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Keywords: inspirational, courageous, enthusiastic, enterprising and independent.

Subconsciously you will feel inwardly fulfilled when you take the initiative, become self-reliant and lead through independent action.

You do not like confrontation and you tend to put others ahead of yourself. You work on friendships and you give in to the desires of others. Inwardly you are passive but you can be aggressive when pushed to the limits. However you can get hurt in subtle ways. Through experience you will learn to put yourself first and only let those in that you choose to let in because you know what it is like to feel hurt. You tend to support those close to you because it makes you feel needed and validated as a person, but you may feel you can never really express who you are and what you want. You can feel that others are always taking, and not returning in kind. This can be very hurtful because you do not always speak up and say what you want. Therefore others can take you for granted, or take advantage of your generosity while you take a back seat. You place yourself in situations because you do not like confrontations or raised voices. Deep within you may feel you have to be the strength, and you try to be the backbone for those closest to you. You like to be needed because it fulfils the empty space you feel within. This is an inner behaviour pattern for survival. If people come to you for help then you must have the quality that they will benefit from, and there is a reason for them to seek you out. Therefore you will help them if it is within your capability to do so. Otherwise you will refer them on to someone else who can help them. You will not leave them high and dry.

You may have faced a difficult time when you first went out into the world on your own because you were finding your feet. Breaking the apron strings without curfews or restraints opened up a whole new world of experience, but you may have accepted it as fact that it was your role to be the strength for others instead of pursuing your own career. You could have given your identity away through being too nice, and on hindsight that hurts. You know there is a reason for being placed on the Earth and you know you must put yourself first. You may feel you have missed valuable opportunities which you can regret because you can be placed in situations of having to be independent without life’s skills to fall back on. In close relationships you can be passive. In the past you may have faced arguments that ripped you up or cast inner doubt on you as a person, partner or friend. You can feel deeply hurt, unwanted and empty inside if those around you do not make you feel needed. The hurt is in the loneliness you may feel if you think you are not needed. In mid-life you will realise that being gullible and soft doesn’t work. Your path will be much smoother if you place trust in yourself, take the lead and direct your own course. Then you can become self-sufficient. You may find it difficult to work for others because you do not like being dictated to, and furthermore if you are not appreciated for what you do you can become internally angry. You prefer to create your own opportunities because you need time and space for yourself to experience a lot of things. You believe that you reap what you sow.


Keywords: steady, persevering, enduring, resourceful, sensual and trustworthy.

Subconsciously you will feel inwardly fulfilled when you validate your skills and talents in comparison to others.

Deep down you expect to be accepted as equal, you do not like feeling second best. When others overlook your needs and place themselves above you, you feel less valued. You may look at “who you are” and “what you stand for”, but you often feel you are being used. You have a strong inner drive, but you find it difficult to unleash your driving force in order to tap into your energy and achieve your goals and aspirations. You want to do a lot of things, but you hold yourself back from achieving the things you say you are going to do. When you compare yourself with others you place yourself second. You want to do better because you resent feeling second best, but you will not risk your security which in effect can hold you back. However, if anyone needs your help in a situation that you have experienced or can identify with, then you will help. You have a desire to attain material stability in order to feel secure, but you are not materialistic. Money is a means to an end in that it gives you freedom of choice. You prefer to agree in conflict to avoid arguments because you do not like discord, but you must gain the confidence to set your own boundaries and become your own person. In close relationships others can take advantage of you because you put more into the relationship than they do. Therefore your hopes and expectations can be disappointed, and you can feel let down and betrayed. You give to others ahead of yourself because you want to make them happy. It seems that your life revolves around giving to everyone else while you go without. This makes you vulnerable to exploitation. You will skimp and save in order to support others but it never seems to be returned. Giving too much can backfire because you can lose your values as a separate person and become supportive of other people’s values and desires. This can deplete your resources. You must learn not to give beyond your means in close relationships.

You are interested in the psychology of others, and through this you tend to attract people who are in need of some form of assistance. People with deep-rooted problems tend to come to you for help. However, if you help them they may feel threatened because you can sense the underlying truth which can backfire when people think you have the upper hand. You are highly intuitive, and you can read between the lines. You can be drawn into power games which you will try to diffuse because you do not like conflict or competition. You prefer to be on the same level as everyone else without competition or power-games. You are dependable and you will support others, but this is seldom recognised. People tend to take you for granted without appreciation. You will try to help those who seek you out for help without being a know-it-all, but you must set limits on exactly how much you are prepared to give in order to maintain your own security.


