Marianne O'Hagan

Aries Ascendant

/ARIES.jpgIn close relationships you like to be thought of as number one.You are self-assertive with initiative and drive and you say it as it is. You like to get things done and you like instant feedback, but you can over-react when things are not done according to your way which can make you appear impatient. You can make impulsive decisions around any new idea, and while your enthusiasm lasts you do not waste time in getting things started. However, you can become frustrated with anyone who does not understand, or at least comprehend your ideas immediately. You have a tendency to prove to others that you can do what you say you can do and hopefully better than most other people. Because you are self-driven you can blame yourself when you fail to reach your goals, but those who know you well will understand that you take action when enthusiasm strikes.


You need to produce secure results for your efforts, but because you are impulsive you can spend on things you don’t need, and money can become a real issue. When you learn the value of money you can develop practicality and good budgeting skills to gain financial security. You will be persistent in acquiring the possessions you particularly want but you should be careful not to overextend yourself financially because you can run into debt. Should this happen you will budget to honour your debt, however buying on impulse to obtain possessions without adequate resources can become a costly exercise.


You need to communicate and express your ideas and opinions in order to extract information. You like to know what is going on in your world and because you are inquisitive, you can extract information and inform easily. You have a quick mind with an impressive flair for sales and marketing. You make friends easily and you keep in touch with many different people from all walks of life. You need mental stimulation which can take you down a variety of different educational paths. Failing this, you can read books that keep you well informed on up to date information, having said that; you are not opposed to talking over the tea-cups or reading the hot-gossip tabloids.



In your growing-up years you needed the nurturing love and care of a family but parental care and protection may have been restricted due to other family interests and business responsibilities. It may be hard for you to express your feelings within your family because you did not always feel included and/or accepted. Your early family life will have strongly influenced your sense of belonging and inner feelings of security on an emotional level. This may affect your ability to express your feelings and emotions but you are open to family discussions if and when family problems arise. You will try not to repeat the past and you will do your best to provide security for your own family.



You enjoy family entertainment and the company of friends. You are warm and appealing and you can be the centre of attention at any party if you so wish, but you may not always enjoy centre stage. You are generous at heart with a desire to bring happiness to those around you. If you have children, you will involve yourself in their hobbies or other leisure-time activities. Although you enjoy socialising with people involved in similar hobbies, leisure-time activities and interests, you can hold your feelings back socially through past love experiences.


You are an analytical perfectionist who can put such a fine line on detail that you miss the point. If others shirk their duties you can support everyone and end up doing the work yourself in order to get it done. Sometimes you may feel you are the general dogs-body, but you like things to be orderly and correct. You may surround yourself with books and papers, collect and collate facts or classify and document information. You like to be of service to others, but too much mental stress in striving for perfection can lead to tension, overwork and fatigue. As a result, your health can be affected.



You like your freedom, and you do not like others running your life. Your partner is likely to be sociable and friendly towards his/her friends which is attractive, but too much social interaction can rock the partnership boat because you need freedom and independence, and you need to express your own individuality. However, you can lose yourself in supporting your partner’s social life to avoid conflict. You must learn to balance the social differences between both parties. When social needs are not taken into consideration domestic conflict and disagreement can occur.



You may attract people who have psychological problems connected to past parental relationships that may require analysis. You can become involved in power struggles over finance, sex and children (yours and/or other people’s). You can be interested in property investments but this can lead to financial control that can result in power struggles from which you can emerge the loser. In shared resources and business ventures you will begin to understand the game play behind other people’s actions which can teach you to become more resourceful and less involved in other people’s values. You may resolve the situation by setting up separate bank accounts to avoid financial depletion.



When young, you may have been interested in different philosophies and beliefs because you have wide-range vision. You need to gain a good education in order to explore the world of ideas and possibilities available to you. In day-to-day communications you may have different beliefs, ideas and opinions from your partner but you are open-minded and you will not judge out of hand. Instead, you will associate with those of similar interest and listen to their ideas and opinions. However, if you don’t agree you will tread your own path independently. Although you are open to ideas, you do not force your opinions or philosophy on others. You think as you think and you go your own way - it’s not a debate.


You are ambitious to succeed and you take your responsibilities seriously. You set a high priority on career and status through past parental (probably father) conditioning and/or expectations, but you must overcome self-doubt and build on self-esteem. You are prepared to work hard to gain public recognition but you may face family disapproval, delays and setbacks in the realisation of your goals. You are well suited to sole charge or managerial positions where you can take control and make decisions. You will strive to take full responsibility for your actions and focus on family security.



You are a people person who prefers to work independently within groups. Company breaks and separations can occur according to the cycles of change that circulate around you. When company members, colleagues or associates depart, new associations can be formed. However, you dislike anyone who limits your freedom because ultimately you are an independent person. Should any ego conflicts arise around you, you will try to restore a friendly atmosphere because collective friendship is important to you, but if you fail to achieve this, you will detach and consider your options.



You are sympathetic towards people who have problems because you understand inner suffering. You are sensitive to negative energy so you should resist being around negative people because you have a tendency to absorb their energy which can deplete you. You will give freely to your friends, especially when they need help, but at times you can feel as if you are sacrificing for the needs of others with your own needs overlooked. There will be times when you feel you have to be alone to meditate in peace.



Keywords -  Fear of drifting, loss of identity and direction.
FAQ - “Where is my security?” “What if my needs are not met?” “Will my partner be there for me?” “What if I end up with nothing?”
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