Marianne O'Hagan

Cancer in Love

Your moods are in a constant flux of change and your sexual responses are influenced by your moods. You can swing from sexy to sentimental, to unreasonable to disinterested, whichever way the mood strikes you. Although you are emotional, you hide your feelings unless you feel you can totally trust your mate – this is because you are sensitive and easily hurt, but without love in your life
you feel insecure and unhappy. You love to caress, touch, fondle and “snuggle up”, but you need a sensitive mate because you fear rejection and through this you can become sexually self-protective; you need reassurance and support. You need to feel loved, and to be told you are loved. At heart you are a child who needs the cosy security of home. You enjoy the domesticity of family living and you probably are a good cook with plenty of food in the house. Because your sexual drives are ruled by your moods, if your mate doesn’t respond to your requests it will be difficult for you to resolve the energy of your emotions. You adapt to parenthood easily; you don’t feel complete without a family to call your own. You must never sleep on a quarrel because you are prone to grudges, and grudge holding should be avoided. You look for tender loving care and a lasting relationship. When you feel secure in a relationship, you will loyally care for and protect your mate. You find it hard to break a relationship and you can choose to stay in an unsatisfactory relationship rather than let go. Emotions play an important role in your life because you are naturally defensive and afraid of being hurt. You put your heart and soul into relationships to make them work. Your feelings are never far from the surface and you feel an inner sense of security and belonging when you are close to your mate. There are no half measures when you fall in love, you fall completely. You reflect every mood, every colour and every movement in love; you are extremely receptive, sensitive and impressionable. You touch the heights and depths of emotional and sensational experience and you feel the harshness of emotional absorption. You have to adopt a method of self protectionism which can result in retreating from confrontation and concealing your emotions when you are emotionally upset. You will seek the protection of your own quiet refuge – your inner sanctuary behind a glass wall of protection where you can resolve your emotions. Because of your need for permanent relationships you are not interested in light- hearted flirtations. You are faithful and loyal and you expect loyalty in return. You can lavish love and protection on your mate to the point of suffocation; this you should avoid. Protecting your mate makes you feel good about yourself and it gives you a sense of fulfilment. You are a home lover with a natural maternal instinct and a need for the security of a harmonious home environment. The protection of love and trust in marriage affords you the security of being yourself. You associate love with emotional security, home and family. Without love and a family to call your own you feel incomplete.
Your most compatible love signs are Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus and Virgo. Your own sign Cancer and your opposite sign Capricorn can teach you a great deal about yourself but they are likely to be love/hate relationships.
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