Keywords: witty, communicative, observant, intellectual and versatile.

Subconsciously you will feel inwardly fulfilled when you expand your intellect through listening to other people’s viewpoints, philosophies, ideas and opinions.

You are very aware of the Jeckle and Hyde in others and you prefer not to engage in superficial talk. You like genuine conversations where you can share your ideas with knowledgeable people because you are passionate about the deeper levels of understanding. You love to read about anything that interests you because knowledge is important and knowledge can open up new vistas and ideas. When you get caught in double standards, or two-sided situations, you will have a sense of knowing. You know that people who change their stories all the time or play mind games are covering the truth and you cannot tolerate false people. You need to know the truth and you will ferret it out one way or another. You will observe the person or situation and then ask questions. You may make subtle comments, but the point of the exercise is to find the truth. However, on the path you should avoid exaggerating the truth in your mind. When you sense something is wrong, or you have a situation on your mind, you can play scenarios in your head and convince yourself you are right. Avoid making comments, Gemini is a dual energy and words can backfire. When you sense the undercurrents of mind games, step back and observe. Your intuition serves you well. If you find someone has misled you, you lose your trust in them and you do not forget. Dishonest people always have to cover their tracks time and time again. At times you can feel that you are being set up. When this occurs you will feel compelled to find the truth. You prefer to look for the good in people; therefore you can be deceived by the bad. However you quickly observe the differences and you try to avoid people who are not genuine. In the main, you try to get along with everyone, but you pick up subtleties on a daily basis depending on where you are and who you are with. You prefer not to play power games or mind games, you are up front and you prefer to reduce worry by speaking your mind and clearing the air. All relationships are a learning curve. Intuitively you can pick up on things that are being said and done around you. Mind games can be played, but you are observant and you will observe, and work out the subtleties in communication. If you sense innuendo you can become agitated and nervous because you have an underlying need to know. From experience you will learn to become more intuitive and observant, and less interested in mind games, but you will not take a back seat when you sense mind games are being played. You do not like idle gossip and you do not spread gossip. You are highly sensitive and when you feel something is wrong and you don’t know what it is, you sense it acutely. It can become a fixation in your mind that gnaws away at you until you get to the truth. You like to come and go as you please with your own freedom in mind, but you will not abuse your need for freedom. If someone needs your attention, then you will be there to help them.


Keywords: nurturing, caring, protective, sympathetic, industrious and tenacious.

Subconsciously you will feel inwardly fulfilled when you take emotional control, look after yourself, nurture yourself and establish your own security.

When family gatherings are arranged, you can be made to feel in the way, however your family is important to you and you will try to resolve any family differences to keep in with family connections, but there can be different factions in the family camp. Some of your family may try to shut you out, or block you. Perhaps they perceive you as being favoured in some way. You may see the split divisions in your family, “the clique” and the separateness with you placed on the outer, while other family members vie for approval. Some family members can create situations that make you feel you don’t belong, or you can get caught in the middle of family ructions or arguments where you feel you have to protect your position and put your case forward in order to gain a sense of belonging. You try to make things better in the family because you are very sensitive to family feeling and you feel uncomfortable in discord. In time you may choose to detach from the negativity of your family. However on a deeper level you will always be loyal to your family because you know how important it is to have a family. You may go beneath the surface to understand the dynamics between the family members that affect you emotionally. Although you keep in touch with your family, you may be the last one to know when things are happening in the family. This can make you feel somewhat distanced with a different relationship to your family from that of other family members. You want to feel close to the family but you may feel overlooked and less important than other family members. There may have been some real childhood family issues for you to cope with. Not all family members related well, and through this, you may not have felt the nurturing care of a complete family. Maybe your feelings were affected through family responsibilities or separations for one reason or another, and you felt you could not depend on the protective security of a normal family life. Because you did not receive the nurturing care you desired in your growing-up years, you tend to compensate through caring for others to make them feel the security you did not feel. You are kind, considerate and caring towards anyone who needs understanding because you know how important it is to be cared for, nurtured and loved.


Keywords: confident, warm-hearted, generous, optimistic, ambitious, affectionate and loyal.

Subconsciously you will feel inwardly fulfilled when you bring happiness to others in the expression of love and affection.

