Marianne O'Hagan

Libra in Love

You have “style” and you know how to attract the opposite sex. Relationships are important to you and with your diplomacy and charm, you should have many admirers. You are an attractive romantic from beginning to end; the dressing up, the grooming and all the finishing touches. You will try many different styles of dress before you select the right tone for the evening. You are socially adept with the power and looks to attract the opposite sex. When young, you may have many admirers and you may have many phone numbers at your disposal. You can fall in love with love, confusing infatuation with the real thing because your reason for living surrounds romance and love; falling in love comes naturally. Romance is as necessary to you as the air you breathe. The thought of a life without love is a daunting thing; you need the emotional security of knowing you are loved because you find it hard to function without someone special in your life. You are worldly and wise because you learn about life at an early age from your friends, and from the opposite sex. Your walk is sensual with a touch of class on your path to finding a mate. You will be constantly deciding whether to love this one or that one – or perhaps both of them until the next one comes along with more “class”; decision making does not come easily although you will give preference to people who are “trendsetters” and “going places”. You have social graces and you appreciate refinement, eloquence and the nicer things in life. Small talk, flirtations and sharing are important to you because you love to inject romance into life. Loving relationships are the centre of your world and you expend a great deal of energy balancing them. Romantic relationships are virtually an art form, but problems can arise when you have to make a definite and binding decision in a relationship. Love is a mating of the minds and hearts, the middle path between passion, closeness and detachment but you can be too infatuated with the concept of love to penetrate its deeper implications; you only recognise how you feel when you fall in love. You instinctively feel the need for someone to walk by your side in love and business. An ideal partner may not be easy to find when you weigh the prospective mates in the balance and find them wanting. You will relentlessly search for someone to share life’s sorrows and joys with. You can be competitive in attraction and competitive in keeping a mate. Marriage, or a committed relationship is very important to you because you need to share your life with someone permanently. Once you commit to your mate you are loyal, but you are a born romantic and you tend to practise your sex appeal on the opposite sex in innocent light-hearted flirtations. Sexual and sensual pleasure brings love closer and it is important for you to show your love through sexual and sensual expression but you may dream about different idols that fit into your fantasies during the act. You are a wonderful companion who will loyally stand by your mate and share the good things in life.
Your most compatible love signs are Aquarius, Gemini, Leo and Sagittarius. Your own sign Libra and your opposite sign Aries can teach you a great deal about yourself but they are likely to be love/hate relationships.
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