Marianne O'Hagan

Sagittarius Ascendant



You h/SAGITARIUS.jpgave a philosophical approach to life which is based on an inner knowing. You do not like anyone who restricts your movements anymore than you like jealous people, or people who try to control your friendships. You need the freedom to make friends with whom ever choose and you prefer to be with intelligent free-spirited people, yet jealousy is never far away. You are a born teacher and you will give your knowledge freely, based on your experiences, to help others on their path in life. You are an excellent judge of character, but you must rise above the judgement of others and stay honest in all your dealings. You have a strong love of nature and you may find yourself surrounded by animals and trees at some stage in your life. Travel and different spiritual/mystical cultures interest you. Ancient beliefs, old relics and records may also interest you. You have a strong belief in a higher justice, "What goes round comes round" - the law of karma.


You have good business ability and you try to hard to save because you know your material ambitions can only be achieved either with cash in hand or someone else with cash in hand who can assist you in your deals. Material security is important to you so you will work very hard to gain the financial freedom you dream of. There will be times in your life where you will undergo financially limiting circumstances and you will have to get along with very little, but you have discipline and you are capable of getting by on less than most. You may have a fear of appearing poor therefore you can spend ahead of your income.


You seem to mix with a large array of different and interesting people from all walks of life, some of whom could be considered eccentric. You will always be helpful to your friends when they need you. You can be outrageous, push the envelope or go beyond limits to make your statement. Your social connections will be based on humanitarian principles. There can be abrupt breaks from friends and siblings where circumstances change. This cannot be easily foreseen because events around you seem to be in a state of constant flux and change. At least, you can say you are not conservative and life is far from boring.


You seek an ideal home environment, where you can meditate and find peace. Your home is your retreat and you can become quite a recluse. You are a spiritual person who is sensitive to spirit presence. You can be too charitable towards those who fall on hard times through your sensitivity and empathy. Here you can fall into the trap of allowing others to take advantage of your good nature by giving too much. You may develop a healthy respect for alcohol for one reason or another; maybe you were exposed to alcohol abuse from someone close to you. You may have experienced many residential moves but domestic pets are important, they are your little companions. You like your home to be inspiring, and if you can afford it you will create the home of your dreams.


You have a restless spirit and when you were young you may have fallen in and out of love often which could have led to mistakes on your path to commitment. However you can find yourself under attack from children and/or in close relationships where you will have to make compromises in consideration of the other person’s point of view. You have a tendency to react and say things on the spur of the moment which can lead to arguments. However, when things go wrong within the family, exaggeration of the facts should be avoided otherwise you can wind yourself up too much and of little consequence.


In your area of work you need to be productive to obtain concrete results. You will focus on job security and you will work hard to obtain a stable income. In the main you should earn enough to meet your needs and you will probably acquire possessions to enhance when the occasion arises. You tend to attract wealthy clients or generous people in your work situation and you should expect to be well paid for your services. You can drive yourself to the limits where service is concerned and suffer from nervous exhaustion. Too much rich food can upset your liver and you can be prone to colds, influenza and sinus problems when you are older.


You enjoy the company of intelligent and stimulating friends who keep you informed on a variety of issues which interest you. You need mental stimulation, but you can attract people who have moved on and who are scattered across the world. You can marry in good faith but with reservation. You attract partners who are sociable, but they can have an answer for everything either through twisting the truth or avoiding the truth. If you should wish to engage in one-to-one conversations with your partner, your partner may give you half the attention you had hoped for with the other half in communication with friends and acquaintances connected to the daily round of associates and friends etc. I’m sure the cell phone is in constant use around you!


Your partner is likely to be a family minded person who looks to you for home and family security. He/she will want to jointly own a home with you and with maturity he/she may be interested in property investments. You may not necessarily get along with every member of your partners family and your partner may have some psychological problems to resolve connected to past family experiences. You may also have experienced the loss of a loved one when you were young which affected you deeply. Where joint property investments are concerned, you may experience adverse financial difficulties which can cause domestic discord, therefore it is wise to stay within your budget.


Travel, fun and enjoyment are as necessary to you as the air we breathe. You radiate natural warmth to others and you will give support and encouragement to those who are less confident than you. You do not welcome the limelight yet you may find yourself often placed in it. If this should occur, you are well equipped to hold centre stage. You can put your ideas and beliefs across to others with conviction because you are an informative and colourful speaker who can hold the attention of an audience. You conduct yourself in ways that win you the respect of others.


You are an intelligent and precise person who takes company responsibilities seriously, therefore you can gain respect from management through your attitude to duty. You are well equipped to run your own business especially in the fields of public service connected to areas of education, teaching, training, counselling, informing, advertising or secretarial work. You set a very high standard on work performance which can lead to disappointment because your standards can be impossibly high and you can fail to measure up to your own expectations. However, because your standards are so high, you can find fault with public service and the social system.


You are a very sociable person who likes to be surrounded by friends. You probably have friends to suit every occasion. However, through your active social life you often crave to be alone. Yet when alone you desire the company of friends which can make you very indecisive as to whether you want to go out or not. Your friendly disposition allows you to get along with almost anyone. You may have met, or will meet your partner through a friend, or at a social gathering. You can become possessive of close friends and vice versa but you will always try to balance the situation to avoid conflict. You have the ability to maintain friendships and close relationships through mediation.


You will try to change aspects in your personality which cause you inner suffering - the ghosts from the past that haunt you. This is a private matter which is kept very secret. You will face painful experiences revolving around manipulative acts and deception from the people you trusted the most. Inner feelings of isolation stem from the subconscious mind. You must work through your own psychology and its effect on you as a human being. You have a deep understanding of the spiritual dimensions of life and you can receive impressions through your senses which can alternate between inspiring to frightening.


Keywords - Fear of abondonment. Fear of being pinned down by more intelligent people and unable to be a true expression of myself.
FAQ -  “What if my freedom is taken?” “What is I have nothing to fall back on?” “What if I lose everything?” “What if someone takes over my mind?” “What if I have to give up everything where everything is taken?”
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