You naturally want to feel loved by others, but you tend to observe those around you which can make you feel safe but inwardly lonely. You find it difficult to mix socially or respond to others in playful fun because you have difficulty in expressing your true self. Although you would never hurt anyone, you feel that others could really hurt you if you allowed love in, so you tend to keep love at a distance in case you get hurt, thus avoiding pain. You can feel very lonely and you may feel that no one understands you. You are not a touchy, feely person, and when you feel hurt you tend to withdraw and detach from the world, yet all you really want is to feel recognised and loved. You are aware of social distinctions but you may feel that no matter what you do you are not recognised. Perhaps you feel a disappointment and you don’t know how to reach expectations. You have a strong desire for love but in close relationships you can feel isolated and you may find it extremely difficult to communicate your deepest feelings, fears, anxieties etc. Therefore unspoken words can confuse others and lead to feelings of hurt and isolation. You can be your own worst enemy. When you feel great love for someone, you also feel an inner fear, and you tend to block your feelings. This creates inner tension in the expression of love. There comes a time when your inner voice or intelligence, a knowing from your soul says, “Enough is enough”, where you must open up to others in order to strip away the layers of resistance, or fears that have held you back in the expression of love. It may be painful, but it can be a satisfying experience. Each loving experience will slowly help you to express your love in a more trusting and flowing way which allows others to respond to you in a truly loving way. You cannot understand the emotion of jealousy in love because it harms love and trust, and all you want to do is make others feel happy. You like intimate gatherings and you love bringing people together. When you are in love you will show love, but if it is not reciprocated in equal measure you will pull back. You need constant compliments and approval from those you love to feel inwardly confident and loved. Your challenge is to let go and feel the love within your soul, then you will know true love. You have a strong desire to help others find love and happiness in their lives. This gives you a great feeling of inner satisfaction.


Keywords: analytical, precise, systematic, perceptive, critical and fastidious.

Subconsciously you will feel inwardly fulfilled when you support others through improving work/health routines, duty and service.

Work assumes an important area in your life and at times you can worry more than you should over work. In fact work can be all consuming and you can pay too much attention to detail. You work to your own self-imposed high standards of presentation and work performance but you do not enforce your high standards onto others. You strive for perfection and that’s your mark of approval. You analyse situations deeply and you think of the worst possible case scenarios. You should move beyond negativity because negative thoughts draw negativity and you can become a victim of your own thoughts. You can project your worries onto future goals and you can be negative of outcomes because you anticipate the possibility of disappointment to protect yourself; should this happen, you are prepared (no surprises), but if the outcome is positive, then that’s a bonus. You can think of ridiculous things and worry about them; you can put black cards over things, you may not voice them; they are inborn. Socially, you are fussy, you like to look nice and it is probable that you will not leave the house unless you look correct, or at your best for the occasion.

You are a perfectionist and you can feel irritated with muddle; you like your home to be tidy, orderly and well presented. You consider the welfare of others and if someone is unwell, your attitude is, “Let’s get them well as quickly as possible” because you feel inwardly fulfilled when you can empower others to help themselves, whether physically or mentally. Then you will let them go.

You have an analytical mind and you ask a lot of questions in order to understand. If you don’t understand, you will research the matter further to gain more information and knowledge. Your mind has to be satisfied; you are like a dog with a bone in certain things, and you will keep seeking knowledge or answers until your mind is satisfied. You do not give up easily; this goes across the board and in all aspects of your life. You need to know all the details to every question in order to “know”. If you are not satisfied you will ask more questions, analyse the answers and then come back further down the track for further enquiry, or more information to gain clarification. You place high standards on yourself, and if you do not meet your own high standards you tend to worry. You are your own worst critic.


Keywords: charming, good-natured, agreeable, diplomatic, affectionate, kind, helpful and flowing.

Subconsciously you will feel inwardly fulfilled when you balance relationships and support others in friendship.

Deep in your soul you could feel unworthy, or a burden to others. Through this you may not like to burden other people with your problems. You know what it feels like to be made to feel a burden or second best without credit or recognition. You do not want to burden others with your problems because it makes you feel unworthy of friendship and/or love. You may carry a negative attitude towards close relationships and you may break relationships to avoid rejection. You have a strong drive to uphold and support others, but in doing so you can make yourself less deserving while others gain credit and acknowledgement. You willingly try to bring harmony into relationships but others can overlook your feelings and needs in consideration of their own. You may not observe this because you give in order to feel good about yourself, but the question is, “How much should you give and at what cost?” If you should weaken who will support you! Putting yourself first makes you feel selfish so you will not put yourself first because you are not selfish, but this can ensnare you because you can encourage others to depend on you. You like to bring people happiness, to let them know that they are loved and supported, and you naturally put people at their ease because you bring a feeling of togetherness in friendship.

