The Twenty Eight Mansions of the Moon


If you consider the moon is a reflector of cosmic energies, you must also consider that it is connected with the transmission of cosmic energies. The Arab astrologers ascribed a great deal of importance to the twenty eight Arabic Mansions of the moon, and they were correct to do so. They referred to the twenty eight lunar phases following the new moon, with each phase corresponding to the precise position of the moon in relation to the sun. The Chaldean astrologer-priests of Babylon saw a lunar eclipse; or the occultation of the moon as a disturbing sign and they often predicted events based on their observations of such eclipses. Historical evidence of this has been found in clay tablets engraved with cuneiform writings dating back to the fifth century BC. Hindu astrology was at its peak around 3,000 BC. The Hindu zodiac has twelve signs, but the sky is divided into twenty eight equal parts, called lunar mansions. Each mansion corresponds to the twenty eight day cycle of the moon, and all have their own meaning, depending on the moon’s position in the birth chart. This is the basis of Hindu, or eastern astrology. Eastern astrology refers to the moon in its concept of Karma. The doctrine of karma and reincarnation is the journey of the soul through many lifetimes. In part, astrology is used to find out how the soul is developing in its spirituality. The concept of karma is based on acts performed and actions taken in previous lifetimes, their impact on this life, and actions taken, or not taken in this life with an influence on the next life. Western astrology refers to the sun, which has the most powerful effect on earth; it correlates to the individual as a representative of ‘self’, that is why ‘sun sign’ astrology has become so popular in western astrology. Today, there is a strong movement within western society and astrology to use karma, and the concept of reincarnation within the delineation of the natal chart. The north and south nodes, part of fortune, part of spirit, part of soul and part of fate are ways in which it is being delineated. The twenty eight mansions of the moon all have their own meanings depending on the position of the moon in relation to the sun.


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