Marianne O'Hagan

Age of Aquarius

We are, all of us, subject to forces beyond our control.

The strongest constellational effect on Earth is the constellation through which the vernal point is moving. About 2160 years before Jesus Christ was born, the vernal point was moving through the constellation Aries and it coincided with the tropical zodiac sign Aries.

Due to the precession of the equinoxes, and around the time of the birth of Jesus Christ, the vernal point moved into the constellation Pisces and the world was enveloped in the Piscean Age. Now the vernal point is moving through the final five degrees of the constellation Pisces and the Piscean age is beginning to give way to the Aquarian Age as it approaches the constellation Aquarius. For the next 2160 years or so, the constellation Aquarius ruled by Uranus and its polarity Leo ruled by the Sun will affect the world where human beings will establish themselves in the ideas of a New Age. The Earth will progress towards equality between the dominant religions of the world where we will all recognise the essential life-force as one and the same for all humanity.

Everything is a wave, the only difference between energy and matter is frequency.

Waves can penetrate matter and reveal the solid compound of the planets and fixed stars which, as we approach the Age of Aquarius, will open up new frontiers of scientific discovery in an age of technological advancement.

Medical treatments will be based on wave frequency technology, from infra-red to ultra-violet, from short-waves to even shorter waves and more penetrating waves.

Our Sun, and all the stars in the universe are powered by nuclear fusion, a natural carbon-neutral energy without long-lasting radioactive waste. The raw materials for nuclear fusion are water and silicon which are plentiful on the earth. Scientific advancement in nuclear fusion will revolutionise the world’s power consumption in the natural cycle of climatic change. Global energy will be supplied by eco-friendly zero-carbon magnetically powered generators to meet global energy demand without carbon dioxide emissions.

We are living in a unique time in global history with natural cyclic global warming, food shortages, new diseases and the depletion of our vital resources. Civilisations will rise and fall, cultures will wax and wane but we do have a choice.
Each great age enters with a cataclysm and with the final degrees of the Piscean Age drawing to a close, the earth may be shaken by natural disasters, global warming, food shortages, recession, the oil crises, the nuclear crises, revolution, terrorist attacks and political instability.
But with the coming of the Age of Aquarius we will begin to purge the core at the centre of world corruption in accordance with the laws of the Universe.
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