Marianne O'Hagan

Aquarius in Love

You are sociable, well informed and concerned with community problems, but not too concerned with your own personal problems. You are independent, cool, intellectual and objective, yet you are romantic, supportive and a delight to have around. When young you may well have played the field, you probably read books on sexual techniques and put your knowledge into practice. A friendship with you can end in romance but you find it difficult to obtain a sense of oneness in love relationships. You can be uniquely refreshing, exciting, sensual and inventive and you can offer a surprisingly good relationship to your mate with your early in the morning sensual overtures. Your heart is with human rights and your fellow man, and you will follow the trends of modern thought to bring improvements and advancement to the world. You can be a reformist and a revolutionary in your thinking and you speak along the most idealistic lines. You need to live in your own space with the freedom to pursue your outside objectives. You feel obligated to your friends, colleagues and associates until your mate complains because he/she has to make appointments to see you. Friendship is important to you and you need to relate to your mate as your best friend. Underneath you are romantic with sensual needs, but you have difficulty in showing your true feelings. You have an independent nature and it takes you some time to settle into a steady relationship. You find it difficult to place your trust in one person, but once a commitment has been made you will remain faithful. You have an idealistic view of love which can be confusing to your mate. You show your love through friendship and compassion. Love is kindness, consideration and a merging of ideals which blurs into dreamy sensuality where unity is experienced. Love is a detached and unselfish emotion to be explored and enjoyed and you will investigate all its dimensions, but you can confuse the distinction between love and friendship. You are a sociable person who is friendly and helpful to your mate, your friends, and anyone else who crosses your path. You work well in team efforts and you get along equally as well with subordinates and superiors. You often find yourself involved with companies who are undergoing some form of change which causes disruption. This you handle in your stride because you respond to the unexpected with ease and originality. In times of business crisis, you have a network of helpful friends who can assist you. When you associate with unreasonable people, or uptight people, you relax the atmosphere by bringing alternatives together to unite friendship. On the domestic/home front, you can be a little weak on economics and housekeeping. You are not a nagger; you do not try to run your mate’s life; you will help your mate in any enterprise when asked. You are not suspicious or jealous and you will be a friend and a parent to your children. You are refreshingly sociable but you prefer informal contacts rather than official gatherings. Your mate is your lover and your best friend and you work as a team.
Your most compatible love signs are Gemini, Libra, Aries and Sagittarius. Your own sign Aquarius and your opposite sign Leo can teach you a great deal about yourself but they are likely to be love/hate relationships.
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