Past put-downs may have left you fearful of asking for help. Therefore you may feel that if you depend on others or lean too heavily, support will not be there or it will collapse. To compensate, you may feel you have to safeguard yourself by being strong and giving your support to others. The constant pressure of giving to others can become a heavy burden especially when you find it so difficult to ask for support. You are naturally friendly but you can be a soft touch and you can place yourself under pressure by giving too much to others and to your own detriment. Maintaining friendship is important to you, therefore you will give to other people and they will see you as strong, but many times you may wish you had not given in to requests for help. You do your best to keep your surroundings harmonious because you dislike discord, but adverse circumstances can befall you, and when they do you must learn to accept help from others. If you do not, you can suffer the consequences of not getting your needs met. You emanate an inner strength and friendliness that other people detect, and because of this they can set themselves up against you in competition at an ego level. However you are not ego conscious and you do not compete at an ego level. You connect with other people in friendship. This is an automatic reaction; therefore ego conflicts can cause deep inner hurt because you are not selfish. You are quite the reverse. You try to bend over backwards to maintain harmony in close relationships and friendships. You must learn to set your priorities by not neglecting yourself to please others. Your inner essence is one of harmony and you believe in fair-play, yet it is in this area that you can feel let down.


Keywords: intense, passionate, powerful, courageous, challenging, sensitive, forceful, zealous, jealous, sexual, probing and investigative. Subconsciously you will feel inwardly fulfilled when you unite, share and transform your values in close relationships/partnerships in order to develop and grow through other people’s values, talents, needs and interests.

You can feel as if you are carrying inner pain and that you are alone and separated. Perhaps you did not receive much affection from a parent. You may feel that you cannot trust and that you are unable to articulate any private fears to anyone because they may not understand. Love/hate relationships with certain people can have brought powerful rivalry. Growing up may have been fraught with difficulty with many questions unasked through fear. You may carry an inner feeling of being unwanted. You have a tendency to hide your true self and your inner feelings. You trust few. You prefer to look within to find your own answers on the path to self-transformation. You can blame yourself for your inner suffering which can cause you to become guarded and withdrawn. You may feel that if you place your trust in those close to you, your trust can be broken and if trust is broken, then the other person has to mend it. Your life force is sexual and shared needs are continually transforming. Sex can be an inherent part of looking for love, and you will give love to feel loved. Feelings of destruction and transformation walk side by side. If something doesn’t break you, it will transform you and make you a better person. You may have been taken to the edge many times in close relationships where trust has been broken. Because you feel pain so deeply, you have learned to psychoanalyse yourself and others to understand whether you can trust them or not. Deep down you feel that if others knew the real you they would not like you. Perhaps in the same way as you do not like yourself (self-abandonment). Therefore you do not let anyone get too close to you because they might see your essential existence. You try to give of yourself but you are afraid. You look at the good in others as opposed to how you feel about yourself. You have inner secrets and you feel they must be kept secret, perhaps due to inner shame, or the shame that others have inflicted on you.

On the outside you portray a very different person. You put on a façade to hide your true feelings. This can create internal conflict and block the deeper essence of feeling. However, you are outwardly positive towards others which cover’s the turbulence you feel within. If you feel you have hurt someone you love, it will gnaw away at you because you understand the true meaning of pain and you would not purposely inflict pain on those you love. You will try very hard not to break a confidence or betray a trust, but your trust can be misplaced and you can feel let down. Throughout your life, you will try to be supportive of others. If others have a problem and they want to talk to you, you will listen to them and support them, but you will not abuse confidentiality, because you are sensitive to other people’s feelings and respectful of their privacy. In marriage, your partner may make you feel inadequate or vice versa. Deep sharing can become a trap, because one only has to let the other down and trust is shattered where so much trust was placed. You may feel that you were never any good in comparison to others and that you had to prove yourself. You have a strong drive to hide your inner essence. Maybe you went through powerful rivalry, broken trust or internal trauma as a child which could have made you feel bad within yourself. It seemed that no one else had to deal with the stresses that confronted you, so you dealt with them alone. You have a depth of understanding, and when you give to others you give from the soul. You strongly identify with the deeper dimensions of suffering and you will not turn away from another person’s pain. The essence of Scorpio comes out in crisis situations – issues of life and death. You have a deep desire to find a soul-mate, someone that you can identify with, love and trust unconditionally.


