Marianne O'Hagan

Scorpio in Love

You are silent, magnetic and mysterious. Your innate secrecy and outward calm gives you power and determination in anything you wish to achieve; this very silence preserves and concentrates on power. Once you fall for someone, you penetrate the heart, the deepest sensation of love – the merging of two souls. Instinctively you know that by subtle secret scheming you can gain the object of your desire. You are naturally suspicious and you can easily work yourself into a state of jealousy if you imagine your mate is being deceitful, untruthful or unfaithful. You will soon gather the evidence and challenge your mate; volcanic emotions can emerge. You can be deep, emotionally extreme and intense yet you can feel vulnerable if anyone gets too close to your emotions. You bury your deepest emotions well under the surface which results in a mysterious presence of unfathomable proportions. You live in your own feelings and emotions; you can be either sexually submissive, or dominant. Which ever role you elect to play in sexual activity, you will gain power by providing physical and spiritual excitement for yourself and your mate. This is a game you play inside yourself to gain power which makes you feel good about yourself. It is difficult for you to fall under the sexual dominance of your mate; if this should occur, sexual power games can be played. You can put your mate in a hypnotic trance with your vibrant sexual energy which can be of high intensity and you can seduce the soul without holding back. You can be partial to some rough and tender treatment which adds spice to sensual satisfaction. You will be loyal to the partner who truly wins your love; however, you can play sensual and psychological mind games to sexually tantalise your mate. Games of passion are a speciality, especially in the bedroom. You need the security of a permanent relationship and once committed you are very faithful. If your mate betrays your trust you may be cool on the surface, but underneath you will suffer the destruction of love betrayed which can manifest in jealousy, envy, resentment, spite and hatred. Secrecy and privacy in your affairs will be paramount, but curiosity about the secrets of your mate’s betrayal will be present; through devious methods of detection, secrets will be obtained. You have a long memory and you will seek your revenge. You will sting your mate with the razor’s edge when the time is right. If you repeatedly suffer the loss of pleasure and love you will seek to understand the reason why; you will penetrate the depths of your being for the answers to life. The mystery of life and death, the hidden powers of the universe and the purpose of life on earth fascinate you, and they will take you beyond the physical desires of the earth to a higher level of awareness and understanding. True love is a consuming passion, worth any sacrifice, but you must conquer its challenge. You are sexually uninhibited, yet emotionally fearful and mentally suspicious. You strive to unite love’s physical and spiritual separateness, to soar in the ecstasy of oneness.
Your most compatible love signs are Pisces, Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn. Your own sign Scorpio and your opposite sign Taurus can teach you a great deal about yourself but they are likely to be love/hate relationships.
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