Marianne O'Hagan

Capricorn Ascendant



Y/CAPRICORN3.jpgour focus is on establishing a career where you can operate from a position of responsibility and control. You are business minded and although you can be strong and stubborn in your opinions you are well equipped to take on business responsibilities. You are able to meet deadlines because you are well organised but you can have a tendency to procrastinate and delay decision-making. You do have a preference for keeping the status quo because you do not enjoy conflict situations. However, you are motivated to achieve and you deal systematically with problems as they arise; also you will take responsibility for your family and any family business involvement. You like to be in control, but you don't like it when things do not go your way. Although you may take longer than most people to establish yourself, you will surmount setbacks and personal limitations with the support of your partner, family and loved ones in order to achieve recognition and success


Is money the object? It may not be initially, but you can become so fixed in acquiring your needs that you may not consider the cost. Your need for acquisition is in conflict with your need for financial security and every costly purchase can play in the back of your mind. Although you desire financial freedom you have to live within a certain budget. Regardless, you can be an impulsive spender, and when your conscience creeps in you can feel insecure because you have overspent. You tend to invest money in quality goods and items - long-standing and durable purchases. Quality over quantity is important to you. You value friendship but your financial situation can be adversely affected through other people’s objectives and their associations. You must learn to become more financially independent.


With your creative imagination you can bring your dreams into reality. You are sympathetic and charitable toward others and you attract people who need your practical advice and support. You have a tendency to identify with those who have fallen on hard times and you will listen to sob-stories where your sympathy is aroused to the point of giving too much. It can be very difficult for you to make a stand against those in need because you do not want to appear harsh and unfeeling. You have a natural tendency to avoid conflict in any confrontation by saying nothing. You may experience inner conflict through a sibling(s) who is different or distanced in some way from you.


You will work hard to gain respect in your home with a strong drive to be “the boss”. Although you have a sound constitution you are subject to fluctuating energy levels so you should strive to achieve as much as possible while your energy level is high. Owning your own home is a priority including a business/work study for your convenience. You may have been placed in a difficult family situation in your childhood which can cause intermittent resentment in later life. This may be due to the fact that you have difficulty in expressing anger. It is important that you release pent up energy otherwise headaches can occur. With your strong work ethic, you can overlook the emotional needs of your family. It would be to your advantage if you set some time aside for family relaxation.


You enjoy art, music, good food and good wine; however over-indulgence can result in a weight problem. You have an earthy kind of sexuality which is matter-of-fact, enjoyable and fully appreciated. Your hobbies can develop into money spinners and you have the patience to persist in any creative venture to bring your ideas to fruition - hopefully with financial gain. Where your creative ideas are concerned, advertising can be the quickest way to achieve recognition. You will show your love to your partner/children through dining out, holidays, social gatherings, parties etc: and you love to provide the treat. Your partner may be creative and he/she will encourage you in your creativity.


Work performance and focus are your priority. Getting the job done correctly and meeting deadlines is your goal but you tend to have a low stress threshold in work and you can put too much pressure on yourself. You are goal-driven which can create difficulty with co-workers who may fail to reach your expected work standards. You do not overlook details and you are thorough in everything you do. Although you appreciate superficial wit and humour in the work place, you will discuss business matters in a serious way. With your excellent organisational skill, you can influence others with your business ideas and concepts. Your work may involve sales, communication, giving information to the public or travel, or you may have two projects going at once.


There could have been an emotional distance between you and someone in your family in your growing-up years. You have a tendency to play down your feelings in times of high emotion. You may attract a partner with strong family values which can be similar to your own. However, at times you can appear emotionally cool and distant. You find it hard to release emotional control. This can result in a certain distancing between you and others when emotions run high. You would prefer a partner who offers emotional support and security – a capable person who is business minded and homely.


You have inborn executive and leadership ability and you try to encourage others to develop their creativity; however you have a preference to take control. You believe success can be achieved through discipline and hard work. Joint money-making interests can be likened to a game of chess in which you calculate your moves for maximum effect which can give you financial security providing you keep your joint finances within budget. You are a warm-hearted and generous person but you like joint decision making on shared finances. You will always try to support your family and loved ones to develop their creative skills which gives you sense of inner satisfaction.


You have a pragmatic and analytical mind and you excel in promoting practical ideas. You can explain your concepts in a well ordered and logical way which can lead to work that requires training, analysis and/or administrative improvement. You are a perfectionist who believes in creating a correct public image; ever mindful that others are more likely to assist you in your career if you make a good impression. You have a strong drive to succeed, and a good appreciation of success. Your creative mind and practical skills, if correctly applied may result in your achieving your goals over a period of time. You are a loyal, punctual and responsible person who will strive to achieve in any goal you set yourself.


When it comes to dealing with authority you are diplomatic with good public relations skills. You are a person who will volunteer your time to help others in the achievement of their goals, perhaps to a point that you are taken for granted. Because you are fair-minded, those in authority can give you extra responsibilities which can restrict your freedom and create problems in your domestic life. You may carry these responsibilities because you feel you have to prove you are worthy of your position. This stems from a basic fear of failure. However, if anyone tries to dominate your independence you will ignore them and/or avoid future contact with them. You are well equipped to contract yourself out or run your own business.


You are goal-driven and you tend to make friends with people who share your interests. You work well in group situations because you consider each member important to company progress. You have the ability to improve and transform old outmoded systems. You also have the ability to unmask the hidden motives of others to gain advantage through their disruptive power games. Your in-depth understanding of people on power-trips assists you in resolving the result in a practical and orderly way. From your vantage point, it is better to achieve company goals for the greater good of the company, and you will do all in your power to bring about the best possible results.


You appreciate nature, the country and getting away from it all. You have been born with a heightened sense of awareness, of something beyond your conscious mind. You can transcend limitation in your thoughts and tap into the unconscious mind for inspiration. You understand hardship and you have been born with a conscience. Your spiritual and moral belief is based on the love and respect of the "here and now", that which you can see, touch and feel. You highly value nature, the world around us and conservationism. It is mans moral responsibility to become more environmentally conscious to secure a future for generations to come.


Keywords - Fear of not having enough money to survive. Feeling unworthy. Not being smart enough. Feeling inferior to someone who is knowledgeable. Feeling inadequate when giving opinions.
FAQ - "What if I do not have enough money to survive?" “What if I am not intelligent/worthy enough?” “Why do I feel inferior to someone who is knowledgeable?” “Why do I fear feeling inadequate?” “Why can’t I clearly define what I wish to say?"
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