Keywords: kind, sociable, humorous, optimistic, hopeful, versatile, honourable, independent, spontaneous, outspoken, exaggerative and frank.

Subconsciously you will feel inwardly fulfilled when you gain information through other people’s experiences, viewpoints, opinions, philosophies and beliefs in order to broaden your intellect and teach through factual understanding and knowledge.

You are a free spirit, you need to give other people freedom and you need freedom for yourself. This may stem from an underlying understanding that one should not trust another completely. This is not a negative belief; it is recognising the fact that we are all human and therefore fallible. It is unrealistic to expect others to be perfect. You are cautious when committing to any relationship. Once committed, a relationship can change and become more binding and you do not like binding relationships. You strongly desire, and want a close spiritual relationship. However, if a relationship becomes too intense you will pull back with a need to escape, which in effect is in conflict with your desire for a close spiritual relationship. Relationships are your biggest learning curve because you have a natural yearning to be alone amongst beautiful landscapes or under the stars to meditate on life rather than be surrounded by superficial people. Therefore you may feel challenged if you feel the need to sacrifice your freedom for those who are close to you, or who need help. Gaining a deeper understanding of life gives you a sense of inner fulfilment. Therefore you will educate yourself in the deeper philosophical or spiritual areas of understanding where you can share your knowledge with others. Your greatest sense of fulfilment is in lifting the spirits of others and inspiring them to be all that they can be. However, you can have issues with trust and loyalty. You are not very good with superficial friends because you are highly intuitive and if you sense falsehoods you can make critical statements and/or arrogant judgements without realising it. In one to one contacts you can see a different side which can be a disappointment because people do not always act according to their higher-self. They can drag themselves down in gossip which you are not interested in. You will isolate yourself from those who gossip because gossip is invariably negative and it pulls you down. You can sense dishonesty and when false people cross your path you steer clear; you know from past experience how deceptive and destructive false people can be. You believe we are all connected by universal law. If something is meant to be then the universe will lend a helping hand. You have a happy and optimistic heart, but you can worry when things go wrong. However you have the inner faith to know that things do pass and everything happens for a reason. The world is not a perfect place; at times you can have an overwhelming desire to get away, to escape the negativity of life. You prefer to look on the bright side of life, add a touch of glamour, make people laugh, lift their spirits. There is always someone worse off than you. You believe freedom is the most important thing one can have. It is important that everyone should have the freedom to find their own path to development. You tend to go ahead with education and you are enthusiastic about professional learning opportunities (in fact all matters concerning education and self-improvement interest you). You may feel you are on a journey of experience in life with an inherent mission to fulfil.


Keywords: steadfast, reliable, cautious, ambitious, prudent, austere, authoritarian, cool, reserved, careful, calculating, conservative, responsible and disciplined.

Subconsciously you will feel inwardly fulfilled when you take control of co-dependency and give other people the tools and guidelines to help them through times of limitation and/or hardship.

You lack self-esteem but you feel the need to be in charge because you like things done your way. You can have an inner battle with issues of control. Responsibility can be forced on you and when it is, you are a willing contender because you need to develop inner-strength and confidence. You often find yourself taking on too much and running against time, but you consider nothing is too much or a mistake. You can learn something from everything. Your perspective on life may be one of taking charge, but you don’t look for “in charge” positions, you prefer to set your own standard with the freedom to pursue your own direction. You have your own internal set of rules and you try to live by them, should you fail, then you fail yourself and this can affect your self-esteem.

When dealing with others, you are not arrogant. You prefer to negotiate your way through situations, but you can attract people who are egotistical and competitive which can result in ego conflicts of the most hurtful kind because you are not egotistical. You try to be supportive, and you consider the feelings of others. You like to help others, but you will draw boundaries as to exactly how much you will give. You believe we are not indispensable and you should not be made to feel responsible for other people. They should be made to take responsibility for themselves. People have complimentary skills, and they can be seen as complimentary parts of a whole with the whole being greater than the parts. Each role or function is an essential dynamic to the whole. In your work you may put policies and practices into place, but you may not receive the recognition you deserve for your contribution, and often you may feel taken for granted. You may feel that recognition for what you give is denied; this can be hurtful because you are supportive. You are not a selfish or self-centred person. You have a strong drive to give or do whatever you can to help and support others, but you will not take their problems on your shoulders. You prefer to give them the tools to help themselves. You are the master of your destiny, you take responsibility for the choices you make and you accept responsibility for the consequences, whether positive or negative. Everything is a learning curve to your development and growth. You must pursue the direction that you feel is correct for you in order to develop and grow in confidence, strength, self-esteem, respect and acknowledgement.


