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Moon's Nodes signs

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When the North Node falls in Aries you need to develop a balanced approach to relationships. You tend to bend over backwards in order to maintain harmony at the expense of your own individuality. You have relinquished your identity and repressed your leadership skills. You tend to cower in the face of confrontation. You need to get in touch with your inner strength because you have to re-establish your self-assertiveness in order to make a stand for yourself. If you depend on others you will be prevented from developing your self-assertive drives. If you relinquish your identity for the identity of others you will lose your ability to make a stand for “who you are” and “what you stand for”.
You must develop independence and the inner strength to do things for yourself. You may be forced (through circumstance) to express your individuality because others will not support you if you lean on them. However this can be to your advantage. You are learning to become more independent. You need to be more enthusiastic and involved in your own interests. You may think of ways to deal with your problems, but your inner feelings of uncertainty and insecurity can hold you back. Other people may be affectionate and loving towards you when you support them, but you may not feel the same way towards them. You may feel that you would be better off on your own because others do not support you. Relationships should be of equal sharing, but you may feel this is not the case. Instead you may feel as if you are placed in situations where you have to surrender to keep the peace. You need to reclaim your identity, express your independence, and take control.
When the South Node falls in Libra in past lives you have emphasised the need to keep peace and harmony in relationships. You can have an inferiority complex and through this you can be exceedingly cooperative to the point of being placed in a subordinate position. You will bend over backwards to keep the balance in relationships. Perhaps you fear people will leave you and should this happen you will be on your own. As time goes by despondency can set in, but you may ignore your feelings and play the supportive role anyway. It would appear that other people do not like you being independent. Raised voices and aggressive confrontations can intimidate you. You may think of strategies to deal with people who hold you back, however, in the end you keep the peace. When you start something new you can allow others to take the lead, should this happen you will lose the ability to do things for yourself. At some stage in your life you may find yourself thrown in at the deep end where you have to do things for yourself, but how do you do them! You must develop confidence in yourself and overcome your fear of being alone. You may have an issue with being fair to everyone to the point that you bend over backwards to please them at the expense of your needs. Past life experiences have subconsciously emphasised your need to support others in order to ensure your own needs will be met which has lead to supportive passivity. Dependency on supportive passivity is the result of some past experience where your feelings have let you down. It could be that you may have felt rejected or ridiculed for reasons that were not clearly understood by you and from that point you decided not to trust your feelings. You go to great lengths to be a friend because you need to feel wanted and loved. You give words of reassurance to support the identity of others. You focus on the other person’s needs, and you go out of your way to maintain balance and harmony in close meaningful relationships. Perhaps you feel your very survival depends on maintaining balance in close relationships, but in doing so you are sacrificing your identity and denying your true needs.
When the North Node falls in Taurus you need to develop a correct set of values. You may have been brought up to consider your future security, but you may find it difficult to build your own resources. You may have a real issue about earnings and resources because you feel you are always the one being “ripped off”. You have a strong drive to give your support to others and they may expect more than you can give which can leave you feeling ripped off either physically or psychologically. You must learn to set boundaries on how much you are prepared to give. You tend to invest more time and energy into relationships than others, and you can get roped in. You tend to push the boundaries beyond your capabilities in support of others, and you can risk losing your values and sense of self-worth. You are not materialistic; you make do with what you have. But if you place other people’s needs ahead of your own, they can use you and you can lose your sense of “who you are” and “what you want”. You must concentrate on sharing your talents, resources and skills equally with others instead of totally giving or totally taking. It is in your own interest that you become less focused on other people’s resources and more focused on your own development. Otherwise other people’s values and their resources can dominate and you can become too dependent on them and their resources. It is a matter of striking the balance. At some stage in your life you will have to transform your values and draw boundaries on how much you are prepared to give, or take.
