The Sun-Signs in Love

 The Sun's symbol represents the life force embedded in matter


The sun is the essence of existence around which everything else revolves.

The sun-signs have their own source of attraction, love and compatability.

The sun-signs and the power of attraction and love are related to each other.

When two sun-signs share more similarities than differences, their compatibility increases.

For example; a person with their sun-sign in Aries can be more assertive and confrontational than a person with their sun-sign in Libra. The person with the sun-sign in Libra will be less confrontational and more peaceful thus reducing discord and bringing balance into the relationship.

The twelve different sun-signs determine the level of harmony or discord between the signs.

Why not click on your sun-sign and your partner's sun-sign to find where the potential for harmony or discord is.

If you want to know more about your relationship with your partner, please click on your sun-sign and your partner's sun-sign as given below under  "The Sun-Signs in Love".


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