in a caring and protective way. However you can be overly sensitive towards your children, maybe because one of your children may need extra support and care. You may find yourself caring for other peoples children in your home quite frequently during your paternal years. You have a strong need to feel cared for and protected by your partner especially in parenthood, but your partner may hold different views to you where parenthood and love are concerned and you may have to make some sacrifices. You are prepared to give to your family at the expense of your own enjoyment but emotional conflicts can interfere with your enjoyment of life.


Creative and artistic lines appeal to you and you can have a flair for art, design, acting, photography and dancing, and you can have a love of shoes. You can put on the display but you need to feel a sense of pride and acknowledgement in your accomplishments in order to do your best work. You work through the inspiration of your mind, but you must develop confidence both in your abilities, and to stand up to the more assertive co-workers who can impose on you and off load their work onto you. You can be interested in psychology due to a childhood experience which affected you deeply.


You are always analysing your relationships, maybe you are overly critical because you are looking for the perfect partner and your expectations are too high which can only bring disappointment. There may be some real problems relating to you, or your partners past which need to be analysed, worked through and understood by both of you. Your partner may wish to share his/her work with you, but you must get the balance right, and support each other equally. Any partnership/business arrangements should be viewed with caution, you must know all the details and facts before committing yourself otherwise you can be deceived.


Your partner can be charming, but manipulative and quite capable of stirring your feelings of jealousy or guilt over past behaviour. You could also hold different values regarding children and finance. You may experience some difficulty in joint sharing with your partner; perhaps sharing your assets or bank account may prove detrimental. Keeping your finances separate might be more appropriate. It is wise to make safe investments so you are covered in the event of financial adversity. Through your partner you will change in the way you view relationships. This change will operate on a deep level but you must change your thinking regarding trust, all the things you share, sex, mortgages, children etc; this is the area of your life that needs balance.


You have the ability to detect when others are lying and you do your best to root out the truth, even if it takes you time and strategy to do this. You are a deep thinking person due to a psychological crisis which affected you in your childhood. You seek to understand the depths of life, the depths and power of the mind, positive thinking and energy exchange, how it all works. You probe into the minds of those who can teach you through their knowledge and beliefs. Every insight you gain will be positively applied in your quest to help those whose needs are greater than yours. You are interested in travel and you would be especially interested in foreign lands steeped in ancient religious or spiritual history.


You have a love of travel, nature, philosophy, learning and teaching. You must confront your own inhibitions and self restrictions and break the chains of incorrect judgement both from yourself and others. By gaining knowledge and taking responsibility for yourself you will be free to be yourself and authority can no longer bind you. To reach your fullest potential you must gain qualifications to support your professionalism in the area of information. Public relations, teaching, printing and art, advertising, tourism, telecommunications and counselling are areas where achievements can be made. You are learning to be your own person, so use your gifts.


You may have few close friendships, but those you do have will be reliable. Your friends go back a long way and they have been gained through long standing loyalty. You may fear large social groups, due to your innate shyness and it is here you must conquer fear. You are business minded and you can work well in a responsible position with a small team. You can make friends through business associates, but you should not mix business with pleasure. Many of your associates will talk of business goals or self employment, if they try to involve you, you may find it hard to refuse, but you may not get the recognition you deserve. When you are older you may wish to help society in some way through a charity organisation.


You are interested in unusual studies such as astrology, which you can identify with. You can learn through spiritual groups to tap into your higher consciousness to get clear answers to problems which have been troubling you. You are an alternative thinker with an open mind to new concepts and an inner sense that you have spiritual protectors. You are interested in the welfare of society and you could be interested in social issues. You could become involved in social welfare work, rehabilitation programmes, nursing and education for children of special needs etc: You have a special way of understanding the underprivileged in society.


Keywords - Community groups and causes. Supporting the needs of others. Inner guilt and self blame.
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