When the South Node falls in Scorpio, in past lives you have emphasised the concept of complete commitment. You may look for a partner that you can completely trust, a partner who has the resources to take care of your needs. You may search for someone who has similar values to you, but you may try to alter the circumstances because you resent being controlled and you do not need others to support you. You may have an unstable financial situation and you can be too interested in other people’s financial business affairs. But if you depend on others, either psychologically or materially, you can become co-dependent and lose sight of your true worth. It is difficult for you to ask for support because you do not like being controlled by others. Although you prefer to share your resources with others, this can distract you from developing your own resources in a solid and consistent way.
You may feel you have suffered psychological, material, emotional or educational deprivations in your childhood, and you may resolve never to be dependent on the support of others again. You give a great deal to others and you can make gains providing you ensure any outstanding debts are paid.
When the North Node falls in Gemini, you need to engage in stimulating dialogue with others. You know you are intelligent, but you find it difficult to apply your intelligence. You may not have taken opportunities when young or you may have felt intellectually inferior. Possibly due to comparisons between sibling(s) you may have had difficulty in articulating your thoughts for fear of saying the wrong thing. The development of your intellect can help you establish better relationships. For example: you can turn to books to find the answers to improve relationships because you find it very difficult to put your true feelings into words, or find the voice to express your love. Instead you have a tendency to compliment or flatter yet reveal nothing. It takes a long time for you to trust. You can talk skilfully about the facts of anything you have learned, but you may be unable to enlarge on the deeper aspects of knowledge. A lack of concentration on what others are saying can lead to poor communications and misunderstandings. You need to concentrate your mind more on direct communication. You do not like feeling socially pressured. If this should happen you will go out for a breather, or excuse yourself. You prefer to be free to come and go as you please. Routine can be stifling. You are always busy with little time to spare, so you tend to socialise fleetingly.
When the South Node falls in Sagittarius, in past lives you have over-developed an interest in gaining knowledge and understanding in order to deepen your intellect. You can turn to books, classes and other intellectual sources that provide the answers you need to form your ideas and opinions. However you can be single minded. You are good at giving facts, but if others debate or disagree with your ideas and concepts, you can preach. On a different level, you can intuitively adlib when in the company of those who presume to know more. You like to appear intelligent. You do not like people getting too close to you because they can interfere with your freedom, and you need the freedom to come and go as you please. It takes a long time for you to place your trust in people. If you want to know something, you place your trust in reliable sources of information or listen to your intuition. You may avoid sharing your personality beyond the intellectual side because that is where you connect with others and feel safe. You have a strong urge to gain knowledge therefore you may intermittently study subjects that gel with you. You are an idealist and you have high expectations, you can hope for too much in your search for the ideal lifestyle.
When the North Node falls in Cancer you need to develop your domestic and nurturing abilities and a sense of belonging. You may feel that you do everything for everyone else in a domestic situation (chief cook and bottle washer) without relating to your own inner needs, feelings and emotions. You must learn to feel the nurturing love within yourself which will give you a strong sense of inner security. You tend to control your emotions when supporting others. You may feel you lacked emotional support and maternal security in your growing up years, or you had these things taken away from you at a crucial time in your early development. You grew up to look out for yourself. Therefore you don’t like people to have control over you. Lack of emotional support may have given you an attitude to family life. You felt you had to support yourself. You had to be mother and father, or perhaps someone else had to be mother and father during your growing up years. You may have experienced a disciplined family life due to the different roles family members played. A family member may have been detached or strict towards you due to other issues. This can have affected your attitude to family life. You have a strong need for family approval, but you may have felt that you were looked upon as a support to your family rather than an emotional human being. To feel a sense of belonging, you need to approve of yourself and support your own family, with an emphasis on nurturing love and care.
When the South Node falls in Capricorn in past lives you have developed a strong sense of responsibility. When young your parent(s) may have been strict and you may have been expected, or forced to take responsibility through family circumstance. The bottom line was that you learned to be responsible within the family structure at a young age. In your adult years you will expect recognition and respect for your work, but you may feel that you are taken for granted. You tend to control your emotions within the family through logic. If your mind tells you something is going to happen as a result of making a certain move you will wait for a more appropriate time. You will not be drawn into emotionalism. You will stay detached and observe the right time to move. Although you have a strong desire to be responsible you can become too responsible for other family members and make tremendous sacrifices.
