Marianne O'Hagan

Aquarius Ascendant



Y/aquarius.jpgou work very well in any form of team effort, providing you can keep your sense of independence and detachment. You are naturally friendly and you find it easy to make friends, but you do not like being either cornered or trapped by them. You could be attracted to educational or humanitarian groups, who work for a common goal. You will note constant changes within these groups, but you are learning and progressing through cyclic change. Conflicts can occur amongst friends, or in groups which can result in sudden breaks. You think about your problems in a detached way rather than living in them, which can make you appear calm, and well in control of your emotions when faced with a crisis. You may have difficulty in understanding the emotions of others who let their feelings rule their thoughts. You will organise your life in your own unique manner, doing things in your own time, because you prefer not to be dictated to by the rules.


Others may think you have an unrealistic approach to finance because you can be too charitable towards others and you tend to cast your bread across the waters. You are an unselfish person and you will give what you have to any friend in need without question. You are highly creative and you have a sixth sense when it comes to making money. Your vision, inspiration and creative ability can lead to financial success and you know instinctively where to find money when necessary, and how to earn it. However money is not a major concern of yours, you tend to accept what comes, knowing that you will always be provided for. You will always do your best to help your partner and loved ones in a crisis and you will ask little in return for your sacrifices, but remember, you also have needs, so don't always put yourself last on the list of priorities. Through visualisation you can bring your creative ideas into reality and you can have lucky financial breaks.


You enjoy friendly intelligent debate, even a friendly argument, but if someone really disagrees with you, you will try to sway their thinking because you have a natural desire to be the boss in communications. You will often find yourself taking the lead and dealing with problems as they come up on a day to day basis. You are a quick minded person (unless Saturn lies in the 3rd House, which brings caution) and you usually do act independently when family social occasions, outings or trips are organised, the same applies to group activities and meetings of personal interest. You initiative action and involve people to achieve goals quickly and properly. You have a tendency be on the go all the time, with little spare time to relax. With your direct speech, you can hurt others without intending to do so.


You need to feel recognised as a productive and cooperative member of your family who works towards home security and financial gain for the future of the family. However you may have to face some unexpected financial setbacks as you work towards your goal and budgeting may be necessary. You are patient and practical and you will work very hard to achieve your home/family goals. Your immediate family can be stable but extended family ties outside your home can be disruptive. You need your freedom and your space in the home, to sit in peace and quiet and enjoy your accomplishments. You consider your health and the health of those around you. A good healthy diet is high on your list of priorities.


You have a flair for intellectual pursuits and you need to mix socially with friends and associates who are interesting and who can inform you of the latest news in your local environment. You love involving yourself in social activities where you can take time out from the more serious responsibilities of life. The local tavern, sports clubs, car racing and/or driving may interest you, especially if you are a man. In your youth you could have been a fast walker or runner, which you may do in your spare time to keep fit. You have the ability to teach children and you will help them to develop their education and communication skills.


Job security is important to you and you do need to feel included. You have a caring attitude toward those you work with, whether you think they deserve it or not. You can become moody and self protective when you are faced with criticism; learn to let things go over your head. Work colleagues can affect your moods quite strongly because you are very sensitive to the atmosphere they generate. You have an interest in health and hygiene and you can concern yourself with the health and welfare of those you work with. Your stomach can be your weak area because you tend bottle your emotions and become self-protective and anxious if you feel your job is under threat.


You love entertaining and being entertained by your friends and you enjoy being indulged in and recognised by those you love and especially your partner. Your partner’s dramatic nature and outside interests can interfere with the balance of your shared relationships. You need the space and freedom to come and go as you please and your relationship with your partner can be based individual freedom; true love overcomes most things. You will have to go through many unexpected tests and setbacks in your relationships but through them all you will remain loyal and supportive providing you have a route to temporary freedom when the going gets tough. You are not walking away from the stress and tension which occurs in relationships; you have a multi dimensional view on tension inducing relationships which others may not understand; but they do not have to result in drama and you will not to add to drama. If you your relationships are based on equality and freedom they will work well.


You will work with your partner to bring about financial security and you will support your partner in any work/business venture he/she undertakes. Your partner will work very hard to meet joint financial commitments but this can be stress inducing on him/her which can lead to stress induced health conditions possibly through mental exhaustion. You are a good analyst and you like to know how everything fits into the scheme of things in any given situation. You will ask many questions and even cross examine if you have to, in order to find out and understand on a deeper level the root of the problem, because you need to get to the bottom of every problem. You have a strong need to know and you can become very frustrated if information is withheld.


You have a diplomatic approach to the public and you can work well in any area of customer service. You have a creative mind, with a high appreciation of art and music which you will want to share with your friends and partner. You do not like arguments and you will try to keep the peace in any conflict, especially in close relationships. You try to be fair in your dealings with your friends, because you want everything to be as harmonious as possible. Any injustice you hear concerning loved ones or close friends can upset you because you consider the rights of others. Should anyone cross you in an unjust manner you may end the relationship on a matter of principle due to your strong sense of justice. You do not like feeling tied to friends because you need the freedom to come and go as you wish, which can cause conflict in close relationships where balance is required.


You have a powerful need to be recognised but you must change your attitude towards other people’s approaches to you especially in your career. Manipulations can involve you in power games over issues of control which can block your path to achievement. A personal crisis point in your life may force you to re-evaluate your direction and reassess your position; you may choose to change your career completely. You may experience many changes within the companies you are connected to, but you welcome change and improvement. However you may find it difficult to take orders, you can agree with instruction but you may continue to do the work in your own way unless it makes valid sense to change. You have an uncanny knack of finding out confidential company business quite unexpectedly; therefore it pays to be secretive.


You are independent and you will follow your own interests in your own way if others don't want to follow you. You enjoy social, philosophical, and educational groups. Many of your associations will be educated and they will be helpful to you in times of need. You will associate with people from all walks of life and you will learn a great deal from them and their experiences. No matter what you hear, you will not pass judgement; you will try to remain fair and just in all your dealings. You are a respected member of the community, who can exchange ideas and educate/learn from others. You are an unselfish individualist who is very aware of societies needs; therefore you will look to ways in which you can be of assistance to society in an informative and educated way.


You can feel restricted because of your inner fears. You want to gain control in groups, but you don’t always get control. People tend to place obstacles in your path or control you; they don’t always listen to your practical suggestions which seem to deny recognition or respect. You may have a deep seated fear of failure, especially in the area where Saturn falls in your chart. It is here that you may feel limited and challenged, where you must take control and try to overcome your own sense of limitation and fear. Due to a major upset in your childhood, you may have had to take on extra responsibilities which limited your social activities. This challenge may have left you with a sub-conscious fear of taking responsibility. The more you push against confining circumstances, the harder life becomes. You must learn to put your faith in the unknown and realise that in time, limiting circumstances pass away.


Keywords - Strong sense of responsinbility. Low self-esteem.
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