Marianne O'Hagan

Virgo in Love


You are critical, analytical and observant with an eye for detail but you can have emotional inhibitions which may limit you when it comes to finding a mate. You will not be the first one to throw yourself into a relationship, or demonstrate your feelings of affection; you don't want to be considered "the fool". You can be a touch-me-not type of person, who is somew
hat modest. You have a feeling of privacy about your body; after all it is your body and you are selective and fuss
y. You may appear to be self-conscious, but once love comes your way you become alive
and relaxed. You have a critical and thoughtful approach to relationships; you do not take them lightly, you analyse all aspects and possible consequences in your search for true love. You look for refinement in a mate but you may try to change his or her eating habits into healthy eating; maybe a vegetarian diet which you think will lead to better health. As far as cooking is concerned you have exquisite health recipes which you serve with the finest wine. Your attitude to sex is earthy; a normal and healthy body function. To start with, an intelligent and informed conversation is good. You are well informed in the techniques of good sex which you give and expect in return. Your mate's responses will be measured against your performance in order to improve sexual pleasure. Early morning sex followed by quiet contemplation is an excellent therapy. Hygiene is important to you; a nice relaxing shower together, before and/or after sex can enhance the act. You like your mate to be in good physical health; even pregnancy can be difficult for you to handle with the health related concerns that follow, yet you make a good parent; although you can be critical, a worrier and a hard taskmaster. When you choose gifts, you choose with consideration; such as the correct gift and the right words for the occasion. Once you find true love, you will be faithful and you will work hard to keep the relationship alive and exciting. You expect domestic duties and household chores to be carried out correctly, if this is not done you can become frustrated and irritated. You must avoid finding fault with your mate if he or she is not able to meet your high expectations because you are a perfectionist and you can offend through your words. This can lead to dissatisfaction over small details which can lead to arguements; the boat can be rocked in your love life. You like to be tidy, but if a job cannot be done according to your high standard you have a tendency to leave it until it can; this tendancy can lead to untidiness which is a contradiction in terms. You have few illisusions about love relationships and you are too down-to-earth to be swept away  on a whim; rather than lavishing your love on your mate you prefer to show your affection through little surprises and small gestures such as gifts, cards, wine and flowers. You will offer gentle devotion to your mate, and you will stand beside him or her in any business/work venture where you can use your mind to ground ideas and your knowledge to achieve an impressive result.
Your most compatible love-signs are Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer and Scorpio. Your own sign Virgo and your opposite sign Pisces can teach you a great deal about yourself, but they are likely to be love/hate relationships.
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