You stand by your principles and you carry out your duties. However, you may not get the recognition or respect you deserve. You need to be in control of your own destiny to feel secure.
When the North Node falls in Leo you need to develop genuine and deep love. If you develop this you will have done well. You do not necessarily show your feelings, you are not passionate. Instead you are quite reserved. You are always looking for, or thinking about the ideal love, but not everything is ideal or perfect and you may be expecting too much. Your ideal of love may frustrate your ability to find true love. You can feel blocked in developing your full potential. Instead of attempting something that you feel you may fail in, you prefer to do things that you know you can do well; then you know you will succeed. You tend to recognise other people’s accomplishments at the expense of your own. You can spend time serving other people’s causes at the expense of developing your own talents. You can underrate your accomplishments. You must get in touch with yourself and your need to feel proud of yourself. Let your light shine. Develop and use your creative imagination. You can lack faith in yourself, this stems from a fear of being hurt. However, you do have a high degree of talent and you should develop it. If you develop your talents you will have a worthwhile purpose, and you will feel proud of yourself. You try to bring enjoyment and happiness into the lives of others.
When the South Node falls in Aquarius, in past lives you have emphasised the ability to see everyone as equal to you. We are not all equal. Some people have more potential than others. You can see potential in others, but they can use you because you naturally support other people’s goals. People can have more potential than they show and this can frustrate you. People who don’t use their full potential can shirk their duties and delay goals further down the track. You can be pre-occupied with others. You should not exist out there for others, and you should not consider other people’s feelings ahead of your own. You can lose yourself in acquaintance making relationships where you are helping others to achieve, or sorting out their problems. You will not retaliate under pressure because you do not have enough confidence. You would like to be recognised, but you do not like drawing attention to yourself, therefore your contributions are seldom recognised. You are seldom shy in public. Your shyness is more apparent on a personal level. You think logically, and you are objective and detached. You use your intellect at the expense of your emotions because you do not want to hurt other people’s feelings. This can be frustrating because your mind knows what your heart wants, but your objectivity can block your inner flow.
When the North Node falls in Virgo you need to develop practicality and a strong work ethic. You should concentrate on doing things properly and in routine order. You must become more involved in the real world and deal with material and practical concerns. Work is your best medicine. Hard practical work offsets health conditions. You have strong escapist tendencies, therefore you must learn to discipline yourself and focus on the practicalities of life. You should develop efficient work systems, and channel your energy into routine work. Research, analysis and writing are very therapeutic. You can consider that other people’s standards of work are higher than your own through an inner lack of faith. Therefore you can look to them to deal with your problems and do the work for you. You may seek spiritual ideologies and assistance instead of facing the practical world. You are an idealist and a perfectionist, and you may feel discontented with imperfection. You have high expectations, but we live in an imperfect world and you must accept imperfection without feeling negative or disillusioned. You have a critical eye. You can be fault finding when others do not come up to your high expectations. You can be health conscious with an interest in natural health remedies. However your health will improve if you practically channel your skills and talents into some kind of inspiring work that brings fulfilment, otherwise you can become preoccupied with health conditions. This can result in constant visits to doctors or therapists. It may be difficult for you to relax your mind because you are constantly thinking of things to do in order to keep everything up to date and/or in perfect working order.
When the South Node falls in Pisces, in past lives you have made many sacrifices. You have a craving for ideal happiness with no more problems. You may wish to escape through people’s problems and/or you can have an excessive dependency on them. This can lead to a high degree of unacceptable behaviour from others because you find it hard to refuse requests for help. You have a tendency to sacrifice yourself for others instead of dealing with your own problems. You can alternate between hard work and escapism, either of which can become extreme. You are constantly aware of the need for peace and tranquillity, but the demands of the practical world deny this which can frustrate your need to take time out for yourself. You seem to attract lame dogs and you tend to provide a charitable and compassionate service for them. This can become a bad habit and they can expect it of you. You must not help others at the expense of your own needs. People can deplete your energy and run you down which can leave you vulnerable to illness. Also you can be sensitive to your environment which can affect your nerves. You should not place yourself in the victim’s seat, make a rod for your own back, or offer more than you can possibly give or cope with. You are naturally compassionate towards those who need assistance, and you will help where you can.
