Marianne O'Hagan

About me

/MOH1.jpgI was born in the middle of World War II in a tiny village in England called Bures, which is nestled on the boarders of Essex and Suffolk. I was the first born of twin girls. I was handicapped with severe club feet but through this handicap I experienced a deeper perception of understanding than would have otherwise been possible.
My mother was a Protestant and remained a Protestant after her marriage to my father who was a Catholic. As a consequence my two elder brothers, my twin sister and I were brought up in the Catholic faith.

At four years of age my twin sister and I went to school. We attended the Bures Voluntary Primary School, a predominately Protestant School which exposed me to conflicting views on religion and Christianity at a young age. This led me to search for answers to the judgements and comparisons of my childhood.

I was eight when my mother told me I was born under the sign of Taurus. She had been reading her daily horoscope and she explained that Taurus was my star sign which, to me at 8 years old, was preferable to being a Catholic. I felt a deep sense of “knowing”, and my love for astrology was born.

At the age of sixteen my feet were cured and I threw away my boots with metatarsal bars. I enrolled at the Tottenham Court Road Modelling Agency in London to correct my walk and left the past behind. It was Monday, two days after my twenty-third birthday. I was cutting my birthday cake for the staff at the Acme Employment Agency, Oxford Street, London when a young New Zealander walked into my place of work and into my life.

Eighteen months later Robert and I were married in the Parish Church of Bures St. Mary’s in the County of Suffolk. We then left England and travelled to New Zealand. We now live in Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand – a most beautiful and spiritual city. This city opened the gate to my astrology which I have practised for thirty-four years. I have run workshops and seminars, and I have been on radio talk-back many times.

Through my much loved students and clients, I continue to research astrology in order to fine-tune my technique.
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