Marianne O'Hagan

Gemini in love

You communicate your thoughts when in love. With your smooth charm, and playful light heartedness, you flirt, entice and woo with your words. When young, you play the field, often with two relationships going side by side. You need to establish a good and meaningful communication link with your mate because you need an interesting, intelligent and mentally stimulating partner; only then will you become sexually attracted, unless curiosity takes over. You may talk about sex before the act and give a running dialogue during the act on your deepest feelings, describing the pleasures and sensations you feel. Then after the act, you can review the act. If you don’t give a running dialogue aloud you will be running one through your mind, intellectualising, analysing and reviewing. You can be the “kiss and tell” type because of your strong desire to communicate with others. It is difficult for you to commit to a relationship because the novelty of attraction is strong which can make you appear fickle. You may not necessarily link sex with love, or understand why you can’t love two people at once. You intellectualise the concept of love more than most other people. You may not be enthusiastic about “demanding” sexual activity or childbearing if you are a woman, but you can act the part because you love companionship and communication. Love is enjoyable, but it can be restrictive. This does not stop you desiring it, but when love becomes restrictive, you can discard its warmth and safety, not caring about the consequences. You have a dual personality with the ability to change your opinion from moment to moment. Although you hate to be tied down, you make a lively entertaining partner. You are a natural communicator and you do not suffer fools easily. Once you are attracted to a mate, you have to ensure they are stimulating. You will spend ages chatting to them about every subject under the sun to find out their interests and opinions. Variety is the spice of life, especially when it comes to love; at the first hint of boredom, you will mentally plan your escape, whether temporarily or permanently. Faithfulness can be difficult; you like to be in the mainstream of life and your overactive mind can make you wonder if you are missing out on meeting the love of your life, even if you are in a happy relationship. You may not take this to the extreme, but you enjoy the excitement of variety. You are quick with your words and you can usually talk yourself out of trouble; just keeping up with you can be a full time job because you constantly change your mind. You have many different interests which can be exhausting. You are adaptable to changing situations but you cannot tolerate boredom; reading a good book on your own is preferable. You need a special mate, one who is prepared to listen to you, allow you your freedom and respond to your words with intelligent tenderness.
Your most compatible love signs are Libra, Aquarius, Aries and Leo. Your own sign Gemini and your opposite sign Sagittarius can teach you a great deal about yourself but they are likely to be love/hate relationships.
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