When the North Node falls in Libra you need to play a supportive role in close relationships, then you will get along better with others. You should focus your attention away from yourself and onto other people. You may feel that people do not want to go along with your plans. To solve your relationship problems you need to find the balance between give and take and understand the needs of others. In supporting others you canmake them stronger, and through this you will gain satisfaction and inner fulfilment. If you give your support to others they will support you, and relationships will be more balanced and harmonious. You need to make friends with people that you can give to, then you will feel appreciated and this will give you a strong sense of togetherness. You are a good mediator, you have inner confidence and you will stand by thoseyou love. You connect with other people in friendship but you can feel deeply hurt when you need support and others do not respond to your needs. However your success lies in playing a supportive role, to help and encourage others to succeed. You need a partner that you can support, and through their achievement you will gain a sense of inner satisfaction.
When the South Node falls in Aries, in past lives you have an exaggerated need to prove yourself. You are naturally self assertive and you place a value on self assertion, but assertiveness has to be used correctly. If people do not want to go along with your plans you should allow them to decide for themselves. You must de-emphasise your need to think about yourself and what you want. When you do not get fast results you may question why, you should analyse things and give them a chance. You can complain of having been forced into a situation that had a large impact on your life at a particular time. You have not developed the ability to commit yourself to long-term situations or relationships. You want fast results. You can be unwilling to share. You want all rights to what you are interested in, and you feel your future wellbeing depends on immediate results and success. You need to cooperate with others. You have an insistence on taking the lead, and you have a short attention span. When bored you tend to turn off. You must learn to think about other people’s feelings as much as you think about your own. You should try to avoid thoughtless self assertion. Once you get annoyed you can hold a black mark against the person, or hold grudges and fester inside. You expect others to do things the way you want them to be done and you can be indifferent as to how they feel. You may find it difficult to compromise, but you should consider the feelings of others in order to bring about harmonious relationships.
When the North Node falls in Scorpio you are developing spiritual values. You may be taken down rock-bottom internally, but you must rise above your inner fears. Do not underrate your own value. Let go of the psychological strangleholds that hold you back. You will try to achieve mastery over yourself in order to feel absolutely secure in all situations, and not depend on people to make you feel secure. You are learning to step out into the world and transform your values. You can have a problem with risking security, but when you learn to let go you will free yourself of the strangleholds that bind you. You are transforming your spiritual and physical values.
You can connect with your higher-self in order to rise above fear and/or selfish interest. But if you merge too closely with other people you can lose your power in their energy. This can lead to psychological abuse. You should learn to draw boundaries on exactly how much you should give. You will be forced to let go of the psychological strangleholds that bind you in order to transform your values.
When the South Node falls in Taurus; in past lives there has been an over-emphasis on material and/or physical values. You must reassess your values. You were probably a good child who supported family values more than other sibling(s) in your growing up years. You have a strong drive to develop your skills, talents and resources, to prove that you can do it yourself with or without the support of others. You may feel that you have to be self sufficient to become independent. At some stage in your life you may suffer loss, or lose everything to the point that you may not know “who you are” or “what you want”. At this point your values will undergo transformation. You will reassess what is important. You are not materialistic, if you have to accept less, then you will make do with less. You are very matter of fact about this, and you have a deep inner knowing that you will be provided for. All you need is enough to allow you to have the freedom to do the things that you want to do. You can get stuck in routines, insisting on doing things your way. You should force yourself to look at other people’s values and alternate ways of doing things without losing your values in the process.
