The Sun houses



You are direct in your approach to life with a strong will and a definite sense of purpose. You have natural leadership ability with a tendency to put yourself first and act on your ideas. Above all, you prefer to take charge of your direction. You project an abundance of energy in your drive for self-sufficiency because you need to be independent. When you put your mind to something you will go into top-gear to achieve it, but others may see you as a threat and oppose you. You have confidence when facing challenges and you take charge of situations as they arise, should you fail, you fail yourself. If your will is challenged, you can become assertive, impatient and headstrong, yet the very same characteristics in others may annoy you.


You have a strong drive to gain personal security and you will put your energy into making money, but you will experience financial fluctuations. You can feel very insecure when faced with financial shortage or you may feel that your financial resources are slipping away. However, you will not hesitate to buy luxury items or support others when the need arises because you feel more secure when you are surrounded by the things you love. You can appear to be possessive in your drive to achieve security, but you are developing your skills, talents and a sense of self-worth. Your values are characterised through the sign on the second house cusp and it is in this area that you will develop a practical approach to life.


You learn through communication, reading and writing. Your mind is active and you need mental stimulation and constant interaction with others. Travel, education, news, walking and running can interest you. You have a strong drive to be acknowledged through your mental abilities but you need to develop mental discipline and concentration to achieve in-depth understanding of your subject and master it. You enjoy mentally stimulating debates where you can match your intelligence against others. You may have important leftovers to deal with from your family past. This can be connected to family beliefs or primary education and training.


You have a strong need to establish yourself in a home but there may have been some emotional struggles in your family background, especially with your most influential parent. Your need for the sanctuary of a home is strong, a place where you can retreat in times of conflict. Your emotions run deep and you need time to be on your own in order to regain emotional equilibrium. In fact you thrive on shutting the world out to be alone. You tend to concentrate on family security through creating a happy domestic situation. Family members may come to you in times of hardship and you will accommodate them unless you feel they are using you. Then you will have inner doubts and temporarily withdraw.


You have a strong drive to express yourself through romantic, creative, or sporting pursuits to prove your strengths and abilities. You have an abundance of creative energy which can be constructive or destructive. You can be reckless and overly confident in your enjoyment of life. You believe that life is a playground, holidays, social entertainments, sporting activities and spare time hobbies. You radiate love naturally which can encompass many love affairs if you choose to become involved, however you can become entangled in other people’s manipulations. You are a natural actor and you want your life to be a successful performance.


Your life revolves around work and service. You have a strong need to be of useful service and to be recognised for the duties you perform. You will work to distinguish yourself through extra hard work and you will be helpful to co-workers. You try to master skills and learn new techniques with an emphasis on efficiency. You strongly focus on employment issues or health issues. Co-workers and authority can assert their will over you and create conflict; this you should try to defend. Your work and health can be affected through worry and anxiety because you place a high standard on yourself and you try to deliver according to your standard, but you can be susceptible to hypochondria and seek sympathy and service from others.


Everything revolves around relationships. You have a strong drive to establish harmonious relationships with others rather than “going it alone” because you work better in partnership relationships and you do not feel complete unless you have a partner in your life. You are a strong-willed person who may be led, but never driven. You are assertive, you tend to take the initiative in relationships but this can make you appear rather demanding; therefore you should understand that other people’s feelings are as important as your own. You will establish close connections with your family and friends which can bring popularity, but constant demands can be time consuming and rather too much. You must learn to strike a balance between co-dependence and independence.


You are transforming your inner values on a deep psychological level through the strong influence of your parents, siblings, close relationships, shared finances, debt’s, sex, legacies and wills. Past issues that have affected you on a deep psychological level will surface for assessment and release. You may be placed in positions where you must face entanglements through other people’s manipulations connected to joint sharing, joint resources or joint interests stemming from financial agreements, sexual relationships, contractual agreements, legacies and wills. You are transforming your attitude to joint sharing. Through deep psychological analysis you can release negative strangleholds, place your trust in yourself and walk in the path of personal truth.



You have a strong need to form your own moral and/or spiritual beliefs. You are interested in other people’s cultures, philosophies and beliefs but underneath you can be highly opinionated and demand proof. A wide range of intellectual topics interest you, such as philosophy, education, travel, social and cultural justice etc. You are thought provoking in your search for truth and wisdom, and you will seek to improve your mind through education. You have a strong need to gain intellectual recognition, and you will educate yourself in areas of ultimate importance to you. You thrive on intellectual debate and you have the knowledge to inform, teach and guide others. You enjoy travel, and you are interested in foreign cultures and different spiritual belief systems.


You have a strong need to be taken seriously and you try to be of benefit to others in your profession and/or to be seen as an authority without regard for others. Your most dominant parent may have been powerful and ambitious, and your desire for respect from that parent is dominant. You have a strong drive to achieve in the world and to be in control of your own life. You may find it difficult to take orders from authority figures. You prefer to operate in an independent field where you can achieve a sense of accomplishment. You are ethical and correct in all your undertakings and you are highly respectful of rules and regulations. They are there for a reason. When you learn to take responsibility for yourself, you will move forward in status.


You can be the “hub in the wheel” in group interests (unless Saturn falls in this house). You like to involve yourself with people of similar interest, and you tend to make friends through these interests. You socialise and learn through different people, but friendships can be cyclic. There may be sudden breaks and separations from associates, friends or family members for a variety of reasons. You can experience changes of attitude from the people around you which you may not fully understand. You are a humanitarian who seeks equal rights for all people. You willingly work for unselfish causes to assist and support humanity, but you need to develop your individual talents where you can achieve personal recognition from the people who share your interests.


You have a strong drive to seek seclusion and retreat from society. You can sacrifice your personal identity for collective ideals which can give you a sense of inner completeness. You may feel as if you are bound to the world or to a specific cause or mission, and that you have to make sacrifices. You have empathy for the sick and needy in society and you tend to serve behind the scenes with little recognition. Your lack of confidence is your worst enemy, but on the flip side you can subconsciously seek compassion and service from others through your own inner suffering. You tread a spiritual path with a strong connection to the God force. You are strongly drawn to the hidden dimensions of existence, and you may be seen by others as a dreamer, but you have your own private world. It is your escape route to tranquillity.