House Numbers



Most people are unaware of the significant effects that a number can have on a house and its occupants. Thoughts, ideas – even lifestyles and personality traits are all affected by the vibrations set up by a particular number.

To calculate which number applies to your home, add the house numbers together and reduce them to a single digit. For example: 134 Jones Street becomes house number 8. Add 1, 3 and 4 together and it equals 8. If you live in a unit, flat or townhouse, add the unit number to the street number. For example: unit 6/204 Jones Street would be 6 plus 2 plus 0 plus 4 which equals 12. Reduce this number to a single digit, 1 plus 2 equals 3.

If there is something about the character of your house number that bothers you, just remember that houses, like people, can be changed for the better.



This house is usually occupied by people who really like to do their own thing. They don’t want to answer to anyone or to explain anything about themselves in any way. They frequently begin new projects which they seldom finish; also they are usually self-reliant and progressive in outlook.

Distinctive, important and sometimes notorious people visit the occupants of a number one house. Inside this house the décor is unusual and often features gold, orange and olive green crystal or glass ornaments.

When people move to this house it usually brings about changes in their thinking. Sometimes they develop unusual interests which set them apart from their neighbours.

For various reasons, a number one house is a favourite topic of conversation between the neighbours.

Doctors and professional people frequently live in a number one house.



This is a home where there is plenty of movement, in, out, around and about, with never a dull or idle moment. Something is always occurring or about to occur and if any event sets the street talking, its almost certain to take place in a number two house.

It’s a homely place with an air of comfort, even disarray, and the occupants are hospitable and friendly. Seldom ostentatious, its usually solidly constructed and endures well.

Young people are attracted to a number two house. They rarely stay long but enjoy themselves while they are there. People who deal with the public often live in a number two house and frequently bring their work home.

This house will create an interest in astrology, spiritualism and occult sciences in people who would otherwise be quite down-to-earth. Séances and spiritualist meetings held in a number two house have a better chance of success than in any other house.



This is a house of expansion. Bits and pieces are added, rooms enlarged and walls knocked out. The people who live here are usually kind, understanding, loyal, although somewhat reserved. They have a keen sense of humour and maintain an optimistic outlook on life. They are not short of friends because they are bright, imaginative and happy people.

The occupants of a number three house set great store on legend and/or religious faith, not only the theory of religion but in practice too.

Luck plays an important part in the lives of people living here, and when their luck is good they are inclined to be extravagant.

A number three house is often home to large families.

Perhaps too, a family member works from home. People who live here often feel cramped, although others would be pleased to have all that room.

A number three house sometimes makes a person want to take risks and gamble, or it can bring on fits of depression and melancholy.



This can be a difficult place in which to live as everything seems to be in a state of transition or conflict. There are two opposing forces at work here; one is fighting for stability, the other for change.

There is a temporary feeling to this house, with changes or modifications always being planned or carried out. Structural problems will worry the occupants; cracked walls or ceilings and sinking foundations may be caused by railway or motor traffic or some other vibration.

Often the personality of someone who moves into a number four house undergoes a change and it is not always for the better. A gentle person can become combative and difficult. Clashes of temperament are frequent and there is a strong tendency to unconventional activity.



This house brings about the harmonious interplay of thoughts and emotions. It’s a place where people often visit just to exchange ideas. Solidarity and stability are the two main factors encountered in a number five house which seems to be hardened to the rigours of time with few maintenance requirements.

People who live in this house usually set themselves apart from others and take a rather detached view on life.

There is always something going on in a number five house, but the activity usually involves intellectual pursuits such as writing, science or mathematics.

The occupants want to be mobile, so there are usually motor vehicles parked outside.

Despite the stability of a number five house, the occupants seem restless. This causes them to have many irons in the fire which results in an endless stream of visitors, frequent parties or open home functions.



Love and marriage are very important to the people who live here. Couples often begin married life in a number six house because it provides a feeling of being a love-nest.

This is a house of beauty, love, attraction and marriage. There is usually very little ambition or drive. The occupants are too content with their lot. Making decisions in this house can be a painful and laborious process.

Artistic and beautiful objects are often created or developed in a number six house which makes it a haven for artists and sensitive people.

Justice or the law will prove very important to the occupants, either as a profession or as a passionate involvement.

With this house there are rarely any half measures. It can be harmonious and a thing of beauty or the exact reverse, discordant and trying, particularly in matters involving the emotions. A number six house is one of extremes: nurturing either intense love and harmony or intense dislike and discord.



Something about a number seven house causes its occupants to pursue a fantasy, to tilt at windmills or chase a rainbow. Reality is kept outside. After a while a sensitive person under the influence of a number seven house will find it difficult to separate reality from fantasy, and in extreme cases this may even bring about a partial nervous breakdown.

Even the appearance of the house is deceptive; it may appear larger or smaller than it actually is. There is almost always trouble with the drainage, sewerage or a leaking pipe or roof that defies repair.

A number seven house may often have a history of hauntings, apparitions or other mysteries.

It is frequently occupied by people who deal in illusion such as actors, artists, entertainers or photographers.

People who live here seem to be striving constantly for perfection and sleep does not come easily to them.

Sometimes tricksters and people who handle the truth carelessly are found in a number seven house.



This is usually a solid, respectable-looking house which gives the impression that its occupants value reputation and appearance above all else. It brings a desire for achievement and personal glory, along with responsibility and stability.

People who live here are often associated with the law, politics, government affairs or business. There may be a sombre atmosphere created by dark colours and half drawn blinds.

This is a conservative house where laughter and gaiety are frequently lacking because people tend to take things too seriously.

Even though a number eight house may be built solidly, it will become run- down quickly unless a lot of time and trouble is given to maintenance.

Drainage, dampness and condensation present constant problems. In winter, the people who live here could have trouble keeping warm.



A number nine house usually has many small poky rooms which are secluded and shut off. People who live in this house have initiative and courage and are direct and open in their manner.

Despite their frankness and initiative, or perhaps because of it, they frequently suffer the treachery and cunning of associates in their business or personal life.

Most of the external features of the house have hard sharp crisp lines. The garden path is likely to be straight or to have right-angled bends rather than curves.

People who live in this house are often night owls. It is not that they necessarily have anything special to do; they just enjoy staying up late. Heating is a major problem in a number nine house. Either the water service doesn’t work or some part of the house is impossible to keep warm during winter, or cool during summer.