When the North Node falls in Sagittarius you need to develop your long range vision and expand your mind. You should follow your drive for knowledge, especially in-depth knowledge, and you should loosen ties that restrict you from attending educational courses. You do not take things that you read as gospel. You draw your own conclusions. You have the potential to expand on knowledge, but you may see little point in a university education unless it is a pre-requisite to a certain job. You do not like to waste your time on abstractions or unproven theories. You have an adventuresome nature and you should travel to new places to gain more cultural information or education. You have the ability to teach and inspire others in various forms of educational development. You can be an eternal student, but you need purpose behind your study. You can learn from others if you listen to their opinions with an open mind. You need to connect with others while confidently focusing on your own integrity and truth. You are intuitive with good listening skills. You hear the meaning behind the words and understand the depth of expression. You should listen to your intuition because you are in tune with your higher-self and you can sense probable outcomes. You are honest and direct in your communications and you should place your trust in your intuition before you place your trust in others. You are spontaneous with a spirit of freedom and adventure.
When the South Node falls in Gemini, in past lives you have become too involved in day to day activities which leave’s little time to expand on other interests. As a child education was not important to you. You did not think of yourself as a scholar. You may have liked to get a university degree but you may have had a mental block, or a dislike of study, therefore education may have remained at a general level. University education may be looked upon with awe. You may feel that you cannot aspire to that level, or you may feel that university education is unobtainable. It is only when you are placed in new environments that you will become aware that education is important. You would like to go to university, but how could you do it. Get a student allowance? But you would have to pay it back! Also you would lose your freedom if you committed to any long-term goals. Your day to day activities would be limited, but you have a strong inner drive to learn. You are perpetually seeking knowledge and information, especially when you have unresolved problems on your mind. You need immediate answers and you will not rest until you find them. You can be sceptical and cynical if knowledge does not come from reliable sources such as books, documentaries, news broadcasts etc. You are not easily swayed by what others say and you do not believe hearsay. Knowledge has to have substance. You will go beyond what others say and listen to your own intuition to understand the underlying truth. Maybe the best education is learned through the University of hard-knocks in the experience of life.
When the North Node falls in Capricorn you should develop self-esteem. You may not be ambitious and you tend to shy away from public recognition. You are a behind the scenes person rather than a leader. You are not control driven and you do not like taking responsibility for others. You prefer to be in control of yourself in the role you play. However you tend to place yourself in positions where you can be controlled by other people, where you can fall under their dominance and take on their responsibility. You should take measures to improve your self-esteem to gain the credit and respect you deserve for what you do. If you do something well, you like to be acknowledged for it in a “cut and dried” way, without a “song and dance”. You need to look at your life and place yourself in a position where you can take control of what you want for yourself. You should examine your aspirations and make the necessary moves to organise your life to bring about your own achievement. You should focus beyond supporting friends and family, and take responsibility for your own self-development. You have the ability to achieve the goals you set yourself and gain the recognition you deserve.
When the South Node falls in Cancer, in past lives you have over-emphasised domestic responsibility. When young, you could have sought the security of family life because you lacked confidence. You may have felt shy in the public world. Domesticity does not come naturally to you, and you may not feel domestically inclined. You may have had to take responsibility at a young age due to family circumstances. You may have felt it was your responsibility to support others through family circumstance. You may have felt emotional support was limited when you needed it, you had to be supportive. There will be a strong emphasis in your life on caring for people such as your family and friends, or you may involve yourself in a caring profession. This is a strong drive within you. You have a well developed sense of loyalty to your family and you will give your support. You take your responsibilities seriously, and you strongly consider the care and welfare of the people around you. For example you may consider the needs of your boss, the welfare of your friends and family, and the emotional needs of your children (if you have children). You make sure that you are there for everyone, but you can have a problem. You may take on caring responsibilities at the expense of achieving in the public arena. You can be over-sensitive to the needs of others and over emphasise the importance of emotional security and support. Your ideal would be to operate a business from home with a strong emphasis on support and care.
