Marianne O'Hagan

Scorpio Ascendant



Yo/SCORPIO.jpgu are a born investigator who has passion, determination and a strong will. You are slow to anger but when angry you can press very sensitive buttons and sting your opponent to the core. If you suspect betrayal in love you can manipulate the energy to gain maximum effect yet remain cool, calm and collected. You can touch the depths of emotion with your steely lines of attack which can be both subtle and effective. In romance and/or love you are sensual and sexual, but when deliberately threatened or disadvantaged you can become intensely emotional or jealous through the unequal power differentiation designed to make you feel “not good enough”. Through a painful relationship experience you may be forced to transform your values where the past can no longer harm you.


You have an optimistic approach to finance with little regard for the value of money. Money may be important, but the freedom it gives is more important. You have a philosophical approach to financial acquisition and through this you will probably fall on your feet in times of financial need. For example, just when you need money an opportunity may arise where you can earn it, or someone may show you generosity at the right time. However, you are inclined to spend money on the freedom it gives which can include travel, education etc. therefore it is easy for you to go into debt. A healthy respect for the credit card may not go amiss.


In your growing-up years you may have been quiet, shy and unassuming but with maturity you will develop a good business sense with a tendency to focus on the more serious issues of day-to-day living. You do not like feeling trapped in other people’s binding friendships or extended family obligations and you will not trap other people in your friendship or family obligations, therefore you will have a cautious approach when contacting others. You prefer others to contact you because you understand what it is like to feel trapped. During your childhood, relatives, or extended family members may have been distanced from you. This may have limited family contact, and as a result you may lose touch with your extended family/relatives and/or siblings (if you have any) unless you make the effort to keep in touch.


In your growing-up years it may have appeared that your family lifestyle was different from mainstream living but you felt comfortable within your own difference. You do not like being tied to home/family restrictions because you do not feel comfortable when having to conform to other people’s arrangements or expected patterns of behaviour. However, the wheels within wheels of other people’s contrasting social differences crossed your family threshold which allowed you to associate with many different people, and without distinction. You have a tendency to seek out intense and interesting friendships, but these friendships can spiral outward into ever increasing circles with friends making demands on your time. At times like this you have a tendency to lock the doors, draw the curtains and detach from the world into quietude.


You can be too idealistic and romantic in affairs of the heart and because you are highly idealistic, you can fall in love with love. You can make many sacrifices in the fulfilment of love but in time your ideals can fade through disillusionment. The love you show to others may not be returned in equal share and as a result you can feel deeply hurt. You are treading a spiritual path in the creation of life: love and children. If you have children you will be placed in situations where you will be expected to take responsibility and make sacrifices for them whether physically, mentally or spiritually because it is in this area that you will be required to give in unconditional love.


Your drive, initiative and leadership skills can result in quick recognition and promotion. However, you are a restless person who continually looks for new forms of expression and excitement, and because you are passionate and active in what you do, you inspire others to follow your lead. You are capable, and you work quickly and effectively, but because you are a perfectionist who is competent and work-driven, those in authority can become demanding which can lead to heavy responsibilities and work overload. You have a tendency to place high expectations on yourself in work, service and duty which can lead to physical and/or mental exhaustion.


Your partner can become possessive of your personal resources which can lead to power struggles over earnings and shared resources. For example, your partner may share resources with you, but consider your resources as their own. This can place you in a position of subservience with your partner taking control. Because you have a strong drive to support others, others can expect more than you can give, and in the process you can risk losing your resources in their values. The lesson you must learn in close partnerships and/or relationships is to become responsible for yourself and claim your own power.


You can be made to feel “not good enough” in close relationships. Grapevine gossip, innuendo or twisted words can trigger jealousy between you and your partner concerning outside interests, sex and trust. This can lead to intense discussions where false accusations of the most destructive kind can place you in situations where you are called upon to justify yourself. In time, you will distance yourself from personal hurt through keeping things to yourself because you know it’s a lost battle, and you prefer to live in the comfort of your own innocence. You may be forced to change your psychological approach to close relationships/partnerships in order to walk in your own truth.


Your basic philosophy on life is reflective of the family values, traditions and teachings of your growing-up years. You were probably exposed to a variety of religious and/or philosophical concepts where you were free to explore the differing philosophical cultures and spiritual beliefs available to you. In times of crisis you will draw on your childhood experience where you developed a strong inner faith based on feeling. For example, through your heightened intuition you will have an inner knowing, feeling or hunch that the surrounding energy will either work for you or against you. You should always listen to your intuition. You have an instinctive need to explore and expand beyond the dimension of matter to the spirituality of existence: life, death and rebirth.


You are an independent person with personal organisational skills and the ability to organise groups when required, however you prefer to stand back in group situations, but you are invariably placed in situations where you are called upon to take the lead. Although you may find yourself doing the lion’s share of the work, a job well done gives you a sense of fulfilment. You can be attracted to the more creative areas of business management, and with your confident and highly inspirational attitude, you can encourage others to express their own creativity and take pride in their accomplishments.


You enjoy the company of passionate, interesting and analytical people who have the same social interests and goals as you. In your field of work you make friends easily and people may turn to you for assistance because they detect your ability to analyse their problems. You can be of invaluable assistance to others because you probably have channels of information through which you can provide a service for the benefit of society as a whole. The wheels within wheels of colleagues and connections in your field of work can operate as important social contacts from which you can gain valuable information in order to achieve your goals,


In seeking loves ideal you will probably become disillusioned because you will be placed in situations where you are either the victim or savour of loves sorrow. You tend to attract people who are weakened, self-centred and/or psychologically needy, but through their experiences you can learn a great deal about them, which in turn effectively gives you a deeper insight into yourself. You will always sacrifice for those in need but on the journey, those in need can suck you dry. When those in need get what they want, they almost always leave you high and dry without consideration, recognition or a backward glance. However, on your journey in the shadow of other people’s sorrows, you will begin to realise that the greatest love of all resides in you.


Keywords - Loves sorrow and loves illusion.
FAQ - “What if people knew the real me?” “What if I show weakness?” “What if I drop my guard?” “What if I am uncovered?”
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