Marianne O'Hagan

Leo Ascendant



/LEO.jpgYou are dignified and self-assured and you try to radiate love wherever you go to make other people feel happier than they did before they met you. You are warm-hearted and generous and you will always try to provide the good things in life for those you love. When required you can entertain with confidence and keep up appearances to suit the company you keep. Even when you feel despondent you will create a good impression because self-pride is important to you but you can fear intimacy. With your strong personality and leadership skills you are a dominant force to be reckoned with. This can lead to high drama and conflict in situations where your action is challenged. Regardless of what other people say, you act on your own ideas and run your own life.


You may spend hours in book stores browsing through books of interest based on self-improvement, self-help and health and fitness programmes with a special emphasis on natural health remedies. You are practical and you will keep detailed accounts of income and expenditure. You will work very hard for financial security, and when necessary you will get along with less to meet your financial commitments. Your attitude is one of duty and service to others and you take pride in the service you give. You have a strong work ethic and you strive to deliver a credible and reliable service. You are able to provide financial security through analysis, budgeting and investment skills.


You are popular and friendly towards others and you are able to communicate with all kinds of people. You do not like discord or arguments amongst friends, if this should occur you will mediate the conflict. You like to know what goes on in the minds of others, for example: “How they tick” and “What they think”. You may observe personality traits in others which you may or may not like, yet which exist in you, through this you will try to improve yourself. On the other hand, if anyone points out your shortcomings, your pride can get in the way of their comments unless it is someone you love and respect, then you will try to better yourself. You are a diplomatic person who will mediate conflict between family and friends.


In your growing-up years others may have blocked you when you tried to express your feelings. Personality conflicts and power games within your family may have denied you the right to become your own confident person. Perhaps you felt isolated and overlooked by your family which could have led to family rivalry or rifts. Your childhood experience may have had a strong psychological effect over your adult life where you may repeat the past again. However, this pathway could lead to power games within your own family. You are being called upon to transform your family values and leave the past behind.


You will always try to inject humour into everything you do, and especially with children or young people, yet by the same token, you expect good results. If you have adult children, some may live in a foreign country or at a distance from you. You will have a philosophical approach to childrearing and you will teach children to think for themselves, broaden their horizons and explore the world of ideas and possibilities available to them. You enjoy the peace and freedom of nature where you can recharge your batteries and regain a sense of well-being, otherwise you can further your interests through travel, education and exploration.


You are ambitious for recognition and you will carry work pressure to meet the standard criteria. You have a logical business mind and you will be respected by others for the reliable and responsible service you give. You may have an underlying fear of failure in your work which can make you feel insecure when taking responsibility, therefore you will work extra hard to measure up to the high expectations required of you by those in authority. However, on the flip side you can lack tolerance when other people do not measure up to your standards. You should look after your health and make sure you enough rest because your self-esteem can be adversely affected by the controlling restrictions of work pressure and duty where other people take the credit.


You can have separate interests from your partner which can make it difficult for you to meet on common ground. You must learn to respect each other for your social differences which may not always be easy. It is all a matter of balancing the diverse conditions revolving around your separate interests. Relationships such as marriage and close partnerships can become unstable when extended family rifts impact on you. Should this happen you can become stubborn in negotiation. The wheels within wheels of change can affect you personally through the diverse and unpredictable relationship changes that surround you, and although you will try to balance the changes, breaks or separations can occur.


You understand the spiritual connection of life and you put your trust in it. Through your friends, partner’s friends, close connections and deep sharing you will experience a deep and gradual transformation where you will come to a new level of spiritual understanding. You are aware of the spirituality of life and you may be interested in the deeper dimensions of karma and reincarnation. You focus on spiritual development and you consider the needs of others. To this end, others may expect you to sacrifice for them and their work/health needs.


You may find it hard to retain complex information and complete long-term assignments owing to a certain lack of patience. This can frustrate you because you know you can learn the basics of any subject quickly and you want to be a master in your field. When you realise your knowledge is insufficient you will seek out the ideas and opinions of others in order to check and balance your own ideas and opinions. Through personal experience you will come to understand the importance of higher education and you will drive to achieve intellectual attainment on your quest for educational recognition.


You are practical and you use common sense where financial business interests are concerned. You give sound advice in business and you will implement cut-backs to ensure financial security where necessary. You have integrity when dealing with company funds and you are honest and matter of fact in your business dealings. You will try to provide financial security for your family/children while pursuing a career where you can make this possible. However, you cannot cut yourself in half and you may not be able to spend the quality time you would like with your family/children. It is all a matter of priority.


During your formative years you may not have felt quite as intelligent as your siblings or peers and through loss of self-confidence by comparison you may seek out the ideas and opinions of others in order to check and balance your own ideas and opinions. When you are in group situations you tend to attract attention or centre stage which you may not necessarily enjoy, but you do have an entertaining personality with an inclination to stimulate social interaction and communication. You gain knowledge through groups, clubs and societies of similar interest because you prefer to involve yourself with people who are up-to-date, educated and well informed.


You may have been born into a family of discord where family values were lacking and you did not receive the loving care you needed when you were upset. It is important that you face the past because you have a tendency to subconsciously withdraw, or smooth the way for others through any hurtful or wounding issues. As a child you could have felt emotionally isolated with only your self-nurturing skills to fall back on and it is in this that you will try hard not repeat the discord of the past again. Instead, you will try to provide family love, security and care in times of family need.


Keywords - Fear of lack of family love, security and harmony.
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