Keywords: independent, unconventional, progressive, friendly, sincere, detached, ingenious and humane.

Subconsciously you will feel inwardly fulfilled when you connect with, and work for the greater good of the community through humanitarian ideals, objectives and goals.

You have a team spirit. You are interested in people. You work well in groups and you try to treat everyone as equal. You are open-minded where social class and culture is concerned provided people want to be treated equally. If they have the ideals you have, then you respect them regardless of class or culture and you will support them in realising their goals. People who want general guidance will cross your path and you are only too willing to help them. However, you can become frustrated with people who do not try to help themselves after you have helped them over and over again. If they are not willing participants you will not waste your time on them. You express yourself in a friendly yet detached manner because you are strongly independent and you feel comfortable within your own independence. You look at alternative thinking with an open mind and a forward approach to improvement. You prefer to work independently within a group or structure, and you expect others to work to the same standards as you. You can experience the inconsistencies of life through your friends, associates and close relationships. You are a humanitarian who will always give a helping hand therefore you tend to attract people who need to be assisted or healed in some way. People who are in transit or undergoing life-changing experiences seem to cross your path. If people have a genuine problem, you will be there regardless of your own needs. You will always consider genuine needs ahead of your love of freedom and you will never feel chained or burdened when someone is in need. Relationships can be your biggest trial. When you detect games of manipulation you will put a wall up because you will not be manipulated. You need your independence with the freedom to come and go as you please, but this can backfire when people put pressure on you to conform to their expectations. Under extreme circumstances you will break the relationship. You may think friendships and relationships have a touch of impermanence about them, or people around you don’t want a true connection, a soul connection, just surface talk. This can be frustrating and disrupt the deeper lines of communication. When you feel attention is focused on you, you can feel uncomfortable, but the focus of attention is usually placed on you because other people find you interesting, which you may not be fully aware of. Many people will cross your path but you may choose few close friends. You are happy with your own company and you like your space and independence. You live according to your own social values with a right to freedom for everyone.


Keywords: impressionable, receptive, compassionate, intuitive, self-sacrificing and sympathetic.

Subconsciously you will feel inwardly fulfilled when you give your services to others in order to help them achieve a happier and healthier outlook on life.

You have a natural inborn desire to help people to be the best that they can be, but if they don’t respond you do not pursue them. You tend to bottle your emotions and worry too much over nothing, things that may never happen. You try to support others and they expect you to be strong and in control, but you can feel that as soon as you step out of line others will come down harder on you than they do on other people. This can make you feel sad in your unrequited love. You try to help other people but who is there to pick you up if you should fall. If this should happen you will go to a trusted friend, preferably a friend who has had a lot of problems in life, who can identify with suffering.

Those who have suffered do not underrate or cast judgement. They will always understand when you have meltdown or extremes of feeling that are so revolting that you can’t cope. At times you may feel you don’t want to be here, it’s all too hard. These little thoughts go through your mind, thoughts that you prefer to keep to yourself. You can experience intense suffering but you know it will pass and if you tell anyone, they may freak out through the intensity of your feelings, but you have the faith to know that things do pass. You can be a martyr but you will not say, “Poor me”. You are perfectly aware that you are allowing other people to do as they are doing and you take responsibility for your situation without blame. You may not like what others are doing and you can walk away. If you don’t then you must bear the consequences. This you accept for you follow a deeper philosophy. You find it difficult to say “No” to requests for help; therefore others can take advantage of you. You become incensed when others blame you for things you haven’t done and you have little patience for those who take without giving in return. Your family is important to you, but you don’t live in their pockets and you don’t feel responsible for them. You may feel that you are not exactly what a parent wanted, however you are sympathetic towards your family and if they need you, you will be there. You can go through intense moments, and you may feel that you don’t get the reinforcement or understanding that you need. Therefore you will not go down that path because other people can drag you down further, they never see it your way. You sense negative undercurrents and you may feel you are not credited for your successes, but as soon as you come to a crunch period in your life you may sense a certain negativity that succeeds in draining your energy. It appears that you must stay cool, calm and collected at all times because people can’t cope with you in need. You are good at reading where others are coming from and you are acutely aware of whether people around you are happy or not. You will always try to make people around you feel comfortable, and if necessary you will make sacrifices for their happiness.