When the North Node falls in Aquarius you want excitement and pleasure in your life but you can have a fear of losing freedom. You can be detached, rational and independent in your approach to friendship but friendships can develop into loving relationships. You prefer a wide circle of varied and diverse associates. However, temporary acquaintances and temporary arrangements can lack depth with resulting separations. You have a belief that people have different abilities no matter what they do, and you can learn from them through their alternative ways of thinking, some of which can be diverse. You have a strong desire for friendship but you should not depend on other people to assist you in the achievement of your goals. They can let you down. You are developing independence. You like to share your unconventional ideas with your friends, and you make your decisions in consideration of everyone. You relate to people as individuals, “who they are” and not their specific roles, status etc. You can see how people are special, and you can involve yourself in their humanitarian ideals because you are aware that everyone has individual rights. You can be wary of groups. You may circulate around the fringes, but you will not become deeply involved because they can become too controlling or too confining.
When the South Node falls in Leo, in past lives you had a lack of detachment with a tendency to give out too much energy flow. You can be passionate about undertakings. If you don’t get approval at a defining moment in time, you can give up on an objective. When you were young you craved involvement in fun, social expression and love. You found it virtually impossible to come into contact with another person that you were attracted to without becoming involved. You are an “on the spur of the moment” person, and when you want your own way you may overlook the feelings of others because you only feel things your way. You can be too impulsive in love. You tend to go with your gut feelings, unaware of the importance of the feelings of others. However involvements can occur in the heat of the moment and they can prove to be unrewarding in the long-term. You may worry about the impression you make on others, and you can become too attached to the need for approval. You are attracted to taking risks, and you can dive into things without thinking. You like to get your own way, but risk taking can turn out disastrously, (fatal attractions). Personal relationships can be dynamic in a passionate and loving sense, but the coin can flip, and then in an angry sense. You are a romantic and you display how you feel, but your feelings can let you down. When you give happiness you like to be appreciated and recognised for what you give, but you can be too self-concerned with receiving the same measure of happiness as you give. You may feel that others expect you to run after them all the time, but when you want them, they don’t run after you. You have to learn to detach from your passionate feelings.
When the North Node falls in Pisces you need your own private space. You are good at behind the scenes activities. You need time on your own to reflect and meditate because you find it hard to relax in social situations. You have an inspired mind, and you enjoy working on projects that involve ideas and visions. You should learn to become more flexible and temper your analytical tendencies, focus on the wider view instead of the narrow details. You like things to flow in a well ordered and organised fashion, otherwise you can become anxious. You can be hard on yourself and desensitise from your feelings. When you get in touch with your humanitarianism and give to others in selfless love, then you will be in touch with your inner essence, and you will know self love. You have high expectations of yourself, and because you are so highly idealistic, you seldom achieve your expectations according to your ideal. You can have a compulsive need for everything to be in order according to your ideal, how your life should be. You can have a pre-occupation with perfection and this can lead to continual anxiety and tension. Your biggest issue is in strict discipline. You like things to be done properly, and you may refuse to accept the fact that some things cannot be resolved. You should learn to surrender your inner tension to a higher power, and free your mind through meditation. Learn to place your trust in positive outcomes.
When the South Node falls in Virgo, in past lives you have searched for perfection, but the world is not a perfect place and people can never come up to your expectations. You can become involved in unsatisfactory relationships because you do not like being alone. However you have the ability to live alone and support yourself. This can alleviate anxiety over other people’s work standards and approaches to life. If you do it yourself, you know it is going to be done correctly. You cannot stand shoddy work. Things should be done properly. You strive for perfection and you want everyone to follow your example, or the plans you think are right. In your youth you may have felt criticised which may have made you feel guilty over failure. You have a tendency to read self help books because you find it difficult to settle for anything less than ideal or perfect. You can test other people’s mentality, and you can consider that your way is better than theirs, with a “let’s do it my way” attitude. You can be critical of other people’s physical presentation, clothing etc. or their mental prowess, but you should avoid being overly critical or petty. You can have a problem with the efficiency of those in direct contact or association with you. You cannot accept shoddy work and your first reaction can be critical and fault-finding and you can make people feel guilty when mistakes are made. You need to feel that your life is in perfect working order before you can relax, but the world is seldom in perfect working order.
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