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The world may not have ended on the 21 December 2012,


Mankind must still confront the THREAT OF EXTINCTION!

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U.S. statesman and physical economist Lyndon LaRouche is leading the world to address this reality, by marshalling a “crash-program” scientific investigation that will increase mankind’s understanding of the cyclical solar and galactic forces that drive these periods of extinction danger.

What is already known, is that there is a correlation between solar flares, which bombard earth with enormous bursts of energy many orders of magnitude greater than any force on earth, and tectonic activity. The earth is in a heightened danger period in the sunspot (solar flare) cycle, having emerged from an extended period of no sunspots into a period of rapidly increasing sunspots as the cycle builds to its maximum in 2013. the British astrophysicist Piers Corbyn attributes the Japan earthquake to the X-class solar flare of 10 March, 2011, that significantly impacted the earth, and was reported by NASA.

On a far greater time scale, the geological record displays a correlation between a 62 million year cycle of tectonic/volcanic activity, and a 62 million year extinction cycle, both of which correlate to the 62 million year cycle of our solar system’s oscillation, or “bob”, above and below the plane of the Milky Way galaxy, indicating that galactic forces drive the major catastrophic events recorded in earth’s geological record. The last great extinction, that of the dinosaurs, was 65 million years ago.

LaRouche warns that few places on earth are as well-prepared for earthquakes and tsunamis as Japan. So in the likely event that earthquakes of unprecedented magnitude triggered by solar and galactic forces hit other populated areas typified by California, which sits aside the ominous San Andreas Fault and is clearly also on the dangerous Rim of Fire and is overdue for a major quake but has made virtually no preparation, mankind will experience an unprecedented threat to its survival.

LaRouche said in March 2011, “Here we have this wonderful universe, this wonderful galaxy, with all the dangers involved in it, but we have the human potential for understanding it. And by using that potential, we have a fighting chance that the human species will continue to exist. If we don’t, I don’t think the human species can continue to exist, and we’re now at a point where the very awesome forces, the galactic forces which are behind what happened, with this little minuscule taste of what’s coming, in the Pacific, that with that hitting us, and we are not equipped by any means, to cope with those forces! We can adjust to them—but cope with them? No! And we have to change the tune, from that of adjusting to something we can no longer live with, as a species, and trying to get to the point, where we exert control over this process, which is our proper destiny.”

LaRouche emphasised that the biggest threat to mankind’s survival is the British Crown’s Green Fascism which has halted all scientific and technological development for the past several decades, including the development of the power sources (fission and fusion power, matter-antimatter reactions, etc.) necessary to enable us to deal with these threats.

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