Marianne O'Hagan

Gemini Ascendant



/GEMINI.jpgYou are curious and inquisitive with many contacts, and if you have a problem you are the first to reach for the phone to discuss the problem with a knowledgeable friend. You are a student of life and you tend to engage in the ever changing news-worthy debates that keep you up to date with current affairs, or your favourite topics of conversation. Although you are quick witted, and you seem to know a great deal about many varied subjects, you can have an intellectual inferiority complex. However, you are a born sales person who can talk your way into and out of any situation that arises. Because you are mentally active you need mental stimulation and you can have two things going at the same time. Personal freedom, variety and change are of the utmost importance to you: the grass is always greener over the fence.  


You work well with the public because you are sensitive to the feelings of others and you instinctively cater to their needs. You can spend your money according to your moods and not necessarily according to your budget. If you should go into debt your feelings of insecurity will surface through anxiety and worry. When this occurs you will draw the line and stop spending to regain security. You may look to your family for advice and assistance when serious financial issues arise but you must learn to take control of your financial situation and become self-sufficient.


You are a sociable person who likes to keep in touch with your friends. You communicate on a wide range of topics, and your convincing command of your subject makes you an interesting speaker. However, you can become fixed in your ideas and opinions when challenged. You are open to new ideas, and you glean information to gain up-to-date knowledge in your field of expertise. With your enthusiastic flair, you have the ability to speak before an audience whether acting, teaching, training or learning. But on the flip side, you can be easily convinced, and in moments of heightened enthusiasm, haste without thought can lead to poor judgement and costly mistakes.


As a child, you may have spent a great deal of time reading books on your favourite topics of interest. As an adult, you have a tendency to read informative books, analyse, research, write, document and record, and your home can be the basic structure from which you work. One of your parents may have worked very hard and/or suffered from health/stress related illnesses which could have eventually led to an interest in natural therapies, meditation and relaxation as a technique to healthy living. You tend to work your way through family problems by analysing all the relevant details and dealing with them in a logical down-to-earth way, based on common sense.


You are a pleasure seeking romantic with a strong sense of social enjoyment, and you instinctively feel the need for someone to walk by your side in love and business. You can see life through rose-coloured lenses and you derive a great deal of pleasure from sharing the good things in life with your partner or mate. Although you have a strong need to share your happiness with others, close relationships and/or partnerships can become emotionally controlling. To this end, you can feel unfulfilled without a loving sharing relationship and/or controlled through the emotional conflict that surrounds you in loving sharing relationships.


You have an investigative mind and you will reshape, rebuild, reinvent or transform your field of service to others at different stages in your working life when you have outgrown relationships in your career direction. You can be involved in teaching, security systems, investigative work, health care services, radiography, banking, insurance and sales. You can sell yourself well and because you are versatile, you can have many projects going at any one time. You are passionate about your work and you will work long and hard to complete tasks to a high standard, and as requested. You prefer to prepare your work from home, or, if you can, work from home, or alternatively, do both.


Intellectual exchange is necessary for you, but you may consider your partners opinions are not in accordance with your own. You need the freedom to gain knowledge, learn and grow through relationships. Promises may be made and broken between you, your partner and/or other close relationships due to over-commitment or double engagements. In your relationships the duality of dialogue can have a high content of contrasting opinions from which you can learn and grow to new heights of understanding, providing you look beyond your own opinions and listen to the opinions of other’s. Remember, there are two sides to every story.


Your partner can dominate joint family finance and/or joint family business interests which can become too controlling. You can have a deep-rooted fear of feeling financially obligated because you dislike financial dominance and control. You prefer to be financially self-sufficient, but you will accept support from others when needed. At some stage in your life you may feel financially obligated, perhaps in support of others to achieve their business/financial goals. You may face issues of business support vs. control. You need to break the chains of business control and take control of your business situation. You can pull on your inner resources to override business/financial control and put your energy into business initiatives where you can re-claim control and respect


You are progressive in matters of education, philosophy and universal law, whether social, spiritual or scientific. You tend to associate with people who have wide intellectual vision because you think outside the square and you are open to progressive debate. You are tolerant of others people’s points of view, but you will not allow others to control your progressive approach to understanding. You will break the conventional mould and progress beyond the status quo into modern science and new-age thinking. You can have strong philosophical and/or political beliefs based on human rights, social reform and equality. You have marked communication skills and with confidence, you can address, enlighten and inform others on a variety of social issues.


It is your humble approach that leads you forward on your career path. You will not take advantage of others; instead, you will try to help others to achieve their goals. You identify with public feeling and you will submit your time in service to others without selfish intent. In your quest for career fulfilment you may experience humiliation which can result in disillusionment and loss of self-esteem. You may face subtle actions against you; those who wish to discredit you or use false statements against you which can deny you recognition. You will try to help others achieve their goals because everyone has a talent in life. It is just a matter of finding their potential and helping them develop it.


Although you put a lot of effort into keeping in touch with friends, you tend to keep friends and associates at arms length because socially, you are an independent person who does not want your feelings hurt through the unpredictable actions of others. You may find yourself witnessing other people’s differences of opinion which are not directly associated with you but in which you will give direct information based on your perspective. This can help you and others clarify the situation. You dislike other people dominating your actions, instead, you prefer to be independent where you can be your own boss or placed in sole charge positions. However, through the wheels of change, conflicts of interest between you and others can arise and change relationships.


You tend to sacrifice your needs for the needs of others which can lead to unfortunate enterprises. You are an idealist who can misplace trust and suffer the consequences. You may feel you need to give support to others in order to feel inwardly fulfilled, but you can sacrifice beyond reason. You must learn to see the reality in other people’s motives. In order for you to feel valued you must put a value on yourself, otherwise you can become the victim of deception. It is hard for you to say "No" to other people’s sob-stories, even when your better judgement tells you otherwise, but in time you will learn.


Keywords - Loss of financial stability. Financially gullable. Fear of being judged by others as "poor".
FAQ -  “Will I have enough to survive?” “Can I trust other people’s motives?” “Why do I feel obligated to give my support to others?" and if I'm unable "Why do I lack self-worth?" "When making mistakes in service to others "Why do I judge myself so harshly and lose my self-confidence?" In moments of financial gullability, if I should lose "Why do pull myself down and lose my sense of self-respect and self-